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  1. disable auto engage on whammy effect. create 2 snapshots, one to use wah other is for whammy. bypass the whammy on one of the snapshots, so the exp pedal won't change any pitch but it will engage the wah with toe switch..be sure the whammy effect is on on the other snapshot. before you recall the snapshot in which the whammy effect is on, be sure you keep the exp pedal on hell position...simply don't forget to keep it on heel position after turning off the wah.
  2. chstd

    New amp model request

    Sure, but nobody gets the most wanted features either.. And don't get me wrong i am a Line6 fan since 2006.. For this reason i feel comfortable to say the negatives (if i see any) to a company that i keep using their products.
  3. chstd

    New amp model request

    Does it actually work? I see popular ideas added and voted couple years ago and still not come into life..
  4. TS cable works! Thanks a lot..
  5. I use Korg Exp-2, i will try it with a ts cable. Thanks for the suggestion..
  6. It is TRS, it has 2 black circles on both sides.
  7. I have helix lt, so i can't do as you said..It has only 1 expression pedal input so i have to change every presets. But the worst is, as i mentioned above, i can't use it after changing presets.. It keeps the controll settings in the presets but can't recognize the expression pedal after changing and recalling a preset.
  8. I plugged in an expression pedal in order to use it to control wah and i tried to change the controller assignments in the preset..Eventhough i try the 'LEARN' function the system couldn't recognize the pedal. Then i figure out that in the global preferences, i have to switch the external 2 selection (which was set to expression pedal 2 already) to amp and then switch it back to expression pedal..Then it recognized the pedal and i assigned the controls. But the weird thing is i have to do that for every presets.. Otherwise helix lt can't recognize the expression pedal.. Now i have to go to global settings first and switch the setting to amp and back to expression pedal and then set the assignments..And repeat this for every presets again and again.. And i have to add that: The expression pedal 2 doesn't work if i change the preset and then turn back to that preset which i assigned wah control.. I have to repeat the global setting thing..
  9. Thanks for the answers.. I usually record at around -6db on guitar tracks and i have never experienced this low volumes at first try with any processor, that's why i wrote here the 2nd day i received the helix.. I use it by adjusting the output volumes in the presets for now.. @jbuhajla yesterday i noticed that some blocks increase volume in the signal chain as you said, this is interesting, maybe normal but i didn't see it in other processors until now. If everyone say it's normal then i accept as it is but in the picture as you see in my first post, the volume difference in the recordings(both via usb) with another device is huge i think.. Besides the volume confusion, helix sounds better then i expect B)
  10. Hi everyone, first of all i have searched for this but really i couldn't find any real solution.. I have owned axefx2xl for 2 years and just bought my helix lt. First thing i notice is the output volume is a little low. I have set the big volume knob to %50 to match the axe's output level (even the axe output knob is set to %20). The firmware is updated bytheway. But the main problem is when i record via usb on Logic my signal volume seems to be too low. Shows -14db.. I have used factory presets to record little tracks to try and i have to raise the output level +7 or 8db(sometimes even more) every time to achieve a normal signal level. Is there a way to adjust usb recording level (or globally all levels) on Helix or on Mac? Or should we raise the output block level for every presets? -As an addition, when i play some music from computer via helix the music volume is fine but the guitar output is the main problem here. I hardly hear my guitar when i jam along a song.. Obviously the guitar volume should be raised on both the 1/4'' outs and the usb outs. ** I connected helix to JBL LSR305's via 1/4'' cables (the same setup which i used with axe for 2 years) and set the output as 'line'.. **My guitar is schecter with emgs and the battery is fresh.. ***The helix and the axe recording level difference can be seen in the picture below.
  11. Hi, i am a new amplifi tt user and i would like to ask some questions to experienced users.. First of all, I have connected my other guitar processor(via xlr) and amplifi(via trs jack) to my jbl lsr 305 monitors at the same time. And i noticed that if i don't open the amplifi i can't play the other processor. It mutes the monitors if it is closed. If i open it at the same time or unplug the jacks from the monitor or amplifi i am able to get the sound. Is there any way to disable the output muting while the unit is off?? It will be nice not to plug/unplug whenever i decide to play just other unit.. Is there any setting to make the amplifi remember the last preset when i open it? It always open with the first preset amd lowers the output volume everytime i power cycle it.. Thanks,
  12. Ask for refund and think about 89f twice... I think you should read this topic too. http://line6.com/support/topic/6764-do-you-have-the-same-problem-with-6th-string/page-5 There is still no explanation made by Line 6 to solve the issue that some users are still trying to live with it...
  13. I totally agree...That's exactly what i was trying to say with my poor english.
  14. That's not a correct comparison, axe fx II is the latest fractal audio product and they release firmware updates quite often and IOS updates are for the last 3 products iphone 5 iphone 5s iphone 6.. We want the latest product podhd500x to be updated as the other companies like fractalaudio...Nobody expect their pod 2.0/xt/x3 to be updated with more features in this topic. And as i said before ''I have sold my 4 years old podhd500 last month because i think there won't be a huge update or addition of new amps and specs to it.Now i am waiting for a new product and i hope we can see it soon.'' I am waiting for the new products..
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