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  1. BAmartin

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Well... I'm back... Yes... the OP... And I'm posting this just to let you all guys know that tomorrow Thursday 19th of December 2019... It's been six months since the last update... Now diss, whine, insult and point fingers all you want... It doesn't change time and circumstances. Bye, haters.
  2. BAmartin

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Hey guys... I open the new thread just to start discussing the upcoming 2.9 firmware update. Given the fact that it's been five months since the release of the 2.8 firmware... and we already know that the remaining Revv Generator channels are in the pipeline... Does anyone have a gut feeling of when and what's coming next? Would DI or Frank Ritchotte be so kind to give any signs on it? Thanks very much in advance. P.s: Sorry to be the guy throwing the first stone and start the snowball.
  3. Every metalhead and hardcore shredder hopes for that... It´s great reading that I´m not the only one thinking that Helix is lacking in the high gain department. The Revv is a great addition and it has a ton of switches to mess around with in order to shape the tone... but there are still options that were available in the Pod X3 that got lost in the way as well as the EVH... I´d love getting back those... Don´t forget the feedbacker for that Steve Vai infinite sustain, the Freqout seems to do the job really good... And more reverbs are always great!!!! They are one of the keys in getting the huge sound from the 80s and 90s...
  4. Come on... 6 new clean amps... Ben and Sam are definitely Fender guys... I was pretty sure that the EVH 5150 III was coming in 2.8 I was clearly mistaken... the Revv Generator Gain 2 channel and the bass distos and preamps are pretty welcome though... Maybe they did that just to tame the headbangers out there once they started reading the release note... haha. There is an evident bias towards clean amps rather than High Gain monsters... Way too many clean amps modeled in all their channels... When we metalheads are only interested in the high gain channels... Not interested in the clean channel of a Randall amp... nor Diezel´s clean channels... Maybe someday we´ll get the "High Gain Update" with 8 heavy metal monsters like the Diezels, the Randalls and the EVH there... I´m pretty happy a lot of requested features are being adressed and solved leaving more manpower to optimize DSP and model more amps... The Helix 3.0 is going to be major... Definitely... Hope they pack it up with a LOT of new amps... But I´m getting pretty dissapointed with each delivery... Just my thoughts and forgive my bad language... I was just pissed off at seeing 6 more clean amps that I´ll never use being included in the firmware. I would have prefered the Legendary Gain ones from the fake polish update... Gonna go play "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger...hahaha. Just grab my acoustic guitar... that´s all I need.
  5. Hahaha... More useless 50s memorabilia boutique junk??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! This is just the resentful old wankers clean amp wishlist hoax... I`ve read on the TGP that the Carvin Legacy was up for the firmware with some new bass and guitar distortion pedals such as the Zen Drive, and an acoustic simulator... DI must be laughing his lollipop off reading this nonsense!!! F*ck this phony leaks and bring on the true update!!!! p.s: Thumbs up for the Revv Generator!!! Sounds killer!!!
  6. We´re all waiting for the big 2.8 Helix Firmware Update announcement... Seems Friday will be the day L6 will disclose some information the Helix Users have been waiting for since almost six months ago... considering the 2.7 release was pretty boring... The last exciting update I remember was the 2.50 because it included the new reverbs and the legacy effects... Hope this one brings some goodies... We gotta wait until Friday so I´m gonna quit the keyboard and chill out... hahahaa.
  7. Thumbs up for the Digitech Freqout... from what I`ve seen in the videos... it`ll allow me to get Steve Vai infinite sustain plus other options... and play efortless legatto once my forearms muscles start to faint... Hahaha.
  8. Do some peeping in the first three pages of the TGP Helix 2.8 Thread... It should be there... DI has even wondered how the Line 6 Helix users usually hit the jackpot while playing the guessing game everytime he gives them a hint on something new... Hahahahaa... I don`t want him to get snarky at me... He`s the best plate spinner in the biz...
  9. I thought of that too... But in that very same reply DI was answering something about the Helix Core 3.0 posted by someone. So... the content of that answer could be at least considered "vague" or "ambiguous"... He`s the only one who can tell us when 2.8 is coming... The announcement will be given in the midst of the customer appreciation event on NAMM... One week to go for it. The pet feature is already known for those peeping TGP Helix thread... Greetings and best wishes to all of those who can make it there...
  10. Nope... And it's something about a time related thing... but defintely not a delay model. One week to NAMM. DI has already disclosed it...
  11. I already know it's not an effect... but I don't want to ruin the surprise...
  12. I`d love to get a new HX version of the Jet Fuzz Legacy Model... but with the Fuzz ON/OFF switch hahahaa... Sounds like a very nice psychedelic phaser but the mandatory fuzz trully ruins it when playing clean chords. As well as a new HX version of the Dimension D... But I`m pretty sure that won`t happen because Boss already reissued the Dimension D under the Waza Craft line... I`m still hoping for a Boss PH-1r... a classic which hasn´t still been released under the Waza label... maybe... I feel that Line 6 sound designers are not very fond of weird phasing tones... I like the Panned Phaser sweep (with a very slight or no panning at all), the Jet Fuzz sweep and the the Searchlights modulation sweep... Hope the deliver something nice on the next firmware... DI has been quiet over here for a while... he said something in advance about his favourite pet feature being included this 2.8 on other forum... But don`t quote me... Keep on rocking in the free world!
  13. "I sold my AXE FX II for helix. You know how many amps I used for my metal patches? One. Now I only use HBE with the Helix :D" Well... I consider that just plain crazy and stupid. If you needed the money... well... But to me that`d be a no-no. "I believe more 4x12 cabs would be much more welcomed feature (also added to ideascale :D)." You can always download 4x12 cabs in IR packs for free... There are many Torrents available in cyberspace land with every cab and microphone combined you can possibly imagine. "If Frederik Thordendal can play with his eight string on a Marshall Plexi, why can't we?" Doesn`t he have a custom amp model in the Axe FX II which came when he asked Cliff to retrieve the old Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier from the Axe Standard?. Anyways... who cares what Thordendal does with his tone? "Adding more and more amps won't make us better players, it will just raise the level of confusion of the people who are switching from analog to digital." Yes indeed, it won`t make us better players. But it will at least give back a lot of the amps we lost ever since the POD X3 got outdated. Diezels, Bogners, Soldanos. And bring a couple new ones. Randalls are my hope. (Satan, RG 100, Warhead). Wouldn´t mind losing a month for a Krankenstein. "I don't expect much from the upcoming update, but it would be nice to have advanced options on the delays and verbs like in the axe fx (also added to ideascale) :D" Well... there are a couple of us who expect much from it specially in the high gain territory where it seems you`ve got everything already covered. Good for you. A couple more HX reverbs are welcome with flangey, chorusy and wild phasey modulations... Please no more delays... there are a lot in there... and they do their work quite good. Thing is... Can anyone please explain why have the high gain amps suffered a major stripdown since the POD X3 got outdated and why clean amps not? Isn`t there any recognizable BIAS against the heavy metal guys? In detail: Diezel VH4 and Herbert, Bogner Ecstasy, Soldano X88R (Modern High Gain), Engl Powerball, Cornford Mk 50, Line 6 originals (Lunatic, Spinal Puppet, Smash, etc.) I believe Helix has improved a lot of the quality of the existing amps and effects from former units... but there are a few things which got lost in the way... Please take no offense in case you`re and old fart, a blues dentist or a mid gain lawyer. I`m just a medical science heavy metal poser who misses the 80s and 90s more than anything...
  14. I didn´t mean anything personal against the OP... But many times I had to stand people bashing our desire for high gain amps and mocking at us metalheads for complaining the scarce availability of metal amps in the Helix... They just use a couple clean amps without effects and they request for some golden, rare, "lost in the 50s memorabilia trunk" boutique amp to be modeled when they can`t recognize that 99,9% of the Helix users don`t give a flying sh@it about it... How long have we been asking for the german high gain beasts, the new version of the criminally insane Californian amp, the italian american rack versions of the JCM 800, the Evil Randy amp... According to Benadrian it takes a whole month to model a full amp!!!! Come on!!!! Ever since the POD X3 got outdated and the HD came there was a significant stripdown of the metal amps... Even though there have been great additions like the Archetype Lead and the Fatality, I feel that we metalheads are in the middle of a losing game against the clean amp guys... Of course it`s not a war... And I do know next update will bring some goodies for us... But more clean amps in the Helix sounds like a very bad joke to me... No offense to the OP. Season greetings. Happy Winter Solstice...
  15. I wouldn`t like to consider this thread as a very bad joke... But... seriously... More clean amps? More clean amps that are ALREADY in the unit? For sure? Give me a break...
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