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  1. Thank you for the info and the advice Bob. I had not thought to try full amp models and Irs into the DT yet. Like you I was hoping to get away from having to run more cables between my DT and my helix. At least they have done something to try to make it work though. Unfortunately I had already went and purchased a synergy preamp module and a power cab so that I could get down to one cable for faster set up and tear down on stage and then they put out this update which kind of negates all the stuff I just purchased, but oh well live and learn.
  2. Yeah I get all that, but when I use channel b with any delays or anything it sounds funky because everything is hitting the front of the pre amp, so I was wondering if there was a way to change that. also if I’m using delays on channel a of the DT and turn on the trails, when I switch over to channel b again the trails hit the front of the amp and distorts all the of the delays and makes it sound like a butt hole
  3. where does the dt sit within the signal chain on helix now ?
  4. where does the dt sit in the signal chain on helix now? Before I was just using the TT with the helix in a for cable method and you can place the DTE anywhere you wanted to you with the effects loop. But now that you can use the AES/EBU cable where does the DT amplifier sit in the signal chain?
  5. when I click on the download of the Powercab update I get "safari cannot open file because no available application can open it". tried to do the update through the line 6updater application but even though am am signed in to my line 6 account , line 6 updater wants me to sign in and keeps telling me my password is wrong. heeeeeelp
  6. i’m having the same problem it seems to be more apparent when I use acoustic models though ,and heading the string open and not palm muting. I have a Sherrick in and it is fine but I just got this G TV 89F and the low Estring is almost useless. I am going to try moving up to an 11 through 15 balanced tension set of strings and pulling the little Piazon out and making sure it’s clean underneath it. hopefully that works
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