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  1. j_hotch

    Picking Control

    Glad to help! If you find a good Carlton patch, please share it!
  2. j_hotch

    Picking Control

    Welcome! You should try a couple of things, in my opinion: 1. Try adjusting the input impedance. Lowering it may get you closer to that soft attack sound. 2. Try turning on the input pad. If your signal is too hot it's going to wash out those picking dynamics. Good luck!
  3. I went down a Dimebag rabbit hole some time ago, and found that the guitar setup was really important for getting his tone. Make sure you have a hot bridge pickup and are tuned to 'D' when appropriate! As far as Helix settings, the Badonk amp model is pretty dang close, IMHO. Good luck!
  4. A friendly reminder to whom it may concern: you can block users from inside your profile settings. Verifiably true! https://line6.com/support/ignore/
  5. Seems like a good moment to remind everyone of the "ignored users" option available under your account settings. Add the name of a user who annoys you and, "voila," instant drop in forum drama.
  6. I use EMGs with active EQ boosts and haven't clipped the input yet. You might want to check the level of whatever you are feeding into the input.
  7. For what it's worth, I packed up my tube amp and sold off my pedal collection after having the Helix LT for 3 months. In my experience, its a Swiss Army Knife which allows for so much tweaking and customization that I can't imagine ever getting to the bottom of it. Each major update has improved it, too. Every time my G.A.S. rears up, a hour spent with Helix tamps it down again. If I long for the simplicity of an amp and a tube screamer, I whip up a quick patch with only those blocks and I'm off and running. I don't miss anything about my amp/pedalboard setup, frankly. Good luck!
  8. It works with the Helix LT, so I assume it will work with the Stomp.
  9. I got a MeloAudio EXP-001 recently and really Iike it. Solid and compact.
  10. Pedalboard from Chumleys Pedalboard Shop. Strobostomp HD into Helix LT. MeloAudio mini expression pedal.
  11. https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/reset-options.html#helix-floor-lt I would try 9&10, the full factory reset. Good luck!
  12. Here is a discussion about this from a few years ago: Good luck!
  13. IIRC, I loosened the Allen screw enough to let the pedal slide sideways and allow access to the friction point. I used a long-stemmed swab to apply it.
  14. I used some synthetic bicycle chain lube on mine, applied right around the friction point.
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