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  1. JaH337

    HX Effects presets, can we share? any links?

    Thanks! just returned my 2nd lemon HX effects. Hoping the next replacement will be worthy, I'm ready to get into it!
  2. JaH337

    Noise with HX effects

    I went with the return to avoid a potentially long process of working this out. For $599 I don't feel like adding any more hours to diagnosing and fixing. Already spent too much time. Maybe if I had a working product to begin with that had problems later.
  3. JaH337

    HX editor presets are in what folder on a PC?

    I think that just has backup files, not individual presets
  4. JaH337

    Noise with HX effects

    So I just received my 2nd HX effects. The first I sent back because of noise issues. My hope, in this unit vs pedals, was to eliminate background hum.. not so much it ended up being louder than my old pedals. I tried so many combinations to reduce noise floor- different guitars, using amp vs just line in on mixer, different global settings, factory reinstall, update. My base test is when hx is on but all effects off vs putting it in true bypass. Noticeable increase in background noise when not in bypass. Differnt degrees of noise if effects engaged. Hook it up to computer via USB it gets worse. Unplugged computer to just run on batteries.. still there. Tried many things then saw others having this issue so I returned it and got another. Same deal with the replacement. Serial numbers close on both units I've tried. ill try one more exchange. Must be a batch of lemons. Watch out with buying this as an open boxed item. I think they're just sending them out and hoping younger players won't be critical. The HX should be quieter that my old pedals. Others having this issue feel free to chim in.
  5. Where is the folder HX effects presets are saved to on a PC when using HX Edit?
  6. JaH337

    HX effects snapshot view not working?

    Figured it out. Quick tap on both FS1 and FS4 to go into it, rather than a long press.... sheesh
  7. I cannot figure out how to toggle into snapshot view mode so each of the 4 snapshots has it's own switch. I can switch between bank, preset, and snapshot but just see presets. When I switch to snapshot mode I can go up or down the snapshots, but don't see four only one where the number in the camera icon changes. Am I missing a setting? Thanks
  8. Hi! hoping to share some presets for the HX effects and try some from others. Is their a good place to find / download these as well as IRs. Thanks