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  1. bsd512

    Stop the hair!

    Are you referring to the palm muting accentuated by the tight noise gating common with this style and genre? Djent?
  2. bsd512

    Helix routing. How can I do this?

    There are probably more clever ways, but one easy way to do this would be to use Path 1 for 4CM - set it up however you like. Then use Path 2 for your amp sim + cabinets -> FRFR. The input section to Path 1 and Path 2 would be "Guitar". The output of Path 1 would be into the return of your amp. And the output of Path 2 to your FRFR. Should be pretty easy.
  3. bsd512

    Comparison Day!

    Cool experiment!
  4. bsd512

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    Looks like a pretty significant update to me, especially when it was described as not too much in it. Looks pretty great to me! And with the internal updates, that opens the door to meters of some type or another which would be very welcome. The two new EQs will be great also, and the ability to exclude blocks on a block-by-block basis from being turned on or off by snapshots is something I've privately wished for. Nice! I don't really know anything about the new stomps or the pitch/filter thing. Will be interesting to try them out. The update looks good to me, I'll be happy to get it. Normalizing presets across devices and Native will be a big plus for sharing stuff. And removing artificial block limitations from Native will be interesting as well. You'll have the ability to make a super intensive preset in Native that none of the Helix hardware have enough DSP to run (assuming your computer can handle it). And I'm pretty curious how the core internal updates will open up new things that were not possible with the old software architecture. We'll have to wait to find that out as the year unfolds.
  5. bsd512

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    You could always duct tape your Stomp to your wrist. :-))) Might want to shave before, removing it could be painful. :-) Do it!
  6. bsd512

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    You haven't gotten yours yet?
  7. bsd512

    trying to replicate s-gear high gain tone

    I grabbed your preset and tried it out. I liked it! I went a little off script with it, though, modified a few things more to my guitar and my liking and just spent the past two hours playing on it. It's a keeper. Thanks!
  8. Yes, the latest is 2.71. The firmware should be displayed on the boot-up screen. It should be at least 2.70 if they updated it recently.
  9. bsd512

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    Ah, yes, I think you're right. I read it too quick, thinking he wanted to play along with backing tracks and (separately) make video using the Helix as audio input directly. There might still be a way but I think the way most folks do that is record the audio into a DAW and video to whatever, then combine the two in video editing software and sync up the audio with the video. I could be wrong, though. But yes, you are right. Setting the computer output to be the Helix comes in USB1/2 which is not recorded along with everything else. Unless there's some global setting to enable it, I haven't looked for that.
  10. bsd512

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    Correct. Helix has a lot of inputs.
  11. bsd512

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    Yes, you can do that. On your Mac, simply set the input and output sound device to be the Helix, plug headphones into your Helix or your Helix 1/4" or XLR outs into something amplified and jam away. When recording a video, select your "mic" input to be the Helix.
  12. bsd512

    Helix and Amplifi

    I had an Amplifi 150 a few years ago. I'm 99% sure it has a stereo "aux" 3.5mm input. Unless I'm going senile, I remember hooking my Helix L/R 1/4" outs into that using a Y adapter cable. I recall it sounded pretty darn good that way. You'd be bypassing all Amplifi processing and effects, which is probably what I'd think you want. That's what I wanted when I did that.
  13. I bet you can't wait for the actual Version 8. And Version 8.8 soon after. :-)
  14. bsd512

    I can hear my line sound "behind" my distortion

    You mentioned you are running in 4CM. If you are doing that with an FX Loop block, this would not apply. But if you are doing it using a separate Send followed by a Return block, make sure the send block has the "Dry Thru" set to -120db.
  15. bsd512

    Saving an edited Tone in Hx Edit without overwriting

    You can't do it from HX Edit, but when I've found I've modified a preset and I liked the result, but I still want to keep the original, you can do what you want on the hardware itself. Hit the "save" button (upper left), then use the rotary knobs to scroll to an empty preset location, then hit "save" again. Back in HX Edit, you can then edit the preset name using the keyboard instead of using the rotaries.