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  1. So please help me. I have my amazing main Strat and other top-notch guitars, and I keep going back to them because of this issue; Here is one perfect, acute, example: When I play my JTV-69 via the VDI doing Hendrix's version of 'Come On', and do the E-A bass run that leads to the chorus, the 'digital' just stands out. If I play it via 1/4" out, it sounds natural. Both into the Helix. And I'm not bothering if I can't use the VDI with it.
  2. I think I'm going to have to do this. I find it chunky as I get toward the 10th fret or so. Just an odd shape in my hand.
  3. One of my greatest moments was a long time ago on the phone waiting on tech support because my fairly new CRT monitor had no DOS prompt showing(yes, that long ago). While on the phone I'm fiddling around and found a knob that would stretch and shrink the screen vertically. Yes, the DOS prompt was just stretched down off the bottom of the screen.
  4. I've got the Helix bag but I can't figure out what they intended with the loops on the top front, and neither could this reviewer. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Prime Rib Saturday! Walleye Sandwich! Looks like a fun place. Wish I was nearby, just for a visit. That's pretty far up there. My brother lives in Milwaukee. I went there once in January when I was living in South Dakota. The cold on Lake Michigan made me yearn for South Dakota.
  6. Dieter, from 'Sprockets', will be displeased.
  7. Good reminder. I did buy a roll of shielding with the pickguard!
  8. Agreed, and I have done neck adjustments etc. on it. 'Changing out' a component is where I stop at pickguards and pickups, and maybe a few minor items I'm not thinking of.
  9. Changing the pickguard is probably the ONLY thing I would take on with changing out on my Variax, other than the strings. I happen to have one I got from 'Greasy Groove' I'm planning to put on my JTV-69. That said, I'm certainly going to heed psarkissian's feedback and approach it very cautiously.
  10. Looks that way. I tried to send one weeks back, couldn't find it, so I dropped a note on their 'public feed'.
  11. I see you too have studied at the Institute of Internet Gizmology.
  12. Always good to see when things work out! This board and all its 'experts' are amazing.
  13. So I accidentally ended up with a brand new, and free, Alesis Strike Amp 12. No, it's not 'hot'. It's the result of an unusual shipping issue. Since I had no purpose for it I was curious if it could pass playing the Helix, or mirroring my Fishman PA. Of course I'll be testing it but in researching info in the meantime I realized it looks exactly like the Headrush FRFR-112, including the I/O and controls on the back. Anyone know if the electronics are the same? Both are shown as 12" 2000 watts. I doubt they are any different, and Alesis just charges $30 more. Update 1: I edited the post as I had it way wrong (Gearpage article was comparing 108 to Alesis Amp 12). 108 is 8", so the Headrush 112 is likely exactly the same as the Alesis Strike Amp 12, but $30 less. (I think the 8 and 12 in the names indicate something, but what???). In the end, I'd love to play the Headrush 112 and Alesis Amp 12 side by side, on both guitar and electronic drums, just to see if there is a difference.
  14. Like when I 'fixed' my single leaky shower valve and hot was now cold and cold was now hot.
  15. I have a FreqOut pedal and I'm quite sure it's digital. I'm assuming Tap thought that Pier meant by the comment "Also not even sure it's doable just with DSPs..." that the Helix couldn't do an analog pedal. What Pier MEANT, I'm pretty sure, is would it have the DSP capacity to do the 'FreqOut' without eating up too much? Like the Looper addition issue. Could be wrong on one or all of my assumptions.
  16. He's here all week folks! Try the veal!
  17. There's a LOT more to it than 'motivation', such as those pesky lawyers, for example. And figuring out how to do it. I'm just commenting based on past feedback here on this topic. I mean, look what they have built and included. You think they saw the FreqOut and just said "Naw"?
  18. That was a nice read. Thanks. I liked this part as it summarizes the Helix and how to approach using it. A lot of work upfront so it simply does what you need it to when you need it to. "I like to press one button and radically change my sound. I just press a button and it all happens at once. That is heaven, you know. Performing is all about preparation. It took me a while to get into programming, but the [Line 6] Helix can do everything I can possibly want and, therefore, that’s all I want to use."
  19. This horse is flogged and beaten to death. Have mercy.
  20. HEYO! You ok?  Hadn't seen you on in awhile.  Couldn't figure out how to DM someone.

    1. rd2rk


      Thanks for your concern!

      Away from home taking care of family stuff. Other than being in Michigan (AARRGH!) I'm OK.

      Hope to be home soon!

    2. Lone_Poor_Boy
  21. Caught this the other day. I was extremely impressed;
  22. Simple answer is yes. You can have two independent paths on a Helix floor, each with their own FX, amps etc. The footswitches can be assigned to whatever, and this can all be saved as one or more presets, also with snapshots within the presets. People sometimes, along with a guitar on one path, use a second path for vox, bass, harmonica or another guitar. EDIT: I haven't tried this one but, to get an idea of basic setup, here is a video with a preset that has guitar and vocals processed on two paths.
  23. Well done. That tape thing... smart. Also, your guitar reminds me of one I saw Leslie West playing in 1992 on the Dennis Miller Show. YouTube has the vid but I remember watching it that night and thinking "holy lollipop, he's lost some weight."
  24. Definitely the Spring Chicken. It seems the Helix reverbs, to my ears, are not as 'open', like they are more restricted and die out quicker, almost like it has only so much DSP it can afford so it cuts off the verbs sooner than natural.
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