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  1. Guitarzman

    Future Helix 2

    Hey Marekski, I wish I could tell you but I'm anticipating 2.80 will be released soon!!!!
  2. Guitarzman

    Future Helix 2

    I'm guessing Helix 2 is at least a year away.. Since line 6 has been integrating their complete Helix line into Helix core / Helix ,,LT , Helix Stomp , Hlx Effects and Native and with 2.80 and 3.0 firmware updates coming out soon.... Helix 2 should still be a while yet imo ,,,,. Line 6 has also introduced the Powercab & PC + that's still fairly new on the market, so who knows what's next but looking forward to some great things from L6 in the next few years!!..
  3. Guitarzman

    FRFR is good, but LF Raw is really fun!

    Wow same here plugged in my strat with Helix and Powercab and the tones are awesome.... Very content with the stock cabs esp the Vintage 30 and the Greenback but also great having the option of LF Raw speaker mode which also bring out all the true nuances in both the amps and effects .....
  4. Guitarzman

    Stay safe

    Stay Safe guys I hope everything will work out,,,we are all with you guys and wish nothing but the best!!!
  5. Guitarzman

    PowerCab 112 or Plus?

    I also purchased the Power cab + and love it!! The speaker models that come pre-installed with the powercab are great and paired up with Helix sound awesome! Also the plus is expandable with future updates!. The unit is also very well built to line 6's high standards and specs!
  6. Guitarzman

    That's it???

    'll take a Helix maintenance, bug fixes and improvements all day long... and an awesome tuner to boot... Sweet update!
  7. Guitarzman

    third expression pedal broke on Helix LT!

    Or throw it off a 35 story building!! ....And yet then it still may work fine, I never had a problem with mine as well!
  8. Guitarzman

    Helix IR's vs Powercab Built in IR's

    I really can't tell you what to purchase that's your choice : )) .... I purchased the Plus because of the extra features and IR loading. and Speaker expandability. But what I meant to say is that if you purchased the Powercab it's also great because the stock cabs sound great!
  9. Guitarzman

    Helix IR's vs Powercab Built in IR's

    I'm also loving my Powercab + It sounds awesome and is a keeper for me a well . The 6 stock speakers models are excellent!
  10. Guitarzman

    Helix Firmware 2.54 - did anybody notice?

    Updated to 2.54 Thanks ....... L 6
  11. Guitarzman

    Helix Firmware 2.54 - did anybody notice?

    Just saw it : ))
  12. Guitarzman

    Helix not connecting to pc at all

    It may be the usb port on the helix, although sometimes when i plug in my Helix it doesn't make a beep or sound but is connected.. Also make sure you have the latest Line 6 updater installed and see if the Line 6 installer will recognize your Helix.
  13. Guitarzman

    Do yourself a favor and check this periodically: versioning

    Thanks @HonestOpinion great advice .. Even though some updates say they include the latest software version and applications, they don't always get updated and need to be installed individually depending on your computer/. .. You can check the current line 6 updater it in the file location under properties / details to see if it's the current version. It's not always displayed on the desktop shortcut.. current Line 6 updater is 1.14
  14. Same here I updated last night to 2.53 with no issues.