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  1. The MOON)))) amp has its own category. You can´t get close to that sound with all the amp and drive models already available. It´d sure be a nice and unique addition to the Helix. Sounds really trippy and it´s wonderful to play some stoner and post-apocalyptic metal with the bass all cranked up. I remember the first time I watched a video of SunnO)))) live in Volksbühne, Germany. It was a truly haunting experience... Each note lasted like three or four bars with 40 bpm... hahahaha. Mesmerizing as hell. The Vitriol sounds nice as well, something really modern to play Djenty and 2010's stuff. I´m not a Djenter, however I´m all for Helix satisfying all possible customers´ needs. That approach is what takes a modeler to the top of the game against its competitors. I guess Line 6 has definitely stepped up to the professional amp modeling market with Helix and the next HX release will be something really jaw-dropping.
  2. Thanks for your HonestOpinion on the Catalyst. I tend to think about the Catalyst as being the new Spider Valve Mk II. Same approach, same features. I´m pretty sure that the Catalyst will be updated through firmware and get many HX effects already present in the HX devices. However, I think that Line6 is targeting other customers when they decided to release a product like this. Having already a Helix... I wouldn´t buy a Catalyst. I´d go for a 4 x 12 cab and a tube poweramp. I wanted Line6 to make a huge bet and release something like the Vetta II with tubes, HX amps and effects modeling. That would be a lot more interesting for those who work with Helix Native or those who could sell their HX devices in order to do the big jump. Unfortunately, they think that´s not a smart move. I´m not a clean/boutique amp player, I find everything with less gain than a JCM 800 to be quite boring. But that´s just me. I understand that other customers play music genres for which the Carillion and the Kinetic and so forth would sound awesome. Once I watched the Catalyst demo, I felt pretty underwhelmed. And reading the specs just deepened the feeling. Anyways, the staff know what they´re doing a lot more than I do. I just hope they keep upgrading the Helix listening to their customers on Ideascale while following closely their competitors. I´m keeping the Helix until it doesn´t turn on. That´s pretty clear to me.
  3. I have no inside knowledge whatsoever on which amps are coming in the next 3.2 firmware, but I do hope those models stay in the Catalyst. First reason: We want the Catalyst to sell a lot of units and including those amps in the Helix would definitely translate into less sales. The more units sold, the more money Line6 make, the more they can invest in R&D and staff. That would give them the chance to still add free updates to the Helix like they did from the beginning (excellent). Second reason: Those amps aren´t anything that can´t be achieved within the vast array of amps that are already present. I seriously don´t understand how many sparkling clean, edge-of-breaking-up, chimy fanfares or "some word that sounds cool but really says nothing" amps Helix users need. Third reason: There are still a couple amps, classic stompboxes and modern effects that haven´t been included. (EVH 5150 III, Hx Dimension D, Feedbacker, Boss Ph 1-R, Small Clone, JMP-1, Boss BF-2, Eden Traveler, DOD Envelope Filter FX-25) In sum, let the Catalyst models remain in the Catalyst. And if you like it so much, sell your own amp and buy one. That´s the answer all the metalheads get when we compare the Helix to Fractal or Kemper as far as amp availability and profiling. Greetings people.
  4. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    The one's who makes crappy music moaning like a true hoe is your wife everytime I meet her. She is capable of singing in 12 different keys and with a sound pressure level of 130db. I have to use the Melodyne plugin everytime I wanna mix her moaning with my guitar and bass tracks. You know she caused many times my Windows 10 to show the BSOD because my Ryzen 7 CPU can't handle her. Bye hotdog. Keep on touring... I'll keep on visiting your wife... Hahahaha.
  5. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    You seem to be really disrespectful and seriously lacking intelligence by choosing such foul vocabulary. By the way, English is not even my mother tongue, nonetheless I'm pretty sure I can express my ideas in a very polite way and following the rules of engagement created by the Administrator who runs the forum. Moreover, I do believe that many forum readers do not agree with your vulgar way of expressing your short-sighted ideas. Thus, I'm no longer interested in discussing any other subject with you. You may now have a nice life.
  6. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    Hahaha!!! Imagine that... pick modeling. SHAPE: Triangle, Regular, Teardrop. THICKNESS: 0,5 mm to 3.0 mm. MATERIAL: Plastic, Acrylic, PVC. MODE: Regular pick, Thumb-pick, Finger-pick. TECHNIQUE: Downstrokes, Upstrokes, Alternate, Economy, Sweep, Hybrid. I'd love a BBE Sonic Maximizer or a SYD String Reviver to maintain the brightness and punch from new strings.
  7. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    Why would you need a max'ed out distortion pedal to get some noisy and unpleasant feedback when you can get something like the Freqout modeled by the same team of developers that engineered it when they worked for Digitech and Harman? What would you rather get? What would you consider something useful? Another fuzz pedal? Another delay? Maybe another boring Fender amp retrieved from the memorabilia trunk? Or maybe an overpriced U$S 50,000 nonsense boutique amp that only blues lawyers play? Please tell us. DI and Benadrian would definitely ditch all the most voted requests submitted by fellow Helix users on Ideascale to please you by modeling your personal favourites and useful effects and amps according to your sole opinion. Greetings and hope too much Muzak isn't impairing your judgment and manners inside Theelevators.
  8. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    News from our reporters on the frontline: DI hinted two of the new effects on the TGP forum... One is green coloured (delay) and the other is an orange coloured one which comes after the green one in the effects chain (reverb). And that's all there is after 7 months and two weeks after the last update. One thing I was asking myself was in which category should the feedbacker effect go... it's technically related to distortion, but it can also work without a distorted signal (won't be as intense and noisy)... and at the same time acts like a delayed signal which feedbacks constantly to produce infinite sustain. Well, I'll let DI, Benadrian, Igor and Frank decide for us... They're pretty good at what they have already done. Greetings to team Helix and the forum.
  9. BAmartin

    Helix 3.15

    OP here... DI hinted two of the new effects on the TGP forum... One is green coloured (delay) and the other is an orange coloured one which comes after the green one in the effects chain (reverb). And that's all there is after 7 months and two weeks after the last update.
  10. BAmartin

    3.2 hint?

    News from our reporters on the TGP front... Nothing on the independent poweramp block nor improvements on tube simulation. 8 new effects confirmed for the 3.15 firmware update (no hint on what they could possibly be) 2 new effects have been already delayed for 3.2 One amp was half-done two weeks ago. 3.15 is not even on beta testing (this should take a month) EVH 5150 III already discarded for 3.15 3.15 will be "effect-centered" in DI words... Seems we aren't getting the big bad boys until next year... so Merry Christmas to you dear forum.
  11. BAmartin

    Helix 3.15

    That's what I mean... Helix has come a long way before coming a decent competitive modeler compared to the big FAS flagship. There are still peoople who vindicate 1.0 firmware and say we have no right to demand any firmware updates. Well, like John Tardy from Obituary screams in their best video "I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY... I'LL DO WHAT I WANT". Honest and kindest opinion from a forum vet. You were able to look at the ongoing shortcomings from which Helix still suffers. Feedbacker is a must... bass amps have been really left behind as well since POD X3 years. Though a couple novelties where included, there are a couple amps I miss like the Line6 Subdub, the Alembic Pre and the Trace Elliot. The DOD FX25 Envelope Filter is a true jewel used to funk up your bass in an effective and simple way. I'll let them do what they want... they actually had their triumphs and losses (this is pure subjective opinion).
  12. BAmartin

    Helix 3.15

    Well... I was already expecting that kind of answer from Team Hardcore Defenders of Firmware 1.0 I was just checking through the firmware release notes and it's been long gone since bass players got a special treat. It'd be nice to see some new bass amps (Trace Elliot, Eden Traveller, SWR) and a decent envelope filter like the DOD Fx25, the EHX Q-Tron or the MXR M82. Something to play wacky funky stuff. Dedicated chorus and flanger for bass would come really handy. Filters and synths taking advantage of the new poly-pitch achievements... Anything's possible with such talented people in the staff.
  13. BAmartin

    Helix 3.15

    Dear forum, It's been six months since the release of 3.10 firmware update and the crowd is starting to show their pitchforks up on the TGP. DI had been really secretive during the last months until two weeks ago... when he started telling us about how L6 staff decided to split the new firmware in two installments because it features intellectual property that will be included in upcoming product releases for the next year. He has also stated that the EVH 5150 III is a top priority but wont't be present in 3.15 (f%#$), and there are some L6 original amp models as well as half a dozen effects are already cooked up. Are you guys ready to start the guessing game? My two cents here... Maestro Brassmaster Distortion pedal (coming a long way from POD X3, only stompbox not recreated for POD HD and HX tech) HX Room Reverb HX Plate Reverb (though the Double Tank and the Plateaux are in that ballpark minus the pitch shifting) Feedbacker (not as powerful as the Freqout but hope to be not as limited as the Boss FB-2) HX Metal Zone (standalone and Keeley Modded) Maybe some modulation (EHX Small Clone Chorus or Boss Flanger BF-2). I'd love a Boss Phaser Ph1-r but the EHX Small Stone was added in 2.90 (slim and none chance to get it). Hope not more fuzzboxes. We're gonna OD and die from them (not as in "overdrive"). The amps really is a mystery... with the 5150 III already down... maybe a Bogner XTC, a 90s solid state Randall, a Mark II C+, or a VHT... Hope that the Line 6 Albatross once hinted by DI is on its way (though the name s@cks... Line 6 Psychopath, Preposterous or Ludicrous sound better). It's supposed to be an HX version of the untimely loved/infamous POD X3 Insane mode... According to the POD X3 red booklet is something like a Dual Recto preamp feeding the Soldano poweramp... How can you metalheads say no?? I liked using it in... 2009. Blues lawyers are waiting for the Dumble ODS-100... seems the Litigator model didn't suit their thirst for a U$S 50,000 amp tone. Whaddya guys think? Don't wanna leave without saying how great the Helix has become with each firmware update. All my go-to amps and effects were added im firmware updates (Line 6 Badonk and 2204 Mod, Vintage Digital, Double Tank, Plastichorus, Pebble Phaser) so I'm really grateful. Keep up the excellent work!!!! P.s: Really looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.
  14. Very interesting topic this Helix 2 thing. I`m pretty sure that as long as the SHARC chips get discontinued, Line 6 will have to build their products on more powerful chips architecture. That`ll allow heavier dsp modeling being introduced in the Helix 2. I believe that Helix 2 will compete side by side with Kemper and Fractal Audio. Furthermore, Helix was not a complete product when first released in 2015. Many things were lacking that were added through firmware updates during the last six years. I still hope for the upcoming updates to bring new effects such as a Feedbacker alla Digitech Freqout, more HX reverbs, more amps and maybe new wahs. According to the equipment they have already modeled with the previous Podxt technology, there are still bass amps, stompboxes like the Maestro Brassmaster and Boss Metal Zone which are not present regardless their Legacy status. I agree what`s been already been said by the Beta testers above, though. Helix 2 is not coming any time soon. Therefore, we should keep playing and waiting for the 3.2 firmware and see what goodies it brings. Regarding what I read in Ideascale and Gearpage, most people are asking for: . A true Dumble ODS 100 . An EVH 5150 III blue and red channels - Feedbacker alla Digitech Freqout . A Bogner Ectasy blue and red channels . HX Plate and Room Reverbs I agree with those minus the Dumble. I don`t play any Blues. But blues guys can definitely have it as long as we get the EVH 5150 III. I would also like the Monty Python`s Line 6 Albatross hinted by DI... and suggest a new name for it: Line 6 Preposterous or Line 6 Ludicrous. A Boss Ph-1r Phaser and an EHX Small Clone. That`s it... that`d be a complete product to me I`d be happy for the rest of my life. I`m pretty sure I`d buy the Helix 2 rack with a touch screen and fancy virtual pots like Pod Farm has. But I wouldn´t sell my Helix. It`s just too cute. Greetings!!!!
  15. Thanks for the input. I'm just going to hold on until next firmware shows up and use the Helix hooked up to HX Edit. I always thought that these switches (specially the joystick) were just "look but don't touch". The problem is I live at the bottom of South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and we're in the midst of the pandemic. Most businesses are not working due to mandatory lockdowns and only 40% of the population was vaccined. I'll keep holding on (just like Mick Hucknall used to sing) Once again, thanks for your kind attention.
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