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  1. Thanks for the reply. Ah ok, that what the yellow pick means, ok. Those are Factory presets though. Well yes, I logged in. Didn't work still. Uninstalled again and the next time I installed and opened it, it got my account right away without logging in and authorization, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I guess the user account control (2 users on one pc) might have something to do with it... This is a really weird bug. In case it happens again, I will write here again... Cheers
  2. Hi, running my Helix Native 1.82 in Reaper v6.01 I added a second Windows user on this Windows 10 machine. After authorizing Helix on the second account I noticed there are small picks beside the presets. What do the yellow picks mean anyway? When I click the preset to use it, the error in the sreenshot attached shows up. (Error Code -1116). Manually I'm still able to use Helix and build a new effectchain. I just can't use the presets. I also did a factory reset, as well as reauthorized it and even reinstalled it. Yesterday with only one Windows account on this machine there had not been any difficulties... Anybody know anything about that error code or the yellow pick icons? Thanks in advance!
  3. After Resetting, updating, a couple of restarts, restoring the backup and restarting again it rebuilded the presets. An after that it is the same old problem. Bank up + bank down together don't work anymore. Now at least it stays in the same bank when I press one of the bank buttons. Damn this is such an annoying problem
  4. A couple of days after I reset my helix, the same problems started again. I couldn't get out the snapshot mode properly. I'm in the middle of doing the update to 2.82. I will write again after I verified this hopefully fixed the bug....
  5. I just did a complete factory reset and then restored my backup. Now it works again. What a huge relief. Unfortunately it seems like there are some weird display bugs that disappear quickly though. I will keep you informed, keep on rocking guys
  6. I did a Global reset and after that I could exit at least the snapshot mode (but not to snapshots but to the signal chain mode, with the stomps and so). Thanks for the tip anyway... Problem is still though, when I want to see my Presets again It only works with the bank up and down switches. But when I press up, the presets shown are the ones one bank below (so when I press bank up from snapshot mode, it goes from bank 1 where I was to bank 31 and 32), and when I press down the presets shown are the ones 2 banks higher (so the banks 3 and 4). Doesn't make any sense. This is completely random lollipop. Hence I still can't quit from snapshot mode in bank 1 on my preset 1 back to the bank overview (preset mode) on bank 1-2. Only possible to change to banks 31-32 and banks 3-4. This is pointless....
  7. I experienced the same problems. During a gig. Bravo, thanks line 6. WTF
  8. I asked a friend of mine, which knows a lot about technical backgrounds and engineering. He says it would cost Line6 just a couple of Cents to a Dollar more to increase the Memory on the Chip^^ It is a joke to save a couple of cents for such a basic core feature in my opinion.
  9. What a pity. So I need an extra pedal for the loop. Once more they lollipoped up obvious features.
  10. Does anybody know what the maximum time for the looper in the helix units is? How long can I record a riff before the capacity of the looper is reached. On the Spider IV for example it was only 60 sec.. I hope line6 hasn't saved the couple of cents this time and invested in the length of the looping. It is an important feature.
  11. There is a quicker way ;) hold SHIFT while dragging and dropping.
  12. Well yes, but why did it work over the hub and not directly? And how can I upload a screenshot here in this forum? how?? I want to show you the error message what happens if I plug in the Variax USB interface directly.
  13. thanks for your response. about the headstock: yeah okay now I understand why you guys have it on the variax :D still looks fugly xD about the variax: yepp I've reinstalled the flash memory and I've checked different settings as well (workbench, noisegate, EQ etc, different amps from tube amps to line 6 combos). I watched almost all youtube videos on the jtv-89f out there (not really many out there existing but a few at least). Don't get me wrong I don't want to make the guitar bad, but after all this tweaking it just doesn't sound good at all. Unfortunately... there is still a weird pling and high pitched squeaking to it I just cant get rid off no matter what I try
  14. Dude all you wrote is exactly what I experienced in the last 14 days (since I got my JTV-89F). The magnetic PUs sound awesome. The acoustic guitar models combined with the right amp and cab as well. But the rest sounds really, really bad. What in gods name is the Spank supposed to be? Couldn't be further away from the real Stratocaster, seriously. The latency that comes with the models is bareable. The mean feedback I get sometimes from my 2nd guitarists (only when I play the piezos) is not bareable at all. And I had the noisegat cranked up so...why? Bad shielding? The crazy weird "Pling" I get sounds really aweful as well. I tried to get rid off those things with EQing and detailled tweaking in the Workbench etc. but I'm gonna send her back in a couple of days unfortunately. I was really looking forward to this guitar, but I too was blinded once again by the marketing and advertising....... when it comes down to the modelling (except the acoustic models) the guitar is a joke in my honest opinion. The rest of this guitar I like very much. The Look (except the headstock JamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTylerJamesTyler, seriously Line 6??), the comfort in playing, the magnetic PUs, the tremolo system, and so on, all of this is good. but that is not why I bought it.... I bought it for the models...and those sound like garbage, sorry.
  15. ah somehow the screenshot was removed. bravo!^^ of course i plugged in a 1/4 " cable in order to turn the guitar on. well the factory reset (as described in the manual) didn't work either. a line 6 employee told me that it is not possible anymore for the jtv-89f i got (>wtf line6?) well but i found the solution to the reinstallation problem with the flash memory. I put the usb interface from the varaix into a usb hub and not the usb port directly (again > WTF LINE 6???). so my advice for everybody having issues with the line 6 monkey and updating >>> try other usb ports ;)
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