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  1. Andy1175

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    I also play just for pleasure and I agree with codemaania, it's not bread and nutter for me, so I'll generally take the plunge. I'd probably hold off for a while if I was gigging. EDIT: That's supposed to be "....bread and BUTTER" LOL
  2. Andy1175

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Maybe they misread the update instructions. :) I'm also still having issues. Nothing's changed in my setup apart from the update and I now get constant disconnections when altering block parameters within HX Edit.
  3. Andy1175

    Review of the Kemper Stage

    Exactly what I was thinking. Grand and a half? I'll probably give it a miss.
  4. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    No need to opologise mate, I wasn't at all upset, just a bit surprised.
  5. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    To be fair spikey, I think most people would have no trouble at all understanding exactly where I was coming from. And unlike your example, my redacted version of your post contains no childish insults.
  6. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    Good grief. I clearly deliberately misquoted spikey as a way of implying that my edited version of his post would have been a more accurate statement IMO. Nothing dishonest about it at, mischievous at worst, the original is hardly top secret, is it.
  7. I've noticed that there seems to be an unselectable option to "Select All" in the Edit menu of HX Edit 2.80 while in the block edit area. Unless I've missed something, which is entirely likely, this seems to have no use atm. I don't remember seeing this in the last version, is it new? If so, I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come, multi block selection would be very useful indeed. Fingers crossed.
  8. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    Good post. -
  9. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    Precisely. But you'll never get it past the fanboys. LOL. -
  10. Andy1175

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I bet this guy actually works form line 6, sounds lime the official line to me. -
  11. Andy1175

    Tones Crashing Rack after 2.8

    You're too kind. :) OK Will do.
  12. Andy1175

    Tones Crashing Rack after 2.8

    Forget that. Just had another crash/freeze when selecting a tone, then a preset rebuild on restart. :(
  13. Andy1175

    Snapshot copy

    3rd Spring 2019. :)
  14. Andy1175

    Tones Crashing Rack after 2.8

    I've been having a few issues loading some of my tones. Firstly, I had a “Cannot load tone” error message and crash, which resulted in my rack rebuilding it's presets when I turned it back on again. That was a few days ago, not had much Helix time since. Today I got the same error message and crash, but it started OK without rebuilding. I went straight back to the tone which crashed and it loaded OK but as I was working through the setlist I found a few tones which loaded up completely empty, until I hit return or double mouse clicked on it again, after which it loaded properly, weird. Moving on, I then found a tone which caused everything to lock up, no error message. After turning back on, I couldn't change tones with the Helix's select knob, it would just freeze up. I could change tones within HX Edit though, I could even load up the troublesome tone itself with no problem, but I began to realise that if I loaded it after going from one of the other tones which needed double activation, as I described earlier, then this would cause a total crash. I thought I may as well try Rebuilding with the new 2.8 presets, this would clear everything out which I thought may help. I've backed up and saved all of my setlists, both pre and post 2.8 with the appropriate editor for each backup. So, held 3 & 4 while turning on, got rebuild message, and it just stayed there......... I waited 45 minutes, turned off, tried again, no joy. Tried 3 times in all without success. I seem to have 'kind of' fixed it by overwriting the setlist which had the troublesome tones with another, then reloading the troublesome setlest elsewhere, so I basically swapped user 2 for user 3 and visa versa. All tones now SEEM to load up OK. Fingers crossed. I haven't tried rebuilding 2.8 presets again yet, think I'll leave well-ish alone for now.
  15. Andy1175

    2.8 good thoughts collection thread.

    And, when you've finished messing around (er, I mean skilfully crafting the perfect tone ;-)) you can now save it in HX Edit, without overwriting the original! :D It's the first time I've hit the save button in HX Edit since the update, I nearly fell off my chair when the "save as" box came up. :-) Part of me is still a little annoyed that we had to wait so long for these absolute basics in HX Edit, but I am delighted now that serendipity has been unchained. -