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  1. Caught this the other day. I was extremely impressed;
  2. Simple answer is yes. You can have two independent paths on a Helix floor, each with their own FX, amps etc. The footswitches can be assigned to whatever, and this can all be saved as one or more presets, also with snapshots within the presets. People sometimes, along with a guitar on one path, use a second path for vox, bass, harmonica or another guitar. EDIT: I haven't tried this one but, to get an idea of basic setup, here is a video with a preset that has guitar and vocals processed on two paths.
  3. Well done. That tape thing... smart. Also, your guitar reminds me of one I saw Leslie West playing in 1992 on the Dennis Miller Show. YouTube has the vid but I remember watching it that night and thinking "holy lollipop, he's lost some weight."
  4. Definitely the Spring Chicken. It seems the Helix reverbs, to my ears, are not as 'open', like they are more restricted and die out quicker, almost like it has only so much DSP it can afford so it cuts off the verbs sooner than natural.
  5. I get that and also keep a PC as clean as possible based on experience and all those things that are supposed to play well together but sometimes don't. Have you considered imaging software and/or dual booting? Keep one utility image/drive that has all the drivers on it and keep the other clean?
  6. You should probably heed the feedback above from four or more of the most experienced commenters on this site and move on, along with upgrading to Helix Floor.
  7. I think that's like saying there is some risk in sticking a fork in an electrical outlet.
  8. Well it looks like I'm not the only one.
  9. Possibly but I'm not sloppy in PC use and accidentally installing things. I get Skype is useful but I keep two PC's as clean as I can; nothing loaded that isn't needed for their main purpose.
  10. I'd be interested in knowing why Skype just installed itself on my Windows 10 PC. Even put itself in the startup list.
  11. I think this is the best 'Mimiq' review I have found. I ended up getting one and am using it with two of my amps this weekend playing out, as I am not ready to 'go live' with my Helix yet. I've used a two-amp setup for some time and this really added more 'fullness'. I'm using it with Dry and Effect maxed and Tightness set to 12 o'clock (I don't play really tight/metal so I can get away with more 'openness'). The guy in this review seems to really know his stuff and analyzed the files to see what they are doing. It is definitely randomizing timing, pitch and possibly even attack/volume some. He speaks to the difference in using a delay for this timing effect vs. a Mimiq, and that the ear gets attuned to the delay because it is consistent. Makes sense. Hmm, what about using the 'Double Take' in Helix and trying the 'Leslie' and experimenting with settings? Could that add some 'randomness'?
  12. I did not realize there was a limit. Now I do. Resolved it by going to my attachments, then clicking on the post link to the right, then deleting the pics I could while maintaining original post content, just edited out photo references. I'll probably refrain from uploading pics here and just use Imgur and, where a embedded pic makes sense, shrink that booger down.
  13. It looks like I reached my max storage for attachments. I went to the attachments but I don't see a way to delete them. But again, that would remove info from the original post and legacy posts from this forum have proven to be of value. Stop posting pics here and just link to Imgur? Other suggestions?
  14. Hmmmm... what about modifying an old, used Coleman stove? Gut it, and put foam padding on the bottom to lift the Helix up some?
  15. Ah, thanks both. Totally missed that when going through a pdf list as I was looking at the 'Real World' list on the right for Keely or Mimiq but there it is as a Line 6 original. I'll give it a try. I'm hoping it doesn't have that chorusey sound I've heard with the Keeley. Maybe that's the 'phasey' sound you describe. I'll be sure to try it in stereo.
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