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  1. Fullerton (Nrm, Brt, or Jump to your taste) with lots of spring verb. Tune to double drop D and turn on an octave divider and hey, hey... My, my...
  2. The kicker is to hook your headphones to the Helix and use it as your soundcard. You should be hearing your PC audio through the Helix in that configuration.
  3. An interesting way to get benefit from dual amps in a mono signal: put one of the amp paths behind a really short delay, with one repeat and at 100% mix, so none of the unaffected signal gets through. It helps separate the two paths in a way that comes naturally with stereo output. Good luck!
  4. As a great musician once said, "before you can make good music, you first have to get the bad music out." Don't think your demos wouldn't be useful to someone just because you aren't an "expert." I would love to try your patch, for example. Its always interesting to hear what others consider a great tone. Good luck!
  5. I use Reaper, in the configuration described here: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-di-dry-recording-with-reaper.2032265/ Good luck!
  6. Another former G.A.S. sufferer here. My wallet thanks you, Helix! The only pedal I've added is an always-on tuner just before the guitar input. The Helix gives me everything else I need.
  7. For what it's worth, I downloaded that patch from Customtone to see what I would find. My guitar is Strat-like but has DG-20 EMGs and is somewhat darker sounding. I do not use the input padding, fyi. I found it to be a fairly high-output patch and I had to roll the amp block channel volume way back to match the typical stock patch levels. You might check that you aren't clipping somewhere after the Helix, as that would affect the tone. Otherwise, it matched the tone from the video pretty closely when using the neck pickup. I missed a bit of the sparkle (typical for my "darker" guitar) but toggling the compressor off at the end of the chain brought it back. Good luck!
  8. The "mix" parameter is your friend: set it at 70% or so to let some of the uneffected signal through.
  9. If you haven't given up on them yet, I've had good luck with the rotary cabs by either running them in parallel with a normal cab, or by lowering the mix of the rotary cab block to 60% or so. Good luck!
  10. I use an unused bath towel (black, of course.)
  11. You will still get sound out of the tweed amp models unless you turn the Drive to zero, also. If you have both the Master and Drive at zero and are still hearing output, you must have some other output path set up somewhere.
  12. I've gotten good cleans with the Twin, Hiwatt and JC120 models. In my experience, the hardest thing was getting the volume matched with distorted tones. Try cranking the amp's channel volume and throwing a compressor after the cabinet model. If you need bite on the attack, try one of the compressor models before the amp.
  13. Guitar > tuner > Helix input > fx loop out > drop > fx loop in > Helix output
  14. Good to know! Please add "solved" to the post title. This is a great reminder to always follow the advice of doing a backup before and a factory reset after firmware updates.
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