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  1. I have one of the Original Helix Floor Controllers. It has been nothing but amazing. I had 1 issue with a Solder point connection. It was repaired while I waited! No matter what the Year of the Unit, Line 6 has been nothing but exceptional with their Customer Service! I really wouldn’t concern yourself with what year it was made! Just Enjoy It!!
  2. Has Anyone done Comparisons/ Helix vs Kemper Profiler

                                                                Helix vs Axe Affects

                                                                Helix vs New Zoom Pedal

                                                                Helix vs ???

    I've not had the Opportunity to Play through any other Higher end Multi Amp/ Multi Effects Units!

    I'm curious as to Other Members, in this Forums, Thoughts and or Recommendations!

  3. I purchased my Helix 5 Years ago. I was incredibly excited when they finally arrived in the Stores for Purchase. I am still as excited Now with my Helix as I was then! I am addicted to The Amazing Sounds that can be created ! Not Wanting to sound Preachy, but Any New Firmware, Effects, Amps, etc... are just a Cherry on Top of an already Amazing Cake!
  4. I wont be attending Summer NAMM, but if anyone does and is Truely Excited about Upcoming Helix or Line 6 Products, Future Updates, Firmware Releases, etc... Please Share!
  5. Maybe You didn't Understand, I was trying to Thank You for the Information! Nothing More!
  6. Understand that now! I'm New to the Forums Pages and Just figuring out how to make my way through them! I didn't realize you were So Sensitive!!
  7. Thanks for that Information! I was curious as to what might be Included in this Update! We All just need to be Patient! Helix is Amazing as it is Now! Thanks Again Everyone for Sharing Information!
  8. Has anyone heard anything more about release Dates of 2.8 and 3.0 Updates??
  9. I would Love to, but the App wont Launch! I havent had it since I bought this Helix Unit last October! Updater works fine!! Windows 10 Apparently is having issues!! Anyone else have any thoughts??
  10. I also can not get a Custom Tone Patch to Load! I cant even get the App to Open. Keep getting a Failure Notice even though I have Loaded the Newest Firmware and Drivers for my Windows 10 PC! "Error Code 1114." "DLL Initiation Failed" is what ​ am being told! Updater works Perfectly!! ​ Can anyone help???
  11. I have been Trying to figure out how to download Patches from Custom Tone?? I have been able to do the Updates Using the Line 6 Updater but Cannot get the Helix App to Run on my PC. Keep Getting: " Load Library Failed- Error 1114. Dynamic Link Library(DLL) initialization routine failed!" Can't get past this!! Any Suggestions?? Running Windows 10 on my PC!
  12. I've Downloaded the Line 6 Updater, and have the newest Firmware Update for Helix for Windows 10> I just don't under stand how to Copy a Patch from Custom Tone to my Helix! I'm sure I am making it much harder than it actually is!
  13. I am also New to Helix! I have the Firmware Updates completed, But not sure where to Find the "Editor Software"! Very Easy on my HD 500 and other Line 6 Products, just a bit confused with the Helix! I see some very Interesting Patches in the Custom Tone pages. Just dont know how to get them to my Helix! Can anyone help?
  14. Where's the Manual for Amplifi 150 as Stated in the Pilots Guide? This happens an awful lot with Line 6 Manuals! I really enjoy your Products, but your Support leaves a lot to be desired!!!
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