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  1. Andy1175

    HX Edit on Win 10

    Thanks for that usedbyanr, yes it does seem to work OK once it's started up. Not good from Line 6 though, they clearly should have sorted it out in one of the recent updates.
  2. Andy1175

    HX Edit on Win 10

    OK, turned it off, tried again, no problem this time. I can't believe the SD card problem has been known about for a year or so and not been addressed, disgraceful, but unsurprising.
  3. Andy1175

    HX Edit on Win 10

    So why hasn't it been fixed? (Not asking you personally) I'm now having trouble restoring it to factory settings. I'm on a rack, pushed 5 & 6 on startup but nothing seems to be happening, I have a screen with the logo telling me it will reset globals bla lba bla but it seems to have frozen There is a red ":-28" in the top left corner, what should I do?
  4. Andy1175

    HX Edit on Win 10

    Yes, unbelievably, that was it. Thank you very much for your help Phil. Also thanks to Line 6 for the wasted last few hours of my life. How long has this been an issue? Will it ever be fixed? I would quite like to use an SD card while using HX Edit, if it's not too much trouble.
  5. Andy1175

    HX Edit on Win 10

    HX Edit won't run on my HP Spectre win 10 laptop, it shows up in the running programs list, but doesn't actually start. I also have a cheap Fusion win 10 laptop, which it runs on fine. Latest version and everything updated. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Andy1175

    Helix 2.9

    Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. Douglas Adams
  7. Andy1175

    Helix 2.9 Update

    One of the best things about buying an AXE FX III, is no longer having to put up with the snotty attitude from some of the long-standing members, which is so prevalent on this forum. Nothing at all wrong with the OP's enthusiasm, so stop trolling him. -
  8. I also play just for pleasure and I agree with codemaania, it's not bread and nutter for me, so I'll generally take the plunge. I'd probably hold off for a while if I was gigging. EDIT: That's supposed to be "....bread and BUTTER" LOL
  9. Maybe they misread the update instructions. :) I'm also still having issues. Nothing's changed in my setup apart from the update and I now get constant disconnections when altering block parameters within HX Edit.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. Grand and a half? I'll probably give it a miss.
  11. No need to opologise mate, I wasn't at all upset, just a bit surprised.
  12. To be fair spikey, I think most people would have no trouble at all understanding exactly where I was coming from. And unlike your example, my redacted version of your post contains no childish insults.
  13. Good grief. I clearly deliberately misquoted spikey as a way of implying that my edited version of his post would have been a more accurate statement IMO. Nothing dishonest about it at, mischievous at worst, the original is hardly top secret, is it.
  14. I've noticed that there seems to be an unselectable option to "Select All" in the Edit menu of HX Edit 2.80 while in the block edit area. Unless I've missed something, which is entirely likely, this seems to have no use atm. I don't remember seeing this in the last version, is it new? If so, I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come, multi block selection would be very useful indeed. Fingers crossed.
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