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  1. My friend still has the problem. He tried literally everything....
  2. Has anything changed regarding that topic? :D
  3. sorry for that! it was wrong information. The SHIFT swap worked on my old Spider 4 remote control software. For Helix (and Helix native?) it does NOT work unfortunately. Or were there any changes in the meantime? 2 years later.......
  4. Do you guys have any other recommendations regarding splitting and reamping? Here is my signal path (attachment). Should be fine for split recording right? So no matter where I go and play, I can always just send 2 line signals to the mixer/interface and get a clean recording of my Helix wet sound AND a DI dry signal for reamping later. I just need to keep in mind to keep the distance of the 1/4" DI ouput rather short, right? So I don't get to much interferences in the unbalanced cable. What do I need to keep in mind when reamping the DI line signal later on after recording the "live performance"? Cheers
  5. thanks for your answers, guys! yeah the global settings will do the trick. nice to know I can change that as well :) prepared for wet+dry recording at the same time then :D great!
  6. I was wondering if I need a High-Z input for the split signal I want to use for all my presets, so I record the DI guitar simultaneously, together with the processed sound from the Helix. For all my presets I have a A/B split going from the beginning of the chain (so before all the effects/amps/cabs) to the 1/4" output. It should be as dry as it can get then. There is a mono jack-cable plugged in, which goes to the mixer/interface of course then as well. So is the signal on that cable line signal or is it similar to a real high impedence guitar signal? Thanks in advance! Kind regards
  7. sorry this response was meant for another thread where I have problems with the hardware NOT the software
  8. Thanks for the reply. Ah ok, that what the yellow pick means, ok. Those are Factory presets though. Well yes, I logged in. Didn't work still. Uninstalled again and the next time I installed and opened it, it got my account right away without logging in and authorization, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I guess the user account control (2 users on one pc) might have something to do with it... This is a really weird bug. In case it happens again, I will write here again... Cheers
  9. Hi, running my Helix Native 1.82 in Reaper v6.01 I added a second Windows user on this Windows 10 machine. After authorizing Helix on the second account I noticed there are small picks beside the presets. What do the yellow picks mean anyway? When I click the preset to use it, the error in the sreenshot attached shows up. (Error Code -1116). Manually I'm still able to use Helix and build a new effectchain. I just can't use the presets. I also did a factory reset, as well as reauthorized it and even reinstalled it. Yesterday with only one Windows account on this machine there had not been any difficulties... Anybody know anything about that error code or the yellow pick icons? Thanks in advance!
  10. After Resetting, updating, a couple of restarts, restoring the backup and restarting again it rebuilded the presets. An after that it is the same old problem. Bank up + bank down together don't work anymore. Now at least it stays in the same bank when I press one of the bank buttons. Damn this is such an annoying problem
  11. A couple of days after I reset my helix, the same problems started again. I couldn't get out the snapshot mode properly. I'm in the middle of doing the update to 2.82. I will write again after I verified this hopefully fixed the bug....
  12. I just did a complete factory reset and then restored my backup. Now it works again. What a huge relief. Unfortunately it seems like there are some weird display bugs that disappear quickly though. I will keep you informed, keep on rocking guys
  13. I did a Global reset and after that I could exit at least the snapshot mode (but not to snapshots but to the signal chain mode, with the stomps and so). Thanks for the tip anyway... Problem is still though, when I want to see my Presets again It only works with the bank up and down switches. But when I press up, the presets shown are the ones one bank below (so when I press bank up from snapshot mode, it goes from bank 1 where I was to bank 31 and 32), and when I press down the presets shown are the ones 2 banks higher (so the banks 3 and 4). Doesn't make any sense. This is completely random lollipop. Hence I still can't quit from snapshot mode in bank 1 on my preset 1 back to the bank overview (preset mode) on bank 1-2. Only possible to change to banks 31-32 and banks 3-4. This is pointless....
  14. I experienced the same problems. During a gig. Bravo, thanks line 6. WTF
  15. I asked a friend of mine, which knows a lot about technical backgrounds and engineering. He says it would cost Line6 just a couple of Cents to a Dollar more to increase the Memory on the Chip^^ It is a joke to save a couple of cents for such a basic core feature in my opinion.
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