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  1. I purchased the Helix when it first came out. I was excited about the functionality with the Helix. Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed enough with the realism and I ended up selling it. It was just missing something on the Guitar sides. I thought some of the bass tones were good. Are any of you with the original version (prior to the update) impressed enough with the cab, mic placement, amp, and effects updates to keep your unit? I have a feeling that the mic placement update will be the key to have unlocked what I thought was potential in the original unit.
  2. Had to crank CPU higher than normal in ProTools to eliminate "crackling". Disconcerting.
  3. I have my Variax into my Helix Rack and have the HD software up. I am using a plugin for the amp / cab sim. Everytime I move the volume control on my Variax Guitar - it moves the fader on the Logic Pro X track that it is assigned to. I do not want or desire that to happen. Thoughts?
  4. Yes - using the Helix rack as interface for guitars only.
  5. I have my Variax into my Helix Rack and have the HD software up. I am using a plugin for the amp / cab sim. Everytime I move the volume control on my Variax Guitar - it moves the fader on the Logic Pro X track that it is assigned to. I do not want or desire that to happen. Thoughts?
  6. Just spent a good hour doing an A/B test with my monitors in my studio. USA Strat - Lead Pickup Only Went back and forth using JUST the Factory Essex A15 Sim. Both my rack and the plugin had the same articulations dialed in for every variable. No question there is a difference between the two. Obviously an opinion as to "what" sounded different - but there was a definite distinction between the plugin and the Rack. To me, the rack sounded a bit more "rounded" for lack of a better word. Why? Dont know. Not complaining - just an observation. Please chime in as to your tests!! Would really like to hear your thoughts. When I get some time - I will soundcloud them for you.
  7. Haven't been reading the forum in a while as all is well with my Variax guitar and HD software - selfish I know. By "all is well" I mean both the guitar and HD software are working as the should. No complaints really but now that I have been using and recording with both products (Variax and HD) I have lost my initial awe at the strides in technology. Still impressed yes, but naturally I am left wanting more. FOR ME - rarely will I keep a Variax or HD recorded track. I only use them for basic tracking - getting the idea. I still pull out the heavy guns (guitars and amps) for a real take. So my question now is: does anyone have a inside track to whether or not Line 6 is spending development money on improving the current lineups? I am a HUGE proponent of the technology and will support as best I can. Grateful for what has been created thus far - but it just is not quite there yet - for me. Like most that are here, I would love to use one axe for all needs - so cool. Not complaining - just asking.
  8. Seems like lots of you are selling your tube rigs. I'm always looking for older Marshall, HiWatt, Orange, Fenders etc. if you are thinking of unloading give me a shout. As far as the OP - I have not made the move to amp sims or IR's for live - still use my tube rigs. I do however always carry a load box if the engineer wants to use that at the board. Tried my Helix and an FRFR maybe twice for live but came back to tubes. Studio - different story. I always record a tube and the Helix / Kemper or plugin.
  9. Solved: I had to create an aggregate I/O device in my iMac midi-audio setup window. This allows the Helix (usb attached to iMac) and my Apogee Symphony MKII (thunderbolt to iMac) to combine into one I/O. I named it Helix/Symphony. In Logic, I chose Helix/Symphony as my input and the Symphony as the output (my monitors are connected to my Symphony). My problem (as stated above) was that I had my Helix connected to my Symphony via SPDIF. I disconnect that altogether. Helix is connected to iMac USB only. I now create a 3 audio tracks for one guitar. One is input 7 for a dry, one is input 3 for a Wet Helix signal, finally 1 / 2 to track a miced amp / cab. That was the whole point of this exercise. I can then blend the Helix, Miced Cab and the dry track (with a Scuffham, Bias etc. plugin) to taste. In the end, this just might be overkill for an OCDer like me. Too many choices = manic mode.
  10. Just in my DAW - Logic - ProTools. No physical mixer or control surface.
  11. Thank you all. My monitors are coming out of my Apogee Symphony interface so if I setup Helix as my interface in Logic in order to use 7/8 as dry - I have no monitor? Maybe the Helix headphone jack would work while I try this? (Helix connected to iMac via USB) Thoughts?
  12. My setup is Guitar > HelixRack > SPDIF > ApogeeSymphonyInterface > iMac(Logic). I have been unsuccessful trying to record a wet and dry track simultaneously . Tried to create an aggregate device in the iMac to no avail. I am thinking there might be a way to simultaneously record one track with an amp simulation plugin (BIAS etc) and another track with no plugin (dry). Then take the dry track and reamp somehow via Helix? Solution in my last post in thread. Hope it helps someone.
  13. Can i use Snapshots to change guitar models Variax?
  14. I use my Helix exclusively for studio use. I would like to try something when using my Variax to record - Variax forum suggested I check here. Scenario: I am using the Variax Strat (Spank) model on a track while recording using the lead pickup during the song intro. I want to switch to the "trap" position (bridge and middle pickup) during the verse and record /use automation to do that instead of stopping the recording at the end of the intro and changing the HD software to the "trap" position - then punching in that config in the verse. Can the Helix software do that somehow? HD software cannot as far as I can tell. Midi data perhaps? Setup: Variax > Helix Rack > DAW (Logic /ProTools).
  15. Sorry - Should have been more specific. I am going Variax > VDI cable > back of Helix > Out Helix into Apogee Interface > Pro Tools /Logic. Without a Pod or some other interface I suppose it is not doable. Even so, if there is a drop out - would be pointless at any rate. Got to go old school and punch in. Thanks.
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