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  1. Thanks, guys. Sorry my lack of reading caused despair! The resources you shared are quite helpful, and I have had no more lag since I"m now sending audio from my computer to the unit via USB and monitoring from the Helix LT output!
  2. Checking back in - thanks, y'all!. Sounds like the issue may be due to an underpowered computer. For what it's worth, I recently found out that, when lag starts to occur, the problem can be instantly remedied in Logic by simply clicking the play button, stop button and beginning-of-track button (lag occurs eventually, regardless of whether I am recording or just playing and monitoring). Unplugging the Helix LT USB cable and plugging it right back in also solves the issue within seconds. Is there anything I can do apart from spending $1K+ on a new Mac laptop? I have been using monitoring within Logic - my monitors/SW are connected to the headphone jack on my computer currently. What's the preferred monitoring setup for Mac/Logic, Helix LT, and powered monitors + powered SW with RCA inputs? I would like to be able to use the monitors/SW to play audio from my computer and simultaneously monitor my playing, with the added option to monitor through headphones, so I don't think it will work to just hook the monitors/SW up directly to the Helix LT through the headphone jack, right? Do I need a basic mixing console to manage the audio outputs?
  3. This problem has existed since I got the Helix LT years ago, in every firmware I've had installed on the LT and every OS and audio software I've had on my Mac. I'm running the most current firmware as of now, 2.91.0. I've tried multiple USB cables. I have a 2012 MacBook Air w/ 4GB RAM and plenty of free storage, running a clean install of the latest OS. Computer runs like butter for all of the other tasks I use it for, and the exact same problem persists regardless of how many programs I have open. Regardless of whether I'm using GarageBand or Logic Pro X, regardless of buffer settings, etc. - when I try to use the Helix LT as the interface, everything starts up fine with imperceptible lag, then I start playing, and within usually 30 seconds to a few/several minutes, it all of a sudden gets incredibly laggy - probably about 2 seconds of latency, so not a serviceable result. It seems like it happens right after I either start playing loud, fast, adding effects or a looper track - so it may be DSP related? I have no idea what could be causing the issue. When I take the 1/4" out from Helix LT into my cheapo Apogee Jam and into my MacBook, I get no perceptible lag, 100% of the time running the same setup otherwise. Any ideas? I don't have another Mac to try and replicate the problem on, unfortunately. Is there any other audio software I should try out on this computer to see if the problem persists?
  4. Just spoke with customer service, and they were quite helpful - I had old Updater software. After installing the latest version and booting in safe mode, it was able to get me right back to where my update left off, and everything was fully updated within a couple of minutes with no need to restore anything from back-up. Yay!
  5. Thank you for the reply. When I hold down 6 & 12 (top right and bottom right- most buttons), the LT display shows only "Entered Update Mode!", but I'm still not able to connect in HX Edit. I get the same error every time I try to reconnect. I tried using my MacBook Air's other USB port, and also tried a new USB cable with the same result. Super frustrating. I emailed Line 6 yesterday and haven't heard back yet.
  6. Hi, I just updated to HX Edit 2.9, which went smooth. Then I updated from 2.6 to 2.9 Helix LT firmware. I got an error message saying to power the device off, reconnect the USB cable, etc. so I did. I noticed I had a USB extension cable attached, so I bypassed that in case it was the culprit. After powering off and on my Helix LT mid-update, I now get a "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" error message on the screen. When I start HX Edit with the LT connected and powered on, at the bottom center of my my computer display, it shows "Connecting...", and this message hangs for up to 30-45 seconds before changing to "No device connected" or sometimes "Connection Interruption". What's the best course of action at this point? One of the hard reset options discussed in the second post of this thread? https://line6.com/support/topic/48425-solved-installed-28-helix-rack-bricked-cant-roll-back-boot-mode-does-fail/
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