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  1. ...this was part of the 2.80 update:
  2. ^ ^ ^ This - and there was another long thread: https://line6.com/support/topic/44840-vdi-wireless/8
  3. Check this out: Monitoring via Cubase
  4. ...interesting... You're reporting for half a year of a guitar that your friend bought... Maybe it's time to make it a little more concrete, for example with a recording of the problem - otherwise it's hard to judge over it ;-)
  5. I'm sorry that you can't be helped with your instrument! However, this says little about other JTVs and certainly nothing about Helix. Good luck again, cheers!
  6. Sorry, but I cannot agree with this at all (and I also have a 'Korean JTV'). Some folks talk about second hand guitars here, others mention very dubious fabrications... My new JTV was - and still is - in a very good shape ;-) Check these mods out (problems with plinging strings) - if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJhdSczB-lI
  7. NEW pod (go) Why is it a pod-helix - not a Helixpod?!
  8. In fact, a rather tabular academic scientific approach... When I got my Helix 5 years ago, the first year I was mainly busy with playing guitar and tweaking ;-)
  9. klangmaler


    (@Nightsky1376) Who turned the clock? Is it Groundhog Day again? First of all: The (endless) debate about the 'amp-in-the-room' sound vs. the more 'mic'd recorded sound' filled this forum years ago already - (and leads systematically to ) An amp in a room is an amp in a room and logically will always sound different than a FRFR system (maybe more like an - amp in a room?). Maybe you should switch to a tube amp (Line6 DT series for example)? Nevertheless, with (Global-) Eq's it's no longer a problem to tastefully influence the more high-frequency sound of a FRFR system. This is NOT a question of IR's in the first place. Both ways lead to good sound results - but they HAVE to sound different (because you are using different hardware, speakers etc). Besides, Jason Sadites made this informative video (last year): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2JP8uXQZB0 Eagerly awaiting a more detailed description of your (hardware) setup and your recording ;-)
  10. klangmaler

    Helix II

    No wireless stuff (inluding BT) built into professional gear. <- Full stop.
  11. klangmaler

    Helix II

    ??? Already have one. Nice. Even more LEDs!
  12. Yeah, man. Good ol' stuff like Love it. Even the most useful hanging hook :-7
  13. Follow and read these detailed update informations: Updating to 2.80 There's no need (anymore) for a MIDI connection to connect Helix and DT amps!
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