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Community Answers

  1. klangmaler

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Good things come to those who wait: Thanks to all folks at L6 for working so hard at / for the Helix family. You made my day - again ;-)
  2. Check this out: Jason Sadites on Celestion speakermixPro I combine Helix and Helix Native with this outstanding plugin. Great stuff!
  3. This time more 'scientific', folks... Change the 'feel' with Jason ;-) Thanks to the 'explainer in chief' Jason Sadites!
  4. Check this out: Thanks to Jonathan Cordy!
  5. You.did.a.great.job. Again. You guys are really awesome; thank you all for your great support!
  6. ß This has been discussed here over and over. I'm still happy that Helix is such a professional gear that only has stable and reliant connections. Otherwise I had sold it ;-)
  7. Yes. (Sh!# sometimes happens when using copy & paste ;-)
  8. Not via MIDI. But I guess you can use either the AUX-In or Mic-In inputs to use the Tyros DSP-effects. Check the Tyros manual: Tyros 5 manual Guitar via DSP
  9. There is no 2.92 firmware update. Sorry, I'm a smart-lollipop today ;-)
  10. ...this was part of the 2.80 update:
  11. ^ ^ ^ This - and there was another long thread:
  12. Check this out: Monitoring via Cubase
  13. ...interesting... You're reporting for half a year of a guitar that your friend bought... Maybe it's time to make it a little more concrete, for example with a recording of the problem - otherwise it's hard to judge over it ;-)
  14. I'm sorry that you can't be helped with your instrument! However, this says little about other JTVs and certainly nothing about Helix. Good luck again, cheers!
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