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  1. Sorry Rich totally missed this post! I literally made a video all about the HX stomp preset showing a clean tone, check it out. https://youtu.be/c82GI7vESTQ
  2. Hey guys I just launched a patch i'm incredibly proud of. Give the first minute a listen, I promise you won't be disappointed! The patch includes in my opinion the most well laid out do-it-all preset out there, utilizing the full DSP power of the Helix. It's got several delays, modulations, overdrives, and reverbs including a version 2 of my modverb setup I created in the "How to get GREAT Reverb on the Helix" video many of you will have seen. Super excited, let me know what you think! More info at my new website http://www.yeatzeeguitar.com/
  3. Hey guys the patch download link is now in the description box :)
  4. How funny I just posted my video on a Wet/Dry/Wet setup going after the "That Pedal Show" $30k rig they used in one of their recent videos.
  5. Been a bit since my last video due to a concert I was asked to play last minute, but anyways here's my latest! I decided to tackle the TPS Wet/Dry/Wet rig from a recent video that involved a Two Rock, Hamstead, Vintage Vox AC30, Echorec, and 201 Space Echo. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I'm continually reminded how incredible the Helix is! Patch to come, I'm house sitting for a few more days and have no access to my Helix but when I get back later in the week I'll add a link to the video description :) Let me know what you guys think, and as always click through to YouTube if you'd like to use the timestamps in the description box to jump around within the video.
  6. Me? If you're playing straight ahead texas blues yeah they are probably an overkill tool. Wish Helix had a super reverb model!
  7. I was switching IR's with snapshots. I just used two IR blocks because it's a stereo patch :)
  8. Hey man snapshots are incredibly powerful, my favorite part of the Helix. I made a video that explains what you can do with them and gives some cool ideas. Check it out it'll help you.
  9. Lol, well it's safe to say this video is definitely not meant for you! If your effect needs are minimal you could add both amps and bypass one with snapshots of course, however at the current DSP usage rates for both amps you'd be using about 65% of one chip, which would you leave you with very little room to add much of anything. Add on stereo cabs and you've now taken up 85%. If you play music that requires maybe one overdrive and one delay and reverb than absolutely just add the amps. You've missed the point though... The point isn't just to do what I did in the video, that was a fun example I came up with to show off the power of snapshots. The video is teaching what they are, and giving ideas on ways to use them. This video is for the guys that require tons of flexibility and use a lot of effects at any one given time and need to maximize the limited DSP while needing to make drastic tone changes instantly. I know a lot of Helix users that have never even tried snapshots and are still trying to press and un-press 4-5 effects between a chorus and bridge of a song live. Snapshots ARE a game changer for those folks (and was for me). Check out the video in my other thread on here on reverb. That will give you a sense of the effect requirements I and most P&W players require. Cheers! Not even close :) Quick calculation all four plus the cabs would take up 100% of one chip, and 44% of the other. Again not the point of the video, but absolutely it's a ton of fun having multiple amps in a patch and switching between them (or better yet STEREO! I run stereo amps all the time). I also rely on snapshots, I think I would struggle greatly going back to a traditional pedal board. I was never good at tap dancing! Thanks for watching :)
  10. Do you guys use snapshots? Why or why not? Follow up to my previous video on creating nice ambient reverbs this video covers my favorite Helix feature, snapshots. I decided to use them in a sort of unique way I've never heard people talk about, taking the cartographer amp and hopefully making it sound like a Vox, Marshall, Fender, and Matchless amp using just snapshots. Check it out and let me know what you think! As always, description box has timestamps so you can just around to what you want to see/hear.
  11. Totally get it, if you just need a basic plate reverb at all times for example there's no point in doing this (though I'd say still do a parallel path, just don't make one side 100% wet). I'm certainly not claiming there is no reason to use any other template setup by any means, that'd be dumb haha. With this reverb setup it's not really about adding it to your existing template, it's about building a new template for yourself around the template I built. Absolutely if you need three amps with stereo cabs you're not going to be able to fit much though so I get it :) My question is purely curiosity based, the internet is hard because tone doesn't come across so I'm not attacking your needs or anything. What are you requiring for an individual song you do that you can't fit as is in this template? Maybe I could think of a solution I could cover in another video for other people that might feel similarly :) It's worth noting I mentioned "one other stereo effect" which would be in addition to, in the video patch's case.. 3 overdrives 1 mono compressor, 1 stereo compressor 1 volume pedal 1 mono delay 3 stereo delays 3 stereo reverbs (counting individual blocks, not the different reverb tones you can get as shown by the video when using the split path) 1 stereo eq 1 stereo clean boost 1 stereo chorus 1 stereo tremolo and depending on your stereo delay choices in path 2 you could fit another stereo delay, or a stereo flanger/phaser/vibe etc. For path 1 it's got 3 OD's as I mentioned, which is pretty overkill with snapshots and amp gain being available so remove one or two of those and you could fit more modulation effects, a wah, more mono delays, etc. And Thanks! I appreciate it :) Thanks man, more videos on the way! Check out my comment above, I'd love to hear about what you're missing. You mentioned chorus, with the patch as is there's already a stereo chorus on path 2b. Turn off the 100% cave reverb and whatever effects you don't want on with it and set the split to whatever you like. If you require the full ambient reverb setup in path 2b to be ON while having chorus on your clean signal like there's 3 overdrives on path 1 which is overkill so narrow it down to 2 and you've got chorus + the full ambient reverb thing (Or whatever other modulation effect you need). The template is maxed out as an example, not as a hard rule. Delete everything but the plate reverb on path 2a and everything on 2b, then build what you need and just remember that all of the effects that work together to make the ambient reverb can be used individually as well. I think what I'll do is a part 2 video going over all of the ways to configure it to match outside requirements. As for your request, I've got zero experience with an ebow and I'm not familiar with that song however if you need more DSP to be opened up on path 2 AND still require the 2 stereo delays and modulation I've got on there (Trem, dual delay, and transistor tape in the stock YeatzeeVerb patch) the easiest block to sacrifice is the dual delay in path 2b. It does the least to the reverb tone. Hope all of this is clear and helps you guys!
  12. I strongly disagree. Stereo is fantastic live, and does not mean someone sitting in the middle is only going to benefit. Modern PA's are not laser beams, they disperse pretty quickly and stereo doesn't require 100% Left / 100% right panning. I also think the whole run dryer tones live thing is a misconception. Your tones are automatically going to sound dryer live, reverb and delay disappears really quickly live and if you want the same tones you are hearing alone at home up on the stage at church you'll need to run your mix levels much higher. I recommend listening to recordings of your P&W team if your board can record, it might be a revelation! P.s. same goes for gain. Your tone will always sound cleaner live than at home. Happy to help, and thanks! I play music that often requires nice reverb tones. It does take up some DSP, but what do you require that isn't able to be fit? As it stands that template allows for 1 mono delay, 3 stereo delays, 4 stereo "reverbs", 1 stereo chorus, 1 stereo compressor, 1 stereo volume pedal, 2 stereo EQ's, and basically any one other stereo effect of your choosing (in this case I picked tremolo). (Also I'd love a new spring!) Thanks! The patch is definitely more about the template than the raw tone. It'll require much less "b" mix since things get muddier in mono with less of a mix. You'll lose the stereo movement which helps make it so great, but it'll still sound better than the stock reverbs. Download the patch in the description and give it a go! If you replace all of the stereo blocks with mono one's you'll be able to fit more stuff too. I play P&W a lot and stereo is absolutely worth doing *IF your system can handle true stereo. A lot can't. For the sound person it couldn't be easier. "Hey XXXX I'm using channels 16&17 today, could you set the gain the same on both and pan each appropriately? Thanks!". Just make sure phase isn't flipped on one channel and phantom power isn't on. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks! It does eat up some DSP and a path, but out of curiosity what would you use/do that you can't fit/do in this template? If you want to utilize the parallel path with effects just turn off the 100% reverb and the effects you don't want (or reduce the mixes with snapshots) and set the a/b split to even. Snapshots make it so that you should easily be able to do just about anything with this template. If you don't use snapshots check out my recent video on snapshots (I'll make another thread eventually) :)
  13. Yeah I figured most on here are also on there, but ya never know! Thanks, I was surprised how much harder it is to do anything with a camera in your face and no one around it's definitely been a learning experience! Good luck!
  14. Hey guys I'm sure many of you have seen my video on getting great reverb sounds over on some other forums, but I totally forgot that this forum existed and figured I'd share it here as well with you all. I go in-depth on a setup I created that allows you to get some really nice complex sounding modulated reverbs that I feel are a step up from HX reverbs that were added recently. Let me know what you think, and if you want to check it out there's a patch link in the description box. The description also has time stamps to jump around in case you don't want to watch the whole thing front to end :) I just finished up another video on snapshots I'll post in a separate thread. Anyways, love my Helix and thought I'd share!
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