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  1. Pedalboard from Chumleys Pedalboard Shop. Strobostomp HD into Helix LT. MeloAudio mini expression pedal.
  2. https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/reset-options.html#helix-floor-lt I would try 9&10, the full factory reset. Good luck!
  3. Here is a discussion about this from a few years ago: Good luck!
  4. IIRC, I loosened the Allen screw enough to let the pedal slide sideways and allow access to the friction point. I used a long-stemmed swab to apply it.
  5. I used some synthetic bicycle chain lube on mine, applied right around the friction point.
  6. There is a nice "Plate Reverb" in the Legacy reverb effect category but I don't know if it is the same one as used in the PODfarm.
  7. Just a PSA: you can block posts from users who give you 'd blues. It can go a long way towards improving your day. Good luck!
  8. Great! For the sake of future readers, you might edit the title of the post to include the word "SOLVED."
  9. I'm seeing the tap tempo issue too, with both authentic and transparent delay times. Seems to affect any delay model and any division. I did a factory reset after upgrading my LT from 2.82 to 2.90. My tempo select setting is "per preset."
  10. I don't have an HX Effects but here is my experience on the Helix LT: I have my Ernie Ball volume pedal hooked up as Exp 2. I added a mono volume pedal block to an empty patch. Here is the configuration that is applied by default: Note the "Bypass" parameter is applied to the Exp pedal toe switch. That is the on-board volume pedal, and the toe switch will toggle the block on or off. In your case, since you just want the external expression pedal to control the sweep, change Exp Pedal Toe to "none", like so: With that configuration, the volume block will always be active, and the selected expression pedal will change the sweep. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  11. Yep, this is the cause: you are doubling the Path A signal with the dry guitar signal, which is also coming in via that Path B input.
  12. j_hotch


    YMMV, but I would start with an empty patch and an idea of a sound you are looking for. Cycle through amps with no regard for the model being represented until you find one that gets close to your ideal without touching a knob. Do the same for each effect you add. Find a model that gets closest to your ideal. Don't fret about which model you end up with, and save the knobs for fine tuning. Good luck!
  13. Its a snap: plug a standard, mono 1/4" cable between the exp jack on the Helix and the output jack of the VP Jr. and Bob's your uncle.
  14. j_hotch

    Helix Patch advice

    Personally, I like to stick to one amp to a patch, and use snaps to change gain/master volume/EQ for different purposes. Saves some DSP over dual-amp patches, too. Good luck!
  15. Try one of the Fullerton models, with lots of gain. Add a nice spring verb. Don't forget to floor it! Good luck!
  16. Actually it does! I use the big brother of that pedal for mine. However, you have to use the output jack of the pedal, not the input. Good luck!
  17. Regarding the video: I was referring to the fact that you need not send your guitar input into both paths to get a stereo output. You can put your mono effects on the top path, then split the signal and send one signal down to the lower path. Good luck!
  18. Fullerton (Nrm, Brt, or Jump to your taste) with lots of spring verb. Tune to double drop D and turn on an octave divider and hey, hey... My, my...
  19. The kicker is to hook your headphones to the Helix and use it as your soundcard. You should be hearing your PC audio through the Helix in that configuration.
  20. An interesting way to get benefit from dual amps in a mono signal: put one of the amp paths behind a really short delay, with one repeat and at 100% mix, so none of the unaffected signal gets through. It helps separate the two paths in a way that comes naturally with stereo output. Good luck!
  21. As a great musician once said, "before you can make good music, you first have to get the bad music out." Don't think your demos wouldn't be useful to someone just because you aren't an "expert." I would love to try your patch, for example. Its always interesting to hear what others consider a great tone. Good luck!
  22. I use Reaper, in the configuration described here: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-di-dry-recording-with-reaper.2032265/ Good luck!
  23. Another former G.A.S. sufferer here. My wallet thanks you, Helix! The only pedal I've added is an always-on tuner just before the guitar input. The Helix gives me everything else I need.
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