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  1. Or did you mean select 1/2 in my DAW? It will not allow me to change Phones Monitor to anything but Main L/R on the stomp. Thanks for your patience. I am getting there...
  2. for the bottom row, it only lets me select send l/r. no usb. any ideas
  3. Thank you so much. So the reason I have the Grand Canyon Looper in the Send/Return block is so the looper has access to anything I put in front of it with the stomp, yet still will get picked up in my DAW. Thanks for your response. I appreciate your help as I am pretty much a noob still with the stomp and settings. Let me ask you this. Is it possible for the right output to go to Peavey / Left goes to the DV Mark - yes playing both at same time but neither get CAB/AMP/IR like you stated, yet still have the AMP/CAB/IR available for the DAW only? I guess that is what I am really looking for. So in summary - no AMP/CAB/IR to either AMP, but still available to DAW/Headphones only. You rock ! ! !
  4. Hey Guys. So here is my setup and question. HX STOMP Grand Canyon Looper into Send Return of HX Stomp HX Stomp in Loop of DV MARK LITTLE 40 AMP Head. - Out back to AMP - Right Out to Peavey Special 130. I would like to have the DV MARK AMP with no AMp/CAB/IR but the Peavy with the AMP/CAB/IR. Thinking of the Peavey as a Power Amp. When I practice (Headphones) or Record into DAW. I would like the AMP/CAB/SIms to be there. Is this making any sense? I have split the signal in HX Stomp but not sure I am getting what I am wanting. I still feel like I hear the AMP/CAB in the left output going to the DV MARK. Any help is much appreciated!
  5. Hi Revans. Is there anyway you can send me that sysex file for the midi baby3
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