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  1. Andy1175

    Helix to run bluetooth Headphones

    As already said, it's just bluetooth latency. You may like to take a look at these headphones, they're pretty good, latency of around 17ms which is livable-with for me. https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/siberia-840 Bear in mind that if you are also planning to use some sort of wireless guitar link, the combined latency of both together will stack. -
  2. Andy1175

    Amp Model List?

    yes, I spent some time going round in circles with no success, so thank you very much cloph, much appreciated. -
  3. Andy1175

    Amp Model List?

    I'm looking for a list of the real amps modeled in the TT, specifically the 1993 Solo 100 Head, but can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks. -
  4. Andy1175

    Happy Valentine's Day Helix!

    Hmm, not sure the Mrs. would approve of that one. Nah, she's perfect as is. Well, until the next update of course. :) -
  5. Andy1175

    Happy Valentine's Day Helix!

    No no, not mine, she's different from all the rest. :) -
  6. Andy1175

    Happy Valentine's Day Helix!

    Aw gee, thanks. -
  7. Andy1175

    Happy Valentine's Day Helix!

    I just want to wish my Helix a very happy Valentine's day! It's our first together, and although we had our differences to start with, it's been nearly a year now and I'm still smitten. I forsee a long and mutually loving future together. -
  8. Andy1175

    Should I buy a helix?

    It's a very personal decision, maybe ask yourself some other questions. How happy are you with the tones you're getting from your current equipment? How keen are you to experiment with new amps, equipment blocks, routing etc. because to get the best out the Helix takes a little work. How much time do you spend playing? I'm only a home player, sometimes recorder, but I'm delighted with my Helix and would replace it without a second thought, (heavens forbid!) But I enjoy experimenting, have quite fussy ears, and spend 4 - 8 hours playing regularly, so Helix is money well spent for me. As to output, I mostly use headphones, I didn't like the way it sounded through my vox. I will eventually go down the FRFR rout, but don't really have the space right now. I'm tempted to simply advise you to get one, but that's because I love mine. At the end of the day, only you can decide. Best of luck. (GET ONE!!!) oops. :o -
  9. I've gone through the Helix Rack & Controller manual and can't find what I'm after. Is there a way to confirm a footswitch assignment other than running over to the helix and pressing knob 6 before it times out? A long press of the footswitch to confirm would be useful. It seems a strange omission given how much you can do with the controller, I feel I must be missing something. Thanks. -
  10. Andy1175

    Copying chains of effects

    No it's not possible. But whatever you do, don't complain about it here, or you'll be flamed by fanboys insisting that you don't need such a thing, and are probably a bit thick for even suggesting it. I however agree with you, the copy/paste functionality is sadly very limited. It shouldn't stop you falling in love with the Helix though, it really is a thing of beauty. :) -
  11. Andy1175

    V2.50 installation procedure

    Clear as mud, as always. -
  12. Andy1175

    Curious - how do you all feel about 12 pinned posts?

    Yeah, you're right. This Line 6 forum's maintenance has always been on the sloppy side, great gear though. :) -
  13. Andy1175

    Cautions about 2.30's new full backup feature

    Yes we're missing it, because we weren't told about it BEFORE the update, were we? -
  14. Andy1175

    Cautions about 2.30's new full backup feature

    This also occurred to me, but stupidly, I assumed that since Line 6 didn't mention it in their update instructions, they'd take all of this in to account and the new presets/changes would be there anyway. I mean, what the hell is the point of providing us with new patches/tweaks and then giving us all instructions which overwrite them?? How much does "If you would like the new prestets/changes DO NOT RESTORE FACTORY PRESETS. Here's how....." cost? So now, if I want these new presets I have to fart around updating and restoring all over again? Oh well, at least it's a nice simple user friendly process, ay. Excellent coms there guys, thanks a bundle. -
  15. Andy1175

    HD500X to HELIX Effects Worth It?

    Absolutely right. The way it responds to your playing is unlike anything I've ever experienced before, honestly, it's brought me to tears(of ecstasy) on a few occasions. -