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  1. j_hotch

    How to wah and sound wah-some?

    It might sound counter-intuitive but try lowering the mix of the wah effect down to 75% or so. I have found that letting a bit of the unaffected signal through makes a big difference. Good luck!
  2. j_hotch

    Please share your favorite Helix YouTube channels

    Scott at "The Helix Channel!" Check out the videos tab: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJrfCxQmio6zyjut4n0qRw
  3. j_hotch

    EMG pickups with helix ?

    Exclusive EMG user here: I use the guitar input, no input padding and set the input impedance to 230k. I add gating to the input based on the type of patch: more gain = more gating. Good luck!
  4. j_hotch

    Paths are confusing...

    Another "ditto" for checking out the "templates" factory setlist. Great head start on your own patches.
  5. j_hotch

    VP Jr not working properly with Helix LT

    From my direct experience, a VP Jr. with a mono patch cable in the output jack, leading to the exp. input of the Helix should work. I wonder if you need to roll the potentiometer backwards a bit in the pedal. It may have slipped against the string at some point. Also, does your pedal have a taper switch inside? You might try tweaking it, if so. Good luck!
  6. j_hotch

    Helix LT Newbie - Multiple Effects to One Button?

    Snapshots are your friend, here. You could make a snapshot in which you activate the pedal and lower the amps channel volume, for example. Good luck!
  7. j_hotch

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    Resurrecting this old thread, because I've had a big epiphany with this setting. Using EMG DG-20 pickups, I've moved to leaving the pad off but setting the input impedance to 230k. This tames the spikey transients but still provides a good, strong signal to the modeller. As per some of the earlier advice, even my EMG DG-20 with the boost fully engaged won't cause input clipping. Good luck!
  8. j_hotch

    How to use expression pedal to mix wet/dry tone

    There is a factory "template" preset that features this scenario: Two Tones Blend. Maybe check there also? Good luck!
  9. j_hotch

    Helix No-Boot w/ ":-28" Problem

    I actually recommended using footswitches 9 & 10 to reset setlists to factory, perform a global reset and clear IRs. This is more extensive than the option you mentioned above. Try it! https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/resetting-helix-globals-loading-the-newest-factory-presets/
  10. j_hotch

    Helix No-Boot w/ ":-28" Problem

    I would do a complete factory reset: https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/resetOptions.html#helix-floor-lt If you are concerned about saving your IRs or presets do a backup first. Then after the reset, reimport them.
  11. j_hotch

    Pitch Question

    Perhaps a compressor before the pitch effect, to keep the signal more steady?
  12. j_hotch

    Helix LT Workflow

    I really appreciate the footswitch edit mode on the Helix also: being able to tweak things without bending down is very convenient.
  13. j_hotch

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that you can use the Ignored Users feature in your forum profile to really great effect. It can vastly improve your forum experience.
  14. j_hotch

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    One vote for "on." I have a frankenstrat with the EMG DG-20 set. I leave it on to give me headroom for using the eq boost, if the mood strikes.
  15. j_hotch

    Helix LT how to pan cabs

    Ok, then you would place the split after your amp and direct each branch to a cab model: If you want to build everything on the same path, you can: Select one of your two cab blocks, press ACTION, and use the joystick to move it down.This creates Split and Merge blocks. If necessary, move your Cab, Split, and Merge blocks accordingly. The Split should be to the left of the first Cab and the Merge should be to the right of both Cabs. Select the Merge block and set its A Pan parameter to Left 100 and its B Pan parameter to Right 100. Good luck!