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  1. Same thing happened to mine (win10 1903). Nerve-wracking while it's happening, lol. It seems, for some people, that the new drivers and/or the updater are not installing correctly. On my system, I had the updater and hx edit installed to a non-default location. What I ended up doing was uninstalling all traces of anything related to Helix and then reinstalled everything (including drivers for devices I don't have) without changing the default location. Now when I ran the updater, Helix was recognized and the update could finish. I wonder if adding an additional instruction stating to uninstall previous HX Edit installations prior to updating to HX Edit 2.80 would be helpful.
  2. duncann

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Geoff Tate would be a good example of such a singer. As good as Queensryche's music was for the 80s, what would they have been without Geoff Tate?
  3. duncann

    Back it UP NOW- boys and girls!

    In the meantime, everyone relax.
  4. duncann

    IR length discussion

    This is well put except for the case of what if you're writing a song about the millisecond length of an IR?
  5. duncann

    Swell Effect? Jake E Lee Rig Rundown

    I think the closest you could get to that would be the auto volume echo legacy effect. Set time and speed at zero, swell controls the duration of the swell, which I wish could go longer than the current max allows, and mix at 100%. Depth adds some sort of modulation. You could also try the autoswell dynamic effect, but it can be hard to work with and unpredictable, so if you try it be prepared for a lot of trial and error.
  6. duncann

    Bank Up/Down reversal

    It will be in the next update, in spring sometime.
  7. duncann

    Roland has figured it out

    I'm waiting for the day someone invents self-healing strings.
  8. duncann

    Amplification Survey Re: PowerCab & Helix

    I took it, but was pointless for my situation, same as DunedInDragon. But it looks like an interesting product nonetheless.
  9. duncann

    looking for some help with reverb switching

    One way would be to simply assign the mix parameter of the reverb to a switch, specifying the min and max values. The switch can be momentary or latching, the LED red, and the scribble strip can even be labeled "more reverb". With the reverb block selected, hit the menu button on the device and then controller assign. From there it should be apparent. To customize the color and scribble strip bring up the command center. I find it easier to do on HX edit: right-click on the parameter you want to assign to a switch, then go to the bypass/controller assign tab.
  10. duncann

    Updating the Helix

    The lack of excitement during a firmware update, as suggested by cruisinon2, can be decreased by executing it during the threat of a power outage.
  11. duncann

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    Yay! They added a swap for up and down. Thanks Helix team.
  12. duncann

    Snapshot logic - "Snapshot safe" setting

    It looks like per block snapsnot omission is coming, among other cool things:
  13. duncann

    Help with multitrack recording

    There is no global option for what you want to do and there will be a pause when switching presets. Any particular reason why you're not using snapshots? Using them would remove the pause and effectively provide the global option you're looking for.
  14. duncann

    Does Line6 even test software?

    Ha! Are you kidding? I could never duplicate that. To make matters worse, the entire thing was run through a reverse delay, with 100% mix and a 2 second time. So that means I had no idea what was going to come out of the speakers, regardless of what I was actually playing on the guitar.
  15. duncann

    Does Line6 even test software?

    Depends on what you mean by improvisation. Everything starts off as improvisation, but all of it eventually goes through a heavy refining process (note by note), some deviating heavily from the first musical thought and some staying very close to the original with perhaps only some style or specific phrasing added. So I suppose that's not really true improvisation, which I frankly suck terribly at. The only thing I ever improvised on the spot and never changed is Entropy (made with the HD).