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  1. I wasn't. I checked Help -> About HX Edit... It said 3.10. I rebooted just to make sure it wasn't using old libraries.
  2. @yeatzee I feel like the new Dynamic Hall reverb in 3.10 replicates your sound exactly (or whatever variation of it I had). Would you concur? This is exciting! My settings are: Decay: 7.5sec Predelay: 100ms Room Size: 20m Diffusion: 85% Damping: 10.0 kHz Mix: 100% (could be like a 40% mix in series and not in parallel anymore but I still like running in parallel) Motion: 2.0 Low Freq: 100 Hz Low Gain: 0.0 dB Low Cut: 120 Hz High Cut: 8.0 kHz
  3. I had HX Edit 3.01. It told me there was an update so I clicked. It updated both HX Edit and Helix to 3.10. However, HX Edit wasn't showing me the new blocks even though HX Edit was saying it was 3.10. I reinstalled 3.10 manually and then it worked.
  4. Not dumb at all. I've done hours of research and experiments on this topic. It's not as straightforward as it seems.
  5. Watch this and this If you max out the Channel Volume on the amp and still need more level you can also use the output level (on the permanent output block).
  6. Sometimes the 4CM cables can create a ground loop and you need to isolate one of the cables but it sounds like you have it narrowed down to the USB. I have the same USB problem but it isn't really that bad until I have something running that makes my graphics card work hard. So I think in my case, the graphics card or the PC power supply is leaking power when there is high demand from the graphics card. Also, it's worse when my guitar pickups are facing the PC. The closer I am, the worse the noise.
  7. Except for the handwired ones, all the modern production AC30s have FX loops. I have an AC30C2 and wouldn't have bought it without an FX loop. I run it in 4CM sometimes and it's great.
  8. If you need something stereo happening before the amp and you want to preserve the stereo separation, you could do this: stereo effect1 -> Split Y A:L100-> amp -> mono effect2 -> mono cab block -> Merge A:L100 B:R100-> amp -> mono effect2 -> mono cab block -> B:R100 However, I usually like to place effects before or after amp/cab in which case you could do this place the a dual cab after the merge point and place effect2 as stereo after that.
  9. jonandtice


    You are correct the sync should be S/PDIF but mine works as internal too. I just get some audio clicks once in a while. Also audio RCA work fine as long as they aren't too long.
  10. OK I missed the part where you had a looper in your FX loop, so your FX loop makes sense now. The main problem you have right now is that the bottom path should be set to USB 1/2 and your FX loop should be before the split if you want the looper output in your DAW. Your signal path should be: [Input] -> [Effects Blocks] -> [FX Loop] -> [Split] -> [Output1] -> [Amp Block] -> [IR Block] -> [Output2] Output1 would be set to Main L/R like you have it and those would go to the DV and the Peavey as you describe. Output2 should be set to USB 1/2 and if you adjust the setting I gave you above (recommendation #4) your headphones will give you what you want.
  11. Your setup is confusing to me. I'm going to assume here that you are using the Stomp as your audio interface. First of all, do you use the DV and the Peavey at the same time? If not, then just make two separate presets to simplify things. Second, in your screenshot I don't think the FX loop block is serving any purpose for you. You are going to your DV preamp, coming back into the Stomp and then right back out to the DV return? Where is Main L/R going? Just eliminate that FX block because you need its send for the Peavey. Third, do you really want to apply the IR to the Peavy? Doesn't it already have a guitar speaker? You normally wouldn't want to do this but there are exceptions. My recommendations: Delete the FX Loop block and your Main L would go to your DV preamp input. No need to return to the Stomp unless you want to put effects after the preamp. Do you want to move that mod block before the path split? Between the AMP block and the IR block, insert a Send L/R block. That will go to your Peavey. Select the output block on the bottom path and change that to USB 1/2. In the global settings set the Phones Monitor to USB 1/2. Now you should have your No-amp, no-ir signal going to your DV (top path); Your AMP, no-ir signal going to your Peavey (send block from bottom path); your AMP+IR signal going to your headphones and DAW via USB 1/2. I think that is what you are looking for but, as I said above, if you are not playing through your DV and Peavey at the same time, separate presets would be better.
  12. I haven't used one but the BluGuitar Amp1 uses a "nanotube" as seems like it somewhat gets the tube thing?
  13. To clarify, if I set the clock source on the audio interface to S/PDIF, I don't have any problems. I don't think that "problem" would go away with a converter because the clock still has to be synced between the two devices and Helix LT isn't able to receive clock from other devices.
  14. In case anyone is wondering about connecting the Helix LT through the AES/EBU digital out I'll share my thread on this topic over at TGP. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-lt-aes-ebu-to-interface-s-pdif.2227695/ Original post: Someone will probably ask: My response:
  15. My understanding is that what is in the the 5.7 kernel is basically a hack to get the Helix to work as a class compliant device. If Line 6 would fix the Helix, instead of pretending it's fully class compliant, it would work everywhere.
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