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  1. j_hotch

    Rotary substitutions

    If you haven't given up on them yet, I've had good luck with the rotary cabs by either running them in parallel with a normal cab, or by lowering the mix of the rotary cab block to 60% or so. Good luck!
  2. j_hotch

    Helix Dust Cover/Bag Wear?

    I use an unused bath towel (black, of course.)
  3. j_hotch

    Amps won’t clean up on helix.

    You will still get sound out of the tweed amp models unless you turn the Drive to zero, also. If you have both the Master and Drive at zero and are still hearing output, you must have some other output path set up somewhere.
  4. j_hotch

    Clean sounds on Helix LT?

    I've gotten good cleans with the Twin, Hiwatt and JC120 models. In my experience, the hardest thing was getting the volume matched with distorted tones. Try cranking the amp's channel volume and throwing a compressor after the cabinet model. If you need bite on the attack, try one of the compressor models before the amp.
  5. j_hotch

    Connecting a drop pedal to helix

    Guitar > tuner > Helix input > fx loop out > drop > fx loop in > Helix output
  6. Good to know! Please add "solved" to the post title. This is a great reminder to always follow the advice of doing a backup before and a factory reset after firmware updates.
  7. j_hotch


    Oh HELIX, you so bad You so bad you make me sad Hey HELIX (clap-clap) Hey HELIX (clap-clap) Oh HELIX, you so bad Look how angry you've made Jan Hey HELIX (clap-clap) Hey HELIX (clap-clap)
  8. j_hotch


    Help us help you, Jan.
  9. j_hotch

    Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!

    The Helix cured my G.A.S for effects and amps and has only gotten better! Kudos Line 6!
  10. j_hotch

    2.8 good thoughts collection thread.

    I love the ability to override snapshot bypass for certain blocks!
  11. j_hotch

    How to wah and sound wah-some?

    It might sound counter-intuitive but try lowering the mix of the wah effect down to 75% or so. I have found that letting a bit of the unaffected signal through makes a big difference. Good luck!
  12. j_hotch

    Please share your favorite Helix YouTube channels

    Scott at "The Helix Channel!" Check out the videos tab: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJrfCxQmio6zyjut4n0qRw
  13. j_hotch

    EMG pickups with helix ?

    Exclusive EMG user here: I use the guitar input, no input padding and set the input impedance to 230k. I add gating to the input based on the type of patch: more gain = more gating. Good luck!
  14. j_hotch

    Paths are confusing...

    Another "ditto" for checking out the "templates" factory setlist. Great head start on your own patches.
  15. j_hotch

    VP Jr not working properly with Helix LT

    From my direct experience, a VP Jr. with a mono patch cable in the output jack, leading to the exp. input of the Helix should work. I wonder if you need to roll the potentiometer backwards a bit in the pedal. It may have slipped against the string at some point. Also, does your pedal have a taper switch inside? You might try tweaking it, if so. Good luck!