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  1. I have put this on ideascale. I would definitely find better use for those two loop blocks than use them for NS2. A Sidechain gate that triggers from the input signal is a feature that I would love to see in the future!
  2. Sidechain option to hard gate would solve this though..
  3. Hi, I use Boss NS2 that way with Helix. Path: Guitar to NS2 input -> NS2 send to Helix Guitar input -> Helix blocks synth, Fuzz etc. -> Helix loop block (send to NS2 return, NS2 output to loop return). I use this with Helix 3 Osc synth to get rid of unwanted tail sounds. Downside of this is that it takes two loops from Helix.
  4. bishinc

    3 OSC Synth

    I love the sound of 3 osc synth filter preset 3 but the only problem is that the sound won´t stop fast enough and often changes pitch/note at the end. Solution to this would be to have some sort of gate. Basically a sidechain gate where the gate reacts to the signal of dry input. I have tried MXR noise clamp in helix loop but it didn´t work. I can get the sidechain gate to work in Ableton but I don´t want to have laptop with me just for that. :) Any ideas how to solve this?
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