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  1. klangmaler

    Helix II

    No wireless stuff (inluding BT) built into professional gear. <- Full stop.
  2. klangmaler

    Helix II

    ??? Already have one. Nice. Even more LEDs!
  3. Yeah, man. Good ol' stuff like Love it. Even the most useful hanging hook :-7
  4. klangmaler

    DT and Helix Midi - How to video

    Follow and read these detailed update informations: Updating to 2.80 There's no need (anymore) for a MIDI connection to connect Helix and DT amps!
  5. klangmaler

    DT Amps FB Users Group

    Come back and stay
  6. klangmaler

    2.81 firmware available now

    Yep. L6, you make my day again
  7. ==> All presets suck...
  8. I see. (But I was following these threads long time ago, fortunately ;-) ) Many people were able to fix this. I was able to fix this (irritating noise), too. The piezo Pu's, the bridge (esp. of the JTV) can be somewhat tricky - in combination with the very sophisticated possibilities of Workbench HD. When you are the proud owner of a high-tech guitar, it can sometimes be a little more complicated to find a solution to a seemingly small problem. Anyway, for some folks and their JTV a simple reflash of the firmware did it, for example. And we and should transfer the topic to the appropriate threads now, I guess: https://line6.com/support/forum/37-variax-instruments/
  9. klangmaler

    WoW 2.8 really isn't ready still?

    This ^^^. Are you one of those, Mark?!
  10. Please - give me a link to "that part of the forum". I'm really curious who said so - and when "Line 6 has admitted they don't know how to fix this problem"...
  11. klangmaler

    Does not work Helix LT with DT25 after 2.8 update.

    Special attention to the underlined stuff ;-) If you choose an output block in Helix, you can change all these parameters. You (only) need the L6 LINK connection (from Helix to DT amp)!
  12. klangmaler

    Does not work Helix LT with DT25 after 2.8 update.

    Check this out: https://line6.com/support/topic/48600-thank-you-for-dreamrig-dt-helix-jtv/?tab=comments#comment-304239 The settings are made in the OUTPUT BLOCK
  13. Right ;-) For the JTV (although this is really getting offtopic) check out these tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJhdSczB-lI And you were talking about the JTV's, not about (all) Variaxes, right?
  14. Yep, and make your dreamrig complete with a Variax ;-)
  15. https://line6.com/support/topic/48600-thank-you-for-dreamrig-dt-helix-jtv/?do=findComment&comment=304239