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  1. I had similar problems a while ago. I use Logic X on MBPro, with Helix floor. I also use an RME babyface interface. In Logic my input device was Helix and output Babyface, as I just prefer using the volume control on the Babyface for monitors and headphones (the dim function is really useful). I was having a similar issue as you, where initially everything would be great, then after an arbitrary amount of time, a huge amount of latency (2-3 seconds) would appear out of nowhere. Unplugging/rebooting either interface fixed the problem, but only temporarily. The fix, for me anyway, was to create an aggregate device, with Helix in and Babyface out. Since using this, I've not had a single repeat of the problem!
  2. Anyone noticed the Alpaca Rouge High Cut control works backwards? The more high cut you dial in, the less is applied.
  3. Sorry to say this still happens in 2.91. Could someone else try to replicate this, please? Go to Global Settings > Displays > Set Tempo BPM Display to Persistent Tapped tempo bpm (on floor unit, or in HX edit) does not update the displayed bpm until you touch the tap switch (not press, just touch). It does update FX using bpm fine now, just not the display.
  4. Just to add to the Tap Tempo issue; There's also an issue with the bpm display on tap button showing the correct bpm. In the video below, i'm connected to a helix floor with usb and running HX edit. I tap in the tempo in HX edit (which is registered correctly and changes the bpm for fx using bpm), however this is not displayed in the tap scribble bpm until i touch the footswitch (touch, not press). Tap video Not sure if it helps debugging at all, or if it's a separate issue.
  5. 52dmk

    2.90 Legendary Drive

    Try it with something lower gain, it's got loads of gain all on its own. Maybe a edge of breakup ac30 or plexi style amp.
  6. 52dmk

    2.90 Legendary Drive

    Absolutely blown away by this!
  7. One wrong or missing character in code is all it would take.
  8. Tried with a blank preset, a single simple delay, problem is still there. I don't think problem is with delays, as they work fine when manually set, or if you manually set the bpm. The issue is with the tap tempo being significantly out in its calculated bpm.
  9. Tap tempo is definitely not working correctly. If I tap along to a 135bpm metronome the tapped bpm is around 160bpm. If I set helix bpm manually, it's fine.
  10. I tried it last night; doesn't look like this has been implemented in Helix. Might be a good one to suggest on ideascale?
  11. You mean restart the LFO? I've got a filter pro rack, and to restart the LFO you pressed the tap tempo button once (or the midi cc connected). Not tried it on the helix, but this might be what you're after?
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