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  1. Got my answer from Line 6 ................ Thanks for the support ticket inquiry. No, you cannot connect two at once in the way you described; the second you plug in the 2nd transmitter to charge you'll lose the previously synced connection. Kind regards, Line 6 Support
  2. I am using the G10 system. Is it possible to have 1 x transmitter in use in my guitar whilst I have another transmitter on chage at the same time in the base unit?
  3. I have not used my Relay G10 for several months and now when the system is plugged in for charging, the base flashes RED and so does the transmitter. After a few minutes the transmitter changes to a flashing GREEN and then goes back to flashing RED. If I remove the transmitter from the base, the base flashes WHITE and there is NO LIGHT on the transmitter. My software has the latest update installed. HELP!!
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