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  1. That's ok. No worries BTW I already got a mini PC with Celeron J3160 CPU, 2.2Ghz, 4Gb RAM Installed Win7, Helix Native and TH U overloud I have used my focusrite 2i2 first gen. Audio interface. I set the buffer to 64 and it works. I have latency just only 3ms - great, I don't feel it while playing. The CPU usage is approx. 30%. I played the whole evening and had no issues at all Now I need a cheap midi footswitch controller
  2. Got your first unedited message : If you’re such an expert, then why are you asking the question in the first place? Minimum requirements are just that. Minimum requirements to make it run. Best of luck to you with your mini There is no need to be so touchy, I didn't want to offend anyone. Yeah, I understand that 2 Ghz will be enough to run it. The question is more about limitations and bugs I could face when running HX on a such low spec PC. Maybe someone did it already and can tell about it? That's all I wanna know
  3. Yeah, reliability is the question... Another question is - will it be enough to run HX Native on 2 Ghz and 4 Gb of RAM? I want to make this project as cheap as possible so don't want to buy an expensive NUC... Anybody? Any experience?
  4. Oh no, I'm not) check this out I think it's such a great idea! If you assemble this system and even make a decent metal housing for it, then you can make your own multi-software (helix, overloud, bias, you name it) processor which can be constantly updated with the new software in future. I'm not 100% how reliable is it to use such system, but it seems to me that it will be fine. In this case I will not have to buy new hardware all the time)
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. But you definitely overestimate Helix Native requirements. Even official Line 6 tech.requirements list says that it's enough to have 2Ghz and 4Gb Ram. I have a 10 year old laptop with core 2 duo 3ghz cpu and 8 Gb Ram, and I run Reaper with 30 tracks projects, 6 tracks in it are processed by Helix Native at the same time and I have no issues. So you exaggerate... BTW, I'm not going to use DAW on this mini PC. I will run Helix via vst host program, like "Savihost" for example, so DAW will not require any resources. I just wanna know how smooth will Helix run on 2Ghz CPU and 4 Gb RAM and will I face any serious limitations?? Any experience? Somebody, please?
  6. Hi everyone! I want to buy a mini PC - Intel NUC and run Hx native from there. I know that helix requires 2 Ghz CPU but anyway I wanted to ask just to be sure.... Is it enough to run Helix native on Intel celeron N2820 2,13 Ghz, will it be enough??? Did anybody have such experience? There are some other cheap cpu. Which of them are usable? Intel Atom D525 Celeron N3050 Celeron N3000
  7. Well, yeah, you did))) Ok, anyway, many thanks to you. You have saved a lot my time so there is no need to look for an answer) Now I think that I need to buy a separate device with a footswich to send SYSEX commands... Do you have any thoughts on cheap and simple devices?
  8. Oh, thank you so much for the reply!! Could you please clarify - how can I set PODs paramenters to 250-252 values?? All MIDI parameters of the POD are 0-127. Sorry for being so MIDI stupid, need your help I can control ESX already, switch patterns via POD, but just can't find correct settings for Start/Stop button
  9. Hi everyone Here is the idea that I have: I have Korg ESX sampler and I want to control it via MIDI on POD 500. I want to assign one footswitch of the POD so that it would Start/Stop the playback of the ESX when I need it. The problem is that I can't figure out the POD MIDI settings for the Play button on the ESX. I was able to control some parameters on the ESX via POD 500, but couldn't find out which settings I need for Play (Start/Stop) button Can somebody please help me with this? Thanks in advance
  10. Oh, man Thanks a lot for this tip. I thought that the signal should automatically switch off when you switch off the Amp. I couldn't imagine that there is a separate volume control for the bypass mode that has to be turned down. Though it now seems obvious to me. Thanks a lot again. Will try to do it today
  11. Hey guys, I got a question: I want to use 2 different amps in PODs preset, thus I could switch from Amp to Amp within 1 Preset and get Clean or Distortion tone. So constantly only 1 of the Amps is on. And then this signal (Clean or Distorted) goes to Mooer. I've tried to split the path in the Preset but I can always hear the DI signal even when 1 path is switched off. So the DI is cutting through on top of the Distorted tone, so the DI signal is always on and it's pretty loud. I've tried to pan paths hard left and hard right but it doesn't help, it just mutes one of the Amps completely, so I can't use it anymore, or maybe I did it wrong, dunno. I've tried to use FX LOOP output and 1,4 outputs (which are more preferable for me). But it doesn't help. Seems that I'm missing something in the setup, but I can't identify it. Can you please help me with this? Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you for the reply. It's clear now.
  13. I have the same question. I would like to use POD as my virtual pedalboard. Don't really need Amp|Cab simulation at all (I might try to use the Cab simulation again, but only when I will get Mooer Radar pedal. Now, I just don't like the default Cab sound of POD). I have a pedalboard with real stomp boxes, but it is becoming too big and heavy to carry with me. So, I want to use only FX of POD (delays, reverbs, flangers etc.). Most of the time I play with a real stack (Head+CAB) and connect the guitar to the front input. -What global setting should I use for POD? Studio-Direct or Stack Front? -How should I use 1,4" out in terms of Line/Amp switch? The Line position has hot signal, so I'm a bit afraid that I could FRY the front input of the Amp. Is is true? or maybe... Is it better to put an FX LOOP block in the POD chain and to send the signal from POD Send OUT to AMP FRONT INPUT? But! The POD send out is stereo, so is it OK to connect it with mono input of the AMP? Hope that somebody could help me. Thanks
  14. I don't have any monitors. The only sound source I can hear in the room is my real Amp/Cab, but I can't switch it off as I need its sounds for recording Ok. 1)I've tried to reduce the Mic In level with the knob on the back of POD - still have feedback 2)Tried to monitor the processed signal from Reaper (ASIO Driver option "Hardware monitor" is switched off - in this case the processed sound comes out from the Cab with latency) - still have feedbacks if I put the Mic near the Cab 3)Tried to switch off monitoring of the processed signal in Reaper and to use Direct Monitoring (ASIO Driver option "Hardware monitor" is switched on, in this case I have no latency, the sound comes out of the Cab) - no luck, still have feedbacks if I put the Mic near the Cab Any ideas, please?
  15. Thanks for the reply Yes, I tried that already. It actually works, I can record Dry & Wet this way except for one thing: I can't put the Mic close to the Cab - it just starts to feedback. How can I fix it? Should I use the knob to reduce the level of Mic In input? I think I've seen this knob on the back of the POD, not sure though... (I'm new to POD) Are there any other methods to record 2 signals (dry and wet) simultaneously the way I want? ALSO: I have Focusrite 2i2 interface lying around. Maybe I could use that too somehow, but I just don't know how to connect them together properly? Thanks again
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