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  1. jonandtice

    Paths are confusing...

    From page 8 of the manual: DSP1 is for Path 1 and DSP2 is for Path 2. You can't drag blocks from Path 1 to Path 2.
  2. jonandtice

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    I remember enjoying the live sound related @craiganderton articles on Sweetwater. So I went to Sweetwater's inSync author page and I only see one modeling article. Would love to see more. Welcome to the forum.
  3. jonandtice

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    I had an error in the post which I edited. To put in in your terms: Given: X = Input signal level Y = Output signal level (or anywhere after the merge block) Where: Split A/B = A100 Path A = X Path B = 0dB Y = X - 3dB Where: Split A/B = Even Split Path A = X Path B = X Y = X Also note, this is taking the amps out of the equation so that all things are equal from input to output. So yes, you would add +3dB to each path on the merge block to make Y = X. Hope that helps.
  4. jonandtice

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    ^ This is correct I was curious myself about the split/merge effect on signal level as well. I wanted to make sure my gain staging wasn't being affected. I recently did some tests by placing a 3 Note Generator at the beginning of the path to get a constant signal level which I then measured with Audacity's signal meters on the computer (connected via 1/4" stereo outs through an audio interface). I also used send blocks on each path (1A and 1B) to measure the signal level in the path. This is from memory and I will come back and edit later when I confirm: Split A/B doesn't affect signal level. For example, in path A, "Even Split" and "A100" produce the same signal level in Path A. Likewise "Even Split" and "B100" produce the same signal level in Path B. A setting of A50 means 100% signal to Path A and 50% signal to Path B. A setting of B75 means 100% signal to Path B and 25% signal to path A. Send Blocks (and 1/4" Mono Out) add +3dB to the signal level. I guess because that is what happens when you sum stereo to mono? I had to do -3dB on the send blocks so that my results made sense. The merge block adds from -3dB to 0dB to the signal level. That's -3dB for A100/B100 and 0dB for "Even Split". So in your case, you are correct. Add +3dB of gain in the merge block for each path.
  5. jonandtice

    Preset Viewer

    Yes, I use Notepad++ for that purpose. Not really a good way to browse through a bunch of presets.
  6. jonandtice

    Preset Viewer

    There is a new preset sharing website out there https://www.fluidsolo.com/patchexchange/ See https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/attention-helix-hx-stomp-owners-a-new-place-to-share-patches-is-here.2030409/ If it has very basic preset viewing functionality but if the two projects could merge...
  7. jonandtice

    New toy!!!

    I know the amp1 is "tube" because it has a nano tube in the preamp. Does it have more of a tube feel than the Helix models? Is it a big improvement?
  8. jonandtice

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Line 6 said we would have 2.8 sometime this Spring. We are 1/3 of the way through Spring. There are two months left in Spring. I haven't even mowed my lawn yet this year. There is still a chance of frost. Spring isn't even half way over yet. Spring began on March 21. Spring ends on June 21. On June 22nd I might make an angry post if we don't have 2..8 yet. But for now - since it's still the beginning of Spring, the sun is starting to shine longer, and the flowers and bunnies are popping up everywhere - I am happy. Stop trying to bring us all down with your nonsense.
  9. jonandtice

    Why there is almost no distortion from the amps

    I find it especially useful with humbuckers. I find it has a more noticeable effect with clean and light breakup tones. It can make the guitar sound pretty thin sometimes but when all you are getting out of an amp is mud then this does the trick. Also, if this makes the sound too thin I will use a darker IR/cab to bring the meat back in without the mud. I've found I'm able to use the same preset with multiple guitars by adjusting the gains on that Parametric EQ to suit the guitar I'm using. Much faster than making presets for every guitar.
  10. jonandtice

    helix lt preset knob

    Sounds like it is broken. Pushing it should feel the same as the joystick.
  11. jonandtice

    Why there is almost no distortion from the amps

    To bring some life back to your guitar, try putting a Parametric EQ in front of your chain with these settings: Low Level: -5dB Low Freq: 495Hz Low Q: 1 Mid Level: +12dB Mid Q: 0.5 Mid Freq: 5kHz High Level: +12dB High Q: 0.5 High Freq: 10k Adjust the Low/Mid/High gains to taste.
  12. jonandtice

    Revv Generator 120 in 2.8

    Would this forum even exist is people read the Helix manual before posting? LOL When I'm trying out new amps on the Helix I always go to helixhelp.com since they have links to the real amp manuals. Helps a ton. The Interstate's tone stack, for example, is very different and I never would have know if I didn't read the manual. With an amp like this with so many options you HAVE to read the manual.
  13. jonandtice

    Stacked Amps

    Lucky guy here. He stacks his amps, AND his wife is interested.
  14. jonandtice

    Confused about the use of Volume Pedal

    Because that way your delays and reverbs tail off naturally instead of being silenced..
  15. jonandtice

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    Eventually someone will have it worked out and merged into the kernel for everyone to enjoy. By the time that happens we will be on Helix firmware version 4.5.