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  1. klangmaler's post in Helix Native internet dependency was marked as the answer   
    Excuse and information:
    This is for the paid, fully licensed and activated version of Helix Native:
    After checking out each and every alternative here, I have to declare that
    Helix Native needs no (permanent) connection (to the internet)
    it needs an active network adapter (LAN module, card, WLAN-stick, [...]
    If that deactivated, Helix Native won't work.
    Obviously, the computer activation is dependent / related to an adapter (or card [...]).
    Sorry if I caused any inconvenience.
  2. klangmaler's post in No output on certain downloaded patches was marked as the answer   
    Try tweaking the INPUT block (try 'Multi' first)...
  3. klangmaler's post in Help with Helix Editor/App please was marked as the answer   
    Your welcome... Mark this thread as answered, please ;)
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