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  1. Uh, oh... You've gone and done it now. You've said something not nice about Line 6. Better put on your flame-resistant underwear!
  2. OK, so I've rebooted it about 10 times. Sometimes the volume knob doesn't work at all, and sometimes it lets me turn it one way or the other about a 1/4 turn before freezing. Once, it let me go up and down about four times before it quit working. So something's definitely wrong. Should I re-load the update or just go back to 2.8 until this gets fixed?
  3. Just updated to 2.9 and now my volume knob is not working. Is this being worked on? This is for the floorboard.
  4. tenorkeith

    Helix 2.9

    Looking forward to the update. I'm especially excited to hear the Revv Purple channel. I want to see if it gets close to the G3 pedal (which is also based on the purple channel). I am a little surprised, though. I thought the "missed connections" update from July was supposed to make these kinds of updates come more frequently. I love the idea of the level indicators, and would be thrilled if they would add a DSP meter.
  5. Apparently, this may also be affecting the Yamaha THR amplifiers, at least the wireless ones. They are now estimating March as a delivery date on the new wireless model. WTF???
  6. A manager friend of mine from a large music retailer, told me today that they received an email instructing them to pull all G 10 relays from the shelves and not sell them. Does anyone know if there is a recall or something going on with relays?
  7. tenorkeith

    Helix II

    If Fractal had really stepped it up with the upcoming FM3, with insane DSP, multiple amps per preset, etc. then I'd say Helix might be in need of an upgrade soon. But as it stands, they really didn't do much more than put the AX8 into a smaller package and update the modeling and GUI. I'll probably buy one, but my Helix won't be going anywhere soon.
  8. I think you're probably right. Hopefully, now that all the platform unification is done we'll be seeing more of that. The new Revv model is absolutely brilliant!
  9. I would happily give up all three of the Grammatico models to have the Revv red AND purple channels. The Revv Generator is already a legend, but let's be real, Grammatico is a niche amp. I'm sure it's a great amp, but not really what most people are waiting for.
  10. It's the same game of "Whack-A-Mole" where the same people just wait for someone to make the mistake of asking the wrong question or sounding at all critical then...WHAM! Don't you get tired of it?
  11. No, I'm just excited about the possibility of that happening at some point.
  12. Retro-Rick, If you haven't been run off yet by the responses you've gotten, welcome to the forum. As you've no doubt been made aware, there are certain subjects you should not touch here. One of them is the frequency and/or perceived delay in upgrades to the Helix platform. If you do...…... That being said, it's a great place to find most of the information you're looking for. As for myself, I'm looking forward to the upgrade, and especially intrigued by the possibility (as hinted by Line 6 itself) of the HX stomp having more than 6 blocks with which to operate in the future. Cheers!
  13. Hello all, I have tried to honor Silverhead's wishes, and refrain from posting further, but it seems that this won't die. My initial post was provocative, but not meant as a personal attack to anyone here, but as a general comment directed toward Line 6 itself. And when I was personally attacked, I retaliated, when I should have just let it go. So I would like to say that, during this thread, I have used terms which normally connote someone being overly sensitive, not as an attack on one's masculinity or age. At least, that's how I have always understood them. But it appears that for some, it means more than that. So for anyone who was offended at my words, or took them as a personal attack, I sincerely apologize. Keith
  14. That's fine. How does one do that?
  15. Nice try. But perhaps having lived in the real world longer gives you a better perspective on things. And yes, the polar bear was meant as a joke. It must be exhausting to be professionally aggrieved.
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