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    I have a bad case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome that rears its head every so often. Most recently, I realized I wasn't getting what I wanted from some high-end boutique pedals and rackmounts, and happily stumbled across the Helix. A couple of weeks later, I owned it, and a Variax. And then another Variax.

    The Line 6 stuff I've owned in the past has typically been kept for a long time, and sold with regret; I had great experiences with the delay, distortion and modulation modelers, among others.

    Hoping the Helix won't let me "touch the bottom" of its editing capabilities for awhile.
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  1. Trying to connect a Moog MP201 multipedal to Helix via EXP 2 and 3 - the Moog uses control voltage/CV out. I recall reading somewhere that the EXPs can be configured to accept CV (the manual only says "CV out", not in), and that the voltages can be configured to some extent within the -3v to +3v range, but I can't figure out how to do it, or if it's even a viable connection as described. Is Helix CV in capable, and configurable? If so, how? While the pedal can output to MIDI, I'd really rather stick with the CV if possible.
  2. Other than the entire line of aftermarket Helix accessories from Gear by CEBA and the Helix & Helix LT face protectors with knob guards by Black Raven Design, what other aftermarket accessories are out there to either protect or pimp one's Helix? Gear by CEBA's offering is pretty comprehensive, though they seem to have stopped at the exact place that Black raven comes in - the two don't compete, each with a unique offering relative to the other. But irrespective, I'm sure there's more that just these two selling protective and "pimpin'" Helix gear. What have you all seen in terms of 3rd party accessories? What else is out there? Black Raven Design cover with knob guards Gear by Ceba, Helix family product page
  3. DannyMcO

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    What kind of pedalboard is that? And does it travel well?
  4. Is there a step-by--step guide to making impulse responses available anywhere that I can use for my Helix and PowerCab Plus? I have a heavily customized Mesa Maverick 2x12 that I'd like to make IRs from. The Mesa sounds great, but the Powercab's 35 pounds vs the Mav's 97 is definitely a factor, as is the flexibility of amp & speaker models and IRs available through the Helix/Powercab combo and the improved live PA options. So far I'm impressed with the Powecab, but I haven't even really scratched the surface of it.
  5. Hey all - Considering adding a Powercab 112 (haven't determined if I want Plus or [nil] version yet) to my Helix rig. Question: I have a heavily modded Mesa Maverick 2x12 with Celestion cream backs; if I want it to, it provides plenty of useable feedback of both the harmonic (think Hendrix "Machine Gun"/Fillmore East) and aharmonic (think Rhoads/"Crazy Train" intro) feedback. I know the Powercab can recreate my amp pretty damn closely, but has anyone using a Helix to Powercab able to comment on getting feedback when desired from the combo? Curious. Thanks; 'preesh Dan
  6. Awhile back I modded some Morley M2's for use with a Helix, but have been reluctant to use them in a live environment because, like so many volume and expression pedals, they're basically fishing wire pulling a slider - in other words, meant to fail. The Dunlops with the 'band drive' seem like a possible alternative to the Mission EP1-L6's, though both are more expensive than the fishing wire Morley M2's. Is there a list of what expression pedals work with Helix out of the box, and/or what expression pedals work with a (specified) mod? The Morley M2 will work after this pretty simple soldering mod. What other pedals work? What mods, if any, are necessary?
  7. DannyMcO

    Formant sounds with Helix?

    Thanks for pointing that out. I had no idea so many filters were added in 2.50. I really need to read these release notes better. Trying Filter models out this evening. Hold please.
  8. DannyMcO

    Formant sounds with Helix?

    @AdminTeam - How do we get the Helix team to take some of the above into account when updating new models? It seems silly to me that a Pod XTLive should have any sound at all that Helix lacks. And there are no shortage of formant filter boxes out there.
  9. I just bought one and was going to try it. Thanks for the insight.
  10. DannyMcO

    Models not updated in Revision D - multiple conflicts

    Thank you - thought I was losing my mind.
  11. DannyMcO

    Models not updated in Revision D - multiple conflicts

    Absolutely helps. Super useful. Thanks so much!
  12. Here's a copy of a patch I was editing which shows the available modulation models I can choose from. I went to look up "Bleat Chop Trem" to see what it was in the Helix Rev D/most recent manual from the Helix downloads page and discovered there was no record of the effect. I further discovered there are several Modulation effects on the Helix not referenced in Rev D, and there are several effects in Rev D not visible/available on the Helix. In other words, they're both wrong. Does a truly updated manual exist that takes into account all the added models, impulses and features Line 6 has added via firmware updates to Helix?
  13. Was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the tremolo - possibly including saddles - and trem block on my JTV-69. Has anybody ever done this? What was your experience and what does one need to know? Those little piezos seem to be the spoiler - can you use any (as long as you connect to the circuitboard mounted on the existing trem block), or does it have to be the ones installed by Line6 in the guitar? Thanks in advance.
  14. Sorry NeilO - can't help you with this. Only did the mod for the Helix and didn't replace any components. Just changed the one wire's connection points.
  15. Sorry for the multiyear delay here. Don't check this too often. Yes, I get the full 0-100 range.