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  1. It sounds really impressive and tone creating process is really easy with the new cab block. I have tried some combinations, i will add here if anyone interested...
  2. chstd

    Helix Lead Tone

    Hi everyone, After couple years, i turned back to helix and started to enjoy the tones. Tried a little lead guitar recording over a ready backing track. The performance is not flawless i know, it's just for fun.
  3. chstd

    Helix in Full Mix

    i really like them, thanks for sharing..
  4. exciting news. i wonder if it will be done by improving amp modeling or stock cabs.. will wait and see.
  5. the forums would be pointless if some of us keep saying 'just play/don't care/waste of time'. something in the device may bother someone. please let people review in a good or bad way. and maybe there would be another one suggest a solution or maybe a software error would be noticed and would be fixed.. we wouldn't know unless we write/read and answer.
  6. could you please give us more details about what is your HX stomp's in and out settings? does it sound allright without pc connection?
  7. thanks for your answer, i really do. everybody has different tastes and thoughts but i really can't understand how you decided i am not a guitar player? if searching something new and feeling some equipment is old is not normal, we wouldn't meet in this forum. why are you here? use the first invented amp and just one guitar, play until it stops... so people search and experiment some new things thats normal and most of the time it's inspiring and makes you want to play more. even updates are keep coming for the same reason i think. to keep it attractive. So as to explain my first message, i used helix lt in 2017-2019 and then i switched to axefx2xl. Both units sounds great but the number of the amp/cab options and the processing power made my desicion to change helix. After using it 3 years, i think axe still sounds incredible, fantastic unit but every device has it's own pros and cons.. several reasons makes me get bored and scared. * the editor was slow, everytime i change preset,the editor stops and thinks a little * the pitch effects were not for me, especially couldn't create drop tune presets * hard to use and too many parameters to get confused (even i learned really well to use it) * need to use seperate controller switch+exp pedal * most important one, 8 years old unit is getting old,i have nowhere to go in my country for service if i have any problems, the screen seems discontinued even in USA etc.. i just ordered a helix lt and can't wait to see it's improvements after 2019 :) after all my experiments with both units, i will write the pros and cons of helix too, maybe someone from Line 6 see and makes additions to upcoming updates
  8. no prob. with helix about that feature :) i try to say that after 3 years without helix, i miss that feature..
  9. i agree...also i miss the ability to change too many parameters with snapshots.. i used to use them for EQ blocks mostly for tone shaping and change them between rhythm and lead tones in the same preset. fantastic!
  10. chstd

    Suggestion Box?

    it's another topic that you get more than what you want as it is..i wonder how many ideas came in the updates and added to helix. at first i understand like, people will write their wishes and the most voted ones will be considered to add to unit..unfortunately i doesn't seem like that...
  11. chstd

    Suggestion Box?

    anybody from Line6 hang out in ideascale? have you seen the most popular ones that are waiting for years?
  12. thanks for your answers. for an all in one solution and considering the price point, i think i have to choose Helix Lt again after 3 years. Quad cortex is too expensive and there is no editor software if i am not wrong. the only other device would be fractal FM9 for me but i couldn't buy from anywhere soon. If i would compare, i think Helix has the least amount of amp+cab options, i always wish some more high gain amps, much more cabs, maybe a tonematch feature to see in Helix but for now i will give it a chance again..
  13. Hi everyone, as i am a long time Line 6 user (since pods, lots of amps, variaxes,helix lt), i have changed my Helix and bought AxefxIIXL back in 2019 and yesterday i sold it and want to change again my processor with another Line6 product. A little information for those wondering, of course i was happy with the tones in the axefx but i am bored and the unit started to feel a little old, the editor was slow and the pitch effects weren't as usable so i wanted to change it.. There will be some limitations for me of course, there were hundreds of amps/cabs and especially hundreds of storage for third party IRs in axefx but i want to change it and see what's coming from Line 6 couple years after.. Because of the prices, Helix LT still seems to be the cheapest one to choose for an all in one solution at home recordings and small gigs nowadays. Does the helix family a little old too, what do you think? (and yes kempers are outdated and much much more limited than it's competitors i think) I think after those years, there were some good additions with updates and the tones sound good to me but i am not sure if the storage capacity allow to add much more amps etc?.. And are the updates coming twice a year or so? Adding small numbers of new amps if i'm not wrong.. So maybe Line 6 folks have 10 times big new amp collections and keeping them for a new unit :) I might buy a Helix LT again but any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers,
  14. disable auto engage on whammy effect. create 2 snapshots, one to use wah other is for whammy. bypass the whammy on one of the snapshots, so the exp pedal won't change any pitch but it will engage the wah with toe switch..be sure the whammy effect is on on the other snapshot. before you recall the snapshot in which the whammy effect is on, be sure you keep the exp pedal on hell position...simply don't forget to keep it on heel position after turning off the wah.
  15. Sure, but nobody gets the most wanted features either.. And don't get me wrong i am a Line6 fan since 2006.. For this reason i feel comfortable to say the negatives (if i see any) to a company that i keep using their products.
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