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  1. I can confirm this as a valid solution. I'm using my helix lt with an rca>xlr cable into the spdif in of my presonus studio68. Just don't forget to sync the audio interface to the helix clock and you're good to go. I use this for recording dry tracks in my daw. The benefit is, that my helix native patches sound absolute identical as me plugin into the real helix since i'm basically using the same input section instead of a different interface Preamp.
  2. yesterday i got a used dt25 for use with my helix lt at home. updated the dt firmware to 2.0 (took a little time for line 6 monkey to finally be convinced to do the update) and voila...dt topology etc. is controllable via L6-Link. i use the preamp models in the lt and they sound really good and give a good amp-in-the-room-feel when used with the dt power amp via L6-Link. now the channel a amp potis itself loose function when the helix lt's preamps are used (and i understand it's supposed to be that way) except for the master volume and the presence-poti (which behaves a little weird but at least does something). since most of helix lt's preamps don't seem to have a presence dial modelled (makes perfect sence since it's normally a poweramp stage) is there a way to store the presence-value from the dt amplifier in the helix patch per preset and if so...where? i can't find a parameter in the helix output-section where topology and the other stuff is located. i understand that i could simply use an eq after the preamp to simulate a presence control but i'm curious if it's possible to use the dt amps internal presence and store it.
  3. actually it is stated in the faq, that neurals plugins will be available on the quad cortex for those who already own a copy of them via a separately sent activation link for the quad cortex. so, no....if you haven't bought the nolly plugin it will not be on your quad cortex as far as i understand it.
  4. Yes, i can confirm it's working. I use a Converter cable and i'm good
  5. Negative...simple High Gain patch Tubscreamer > Noise Gate > Mark IV > IR Block > Parametric EQ
  6. I'm having kind of similar issues. I run Native in Studio One Pro 3.51 with an i7-7700 Quadcore 2,8 GHz and 32 GB. Interface is a Presonus Studio 68 at 48 kHz. Opening a blank session, only one mono-audio-track. CPU at 3-4%. As soon as I open a Native Instance the CPU jumps to 50% Minimum and is frantically jumping around up to 100% in peaks. As soon as I turn of Native the issue is gone. Increasing buffer size helps but does not really solve the problem (still around 30% CPU). Any Ideas anyone or do I simply have to wait for future fixes? By the way, Helix sounds exactly like my LT and Helix Floor. Did a High Gain-Side-by-Side-Comparison. No audible difference. Looking forward to a fixed Release
  7. I'd like to add my own Test Recording: https://soundcloud.com/hedon09/helix-native-vs-helix-lt-high-gain It's my first comparison of the Line 6 Helix Plugin and the Line 6 Helix LT with my Standard High Gain Patch Tubescreamer > Noise Gate > Mark IV > IR Block with an Ownhammer Mesa 412 Impulse > a little Parametric EQ 1. Helix Native (Recording Chain: Hagström Fantomen > Two Notes Torpedo Reload > Presonus Studio68 XLR In > Presonus Studio One > Line 6 Helix Native) 2. Helix LT (Recording Chain: Hagström Fantomen > Helix LT > Presonus Studio68 SPDIF In > Presonus Studio One) 3. Helix LT Left + Helix Native Right No Post EQ added. Both Native and LT used exactly the same Patch and IR. To me they sound, apart from slight playing differences, exactly the same.
  8. problem magically solved.
  9. thx for the info data, since triryche said it's a temporary situation i will just keep calm and wait for a solution to show up. 15 days left until i start to worry :-) oh and by the way, i too have both the native and the native trial version in the coloumn of my purchase history.
  10. same problem here....purchased native, logged into my line6-account via native plugin. native only shows a trial activation. authorization/de-authorization didn't change that
  11. thank you, just a final question regarding that. on which voltage-level does the aes-port operate? will it match the spdif-voltage-specifications or will i need to use a kind of signal pad to match the spdif-range?
  12. hey, i'm considering the purchase of a helix lt. now i know that there's no spdif-in/out but the thomann-website states that the aes-port will work as spdif if correctly adaped. is there anyone, preferably a line6-member, that can confirm? is there a way to send spdif into the helix lt as well for reamping purposes or will i have to carry my helix floor from the rehearsal-room for that purpose? thanks in advance and best regards
  13. Hedon09

    Helix vs AX8

    It took me 7 months of playing and coincidentally reading a forum post before i even thought about rethinking the level structure of my helix Patches. It's not a very obvious issue but thinking about it and making changes according to my findings helped my sounds. That must not necessarily mean that there was the same issue in the patches from your video, that was just my 2 Cents
  14. Hedon09

    Helix vs AX8

    I'm not talking clipping the daw input or outputwise. Internal clipping in the helix signal path is what i meant. Lowering the Level in helix internal signal chain helped with my own Patches, might help with others too.
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