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  1. bsd512

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    One thing I always do when upgraded is to first do my backups, then I reset my Helix back to factory default, clearing all setlists, IRs, reset global settings - the full factory reset. Then I do the upgrade. While I'm sure Line 6 goes to tremendous effort to translation prior settings and so forth, my reasoning is that there's probably a lot more testing going on starting from factory defaults -> upgrade. After the upgrade, then I just restore my setlists. And I don't make very may global setting changes, so I just take care of those manually. Not sure if resetting to factory defaults before upgrading actually makes a difference or not, but if something does go sideways, I know I took all reasonable measure to avoid problems. And coincidentally, I've never ever had a problem with a Line 6 Helix upgrade, and I've owned my Helixes for 3+ years and have never skipped an update.
  2. bsd512

    Tones Crashing Rack after 2.8

    You're preset(s) would likely be a gold mine for the firmware developers for squashing these bugs. Please open a support ticket with Line 6 and include your setlist/preset(s) with instructions for how to reproduce the errors. I'm sure they could then run this whole thing under a debugger and figure out exactly what is going sideways and fix it.
  3. bsd512

    Firmware 2.8 and USB Audio Driver - Mac

    My issue is solved. Totally my fault. I'd been using that beta driver since 2016 with no issues. And I missed that a new one was release along with the 2.8 firmware. In my defense, the 2.8 release notes are 423 pages long and the audio driver is down below it, so ... I missed it. Installing the new driver (1.0.7) fixed everything for me.
  4. bsd512

    Firmware 2.8 and USB Audio Driver - Mac

    But the driver doesn't appear to have been updated by the 2.8 installation: [bsd@yyz]:/bsd- ls -ld /Library/Extensions/L6Helix.kext drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 96 Apr 13 2016 /Library/Extensions/L6Helix.kext/ [bsd@yyz]:/bsd- The driver I'm referring to is the one you get when select the "beta" checkbox on the Line 6 Downloads page, with hardware=Helix, software=All Software, and os=Mac OS X. That driver is needed to get output controls, i.e., volume control when using the Helix as the Mac system output device. That stopped working after the firmware update. Without it, instead of controlling the volume using the system volume level, you have to control the volume using each individual application's volume control. For example, bring up QuickTime to play an MP3, it plays full blast and ignores the system volume level setting without that driver.
  5. bsd512

    Firmware 2.8 and USB Audio Driver - Mac

    Thanks for letting me know. I did a reinstall of the Line 6 driver and rebooted, but it doesn't seem to either be loading or recognizing the Helix w/2.8 firmware on my Mac. After rebooting, I still only see the "Helix Audio" output device which under system preferences indicates "The selected device has no output controls". I think that means that's the default apple audio driver, and not Line 6's. Same problem on a desktop Mac and my MacBook Pro laptop. I'll try manually removing the Line 6 driver, reboot, install the driver again, reboot, and see if it clears up. If yours works, at least I know there's hope. Thanks!
  6. After updating to 2.8 on my Mac (Mojave 10.14.5) it looks like the 2.8 update might have removed the Helix USB audio driver? Anyone else see that? I went to do a quick recording in Logic and Logic complained that the last audio device used (Helix) was no longer present. I went into Logic preference and "Helix Audio" was there, so I selected that. But I think that's the standard system audio driver because it doesn't have volume controls. I.e., when you go to raise or lower the volume using Mac keyboard shortcuts, it pops the little window saying those controls aren't available. Was there an incompatibility with the Line 6 Driver with this new firmware such that Line 6 removed their driver and now defaults to using the Mac system driver? I could try and reinstall the Line 6 one, but I thought I'd check here first.
  7. bsd512

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I updated my two Helixes today after work. Both updates went perfectly. I love the new amps but didn't get much time to spend with them, what I did try I like a LOT. Everything working great so far.
  8. bsd512

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I call BS. Otherwise you would explain why in no less than 6 paragraphs that no one would read. :-)
  9. bsd512

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I think it's been pretty darn clear. They said in January that they were shooting for spring thereabouts. Development is going great. Right now just tying up loose ends. Release is imminent. I seriously doubt you're going to get more than that. And honestly, that's plenty and includes everything I need to know. Heck, if I'm honest, when DI said they were shooting for spring, I was actually hoping for March. :-) Regardless, L6 communication has been clear. And appreciated.
  10. bsd512

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    This just reinforces that for every opinion there's another opposite one. L6 can't make everyone happy. I personally prefer the non-polished-PR style of conversation from the L6 folks. If they did the latter, the only communication would be press releases on their web site. I'd rather them communicate with us like they would f2f, like they're doing now.
  11. bsd512

    How many people would like to see a medium size Helix?

    Along a similar line of thought, I've often wondered ... if you took every suggestion from IdeaScale, and built that, what would it look like? I imagine a huge Rube Goldberg / steam punk contraption and approximately sofa-sized.
  12. bsd512

    How many people would like to see a medium size Helix?

    Somewhere in between the Stomp and Helix or LT is definitely what I wanted for quite a while. When the Stomp came out, it didn't quite have everything I wanted, but I thought, what the heck - close enough - and I bought one. I loved it, of course. And I thought I could deal with its limitations vs its bigger brothers. And I could and did for a good while. But in the end, I returned it and got a second Helix. LT wasn't really what I was after because it's virtually the same size as the Helix. I was originally looking for near-Helix functionality in the areas that mattered to me, but smaller. The thing I couldn't deal with on the Stomp and the reason I ultimately returned it and got a second Helix was not being able to share presets with my other Helix - not even the ones that were limited to 6 blocks. So now I have two Helixes, and one is much bigger than it needs to be. :-) I'd consider the perfect middle ground would be two DSPs, no expression pedal, lose a few buttons to reduce the width, lose some I/O. KEEP: two DSPs, full preset compatibility, USB for recording. And keep as much other stuff as you can and still reduce the size to about what robertgoddard posted - or thereabouts. I'd reckon it'd probably still be about LT priced. That'd be fine with me. Owning a Stomp for a while was definitely a benefit to me, though - forced me to rethink some preset craziness and go minimal, and also force my re-introduction to stock cabs since when it came out the Editor didn't work for it so I couldn't load IRs if I wanted to. That forced me to use stock cabs - which I NOW LOVE!! Even better than IRs. Who'da thunk. The only IR I still use is a Taylor acoustic simulation IR. Stock cabs for everything else.
  13. bsd512

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    If we could only harness Internet forum fervor as an energy source ... we could power the entire planet - FOREVER!
  14. Same here - always on unless I power cycle it to rebuild presets. The ONLY thing I've noticed, and this bug has been around for at least 2 years, is that when on for a long time, my Reverb block stops working. Very strange. I have tried turning the reverb block off and back on but that does not fix it. The only fix is to reload the whole preset. Note a major deal, I guess not many people leave their Helix's on all the time and so don't notice this. I reported to either DI or customer support, I can't remember which. I think it was DI because he said he'd never heard of that happening but would look into. I figure he got busy and forgot about it. That's such a minor issue, though. The weird thing is that it ONLY affects the reverb block. Nothing else affected.