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  1. Not sure if it works on legacy effects, but you can reset an LFO by sending a value with CC64, or engage/release the tap tempo button once.
  2. Open a support ticket. Probability is high that they will just send you one.
  3. duncann

    Helix 2.9

    Lol. There has long been experimental evidence that the brain is capable of making decisions before you're consciously aware of said decision. So that seems to make the moment of a conscious thought, our perception of now, actually the past.
  4. duncann

    Helix 2.9

    Yea, but are they going to be granular enough?
  5. Leaving it plugged in has the benefit of increasing the possibility of the USB connector not breaking.
  6. Wouldn't work. You need the drivers installed as well.
  7. My perception of the presets is just as you describe. The difference is Plexi 1 has a split A/B with an even split, while Plexi 2 has a split Y with balance A left 100, balance B right 100.
  8. It's probably really difficult to give a very specific response for that kind of sound, but generally, take a look at the particle verb (stable condition) in the legacy category for reverbs. In addition, try combining it, either serially or on a parallel path or even both, with other reverbs that are not in the legacy category. Might find a combination that appeals to you better than what's in the video. Goes with saying, that's a nice guitar in the video.
  9. There's an envelope flanger, I think it's the dynamix flanger. There's no envelope controller that has an ability to operate on an arbitrary block. Wish there was though.
  10. duncann

    Helix II

    The same day extinction occurs.
  11. Didn't see it mentioned in the release notes, but It appears they fixed the LFO reset problem. HX Edit still has a repeatable disconnect problem under certain circumstances when using Helix's midi over usb, but not when using an alternative usb-to-midi cable going to Helix's midi ports.
  12. Unsure, perhaps not. I record to Reaper using Helix's ASIO drivers, but I don't use Helix as the system soundcard, which I have disabled for both playback and recording. This conflicts with your second statement above. I have another device acting as the system soundcard and Helix's spdif output is connected to this, then to the speakers/headphones. The detail I just realized that might shed light on possible confusion is that I'm using Helix Floor, not Stomp. Is USB functionality really different between these devices?
  13. The second statement doesn't seem correct. Shouldn't it be, Helix can be used to record directly to DAW regardless of whether Helix is the sound card?
  14. I can confirm that LFO reset no longer works on 2.81.0, Helix Floor. I use CC64 sent from Reaper rather than using the physical TAP switch.
  15. Nice. Also like the song image. It's very interesting.
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