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  1. Has anyone experienced the input indicator on the Helix Floor turning red(clipping)???? If so is there a fix for that?
  2. I’m going to try a restart on my PC and see what happens it’s not the end of the world if I need to redo my presets Thanks
  3. Yes You can actually see it moving up and down on the output meter I will spend more time later today
  4. I just updated to 3.0 i backed up my existing presets prior to updating. I have noticed that my volume levels are bouncing up and down. Is anyone else experiencing this???
  5. Yep I tried that earlier I was just wondering if someone had a work around that I was unaware of. THANKS
  6. I’m using a expression pedal set up for an Auto-wah effect. Is there any way to activate a foot switch that would indicate on-off status only?? I would like to be able to visually confirm the wah effect is on or off
  7. Just updated my JTV 59 and standard tuning sounds fine but as soon as I go a Half step down it sounds horrible! Almost like there are two guitars playing ! Anyone else experiencing this?
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