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Community Answers

  1. This should also apply to the Helix LT. Good luck!
  2. Ah, sorry! I have an LT and missed your reference to the HX Effects unit. Good luck!
  3. 1) Press the Menu Button 2) Press Knob 6 to select Global Settings 3) Use 4-way knob to navigate and highlight the Footswitches icon 4) Rotate Knob 2: Preset Mode Switches and select 8 Snapshots RESULTS: This will display all 8 Snapshots on the center footswitches, and also display Bank Up Bank Down as well as Mode and Tap/Tuner. If you now press the Bank Up or Bank Down footswitch, you will be able to select a new preset from those center footswitches and then the center footswitches will return to displaying Snapshots 1-8.
  4. Anyone have a direct email to Sweetwater PC support? My "sales engineer" is being less than helpful, and the Sweetwater support online contact form keeps crashing. Thanks!
  5. Are you on a stock preset when powering up the unit, or a customized or third-party preset? I've heard that a corrupted preset can sometimes be the cause. If you haven't tried a full factory reset, wiping out everything, that would be my next suggestion. Good luck!
  6. This is my setup, and for what it's worth, I have not had the problems reported by the OP. The XLR outputs are stereo L/R and the 1/4 out is summed mono, as expected. Good luck! I hope you get a resolution!
  7. A quick fix would be to only use the left output of the Helix, either the left xlr or the left 1/4 inch. If you don't have a cable plugged into the matching right channel output, the signal is summed to mono. Good luck!
  8. 1. Download and install the latest HX edit software for your Mac/PC before connecting the Helix. Let it install all of the related drivers, etc. 2. Hook up your Helix to the Mac/PC and install any updates it detects for your device. 3. Do a full factory reset of the Helix after installing the updates. Look at the 3.11 release notes for instructions. Good luck!
  9. The Helix will show up as an audio interface device in windows, so the easiest method is to hook the speakers up to the Helix and then all of the PC audio will be routed through it, with no latency, etc. Good luck!
  10. Personally, I've used the following expression pedals with the Helix LT with no issues: Line 6 EX-1, Ernie Ball VP and now, a MeloAudio EXP-001. Good luck!
  11. Maybe using the Freeze effect along with a pitch shifter would get it close. But there is nothing like the real deal! Another option is an e-bow: kinda fun to play with! Good luck!
  12. I ran into this after some Windows 10 updates were applied. My solution was to reinstall HX Edit 3.11, which also reinstalls all of the USB drivers and etc. After that, no issues! Good luck!
  13. j_hotch

    Picking Control

    Glad to help! If you find a good Carlton patch, please share it!
  14. j_hotch

    Picking Control

    Welcome! You should try a couple of things, in my opinion: 1. Try adjusting the input impedance. Lowering it may get you closer to that soft attack sound. 2. Try turning on the input pad. If your signal is too hot it's going to wash out those picking dynamics. Good luck!
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