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    I have a bad case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome that rears its head every so often. Most recently, I realized I wasn't getting what I wanted from some high-end boutique pedals and rackmounts, and happily stumbled across the Helix. A couple of weeks later, I owned it, and a Variax. And then another Variax.

    The Line 6 stuff I've owned in the past has typically been kept for a long time, and sold with regret; I had great experiences with the delay, distortion and modulation modelers, among others.

    Hoping the Helix won't let me "touch the bottom" of its editing capabilities for awhile.
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  1. DannyMcO

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    Good to know. Consider this phrase stolen. Or maybe it's just my cover version. But I'm totally heisting it.
  2. DannyMcO

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    Maybe I wasn't clear. Line 6 didn't "do" something to me personally. Unless you count trying to gouge multiple-product-owners for a completely unnecessary product - but that isn't something "Line 6 did to [me]". It's 11 times more expensive on average to get new customers than it is to keep loyal ones. Doing stuff like pushing your loyal customers into products that are both unnecessary and overly marked isn't just short-sighted - it's bad business. Line 6 hasn't lost me as a customer - I'm still fully in the Line 6 ecosystem (Variax, Helix, Powercab). But as someone who's prior career was entirely built on maintaining customer loyalty, I can say with certainty that it's little, preventable things like this that bug clients enough to get them to switch to competitors eventually. And when that happens, you don't get them back, ever. Sure, Line 6 and Yamaha should try to get new products sold. But marketing the cable as anything other than a high-quality premium alternative to an off-the-shelf XLR is simply ill-advised.
  3. DannyMcO

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    I'm not so willing to ignore that a company I established loyalty with would want to gauge me on completely unnecessary products. You upset with something like Helix 2.80? That takes a ton of people and user reports to debug. It's understandable they're going to miss something. And they're pretty good about addressing those concerns - 2.81 came out in a hurry. That's the kind of thing, though big, that's understandable when it comes to them appearing to have dropped the ball (because it's really a matter of additional data being needed). But BSing your customers about what's needed to connect via L6, touting a stupidly overmarked cable that, by your own admission, is no better than the cheapest no frills mic cable you can find? That's just dumb. You had the information out there, then you took it down, and now you're suggesting that a cable that in all likelihood is simply someone else's XLR or maybe AES cable is the best solution? That's not marketing BS. That's a lie. The only person who cares about L6 Link is the person who owns multiple Line 6 products. That's the person you want to lie to? Really?
  4. DannyMcO

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    And another page lost to the internet memory hole. The ability to use mic cables was built in, and public, for L6 connectivity, then hidden from view? As someone who's fully integrated into the Line 6 ecosystem - multiple Variaxes & Powercab Pluses + Helix - I'd probably have bought an L6 cable if it weren't price gouged. Mic cables are already high margin items - Yamaha could easily be selling their own regular cables here at a tidy, middle-man-free markup, but instead the insanely expensive L6 cable is being touted as the 'optimal' solution when in fact a standard M/F XLR would've done just fine. That's disingenuous, Line 6. The people who want L6 Link are your existing, repeat customers - they already have at least 2 of your larger ticket items when they are looking at the product! And so you reward them by charging 2x what an equally capable mic cable can do. And that's not "if you figure out it, you can use a mic cable" - it's a solution that was just as good by Line 6's own public admission! Not cool Line 6. Not cool at all.
  5. So noted. But what is the neck radius of the Amethyst Variax Standard Limited Edition? 13-3/4 as on this Guitar Center page?
  6. Question about physically detuning both Variax Standard and the JTV69: If I want to use thicker gauge strings - say, 12s - and I detune them to compensate anywhere from one to three half steps (such that the tension on the piezos is comparable to 10s tuned normally), how are Variax sounds affected? Which I guess, really, two parts 1. How are standard tuned sounds in Variax mode affected? and 2. How are alternate tunings in Variax mode affected? Can I get away with thicker gauge strings that are physically detuned and still be able to access the full power of the Variax? I don't want to go through the whole setup process if it isn't going to work - so does it? If it matters my Standard is the Amethyst Limited Edition one. JTV69 is 5 or so years old and I haven't updated the firmware that I can remember.
  7. Looks like one of my two questions is answered in this Yamaha owner's manual: https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/2/335682/EG_QC67530_body_en_web.pdf
  8. Can't seem to find 2 factory spec measurements for my JTV69 or my Variax Standard tremolo rear edge height (as in pic - for a Fender it's 3.2mm) string height at 12th fret Yes, I know, I can just make it to whatever I'm comfortable with that doesn't affect playability or intonation. I'd like to be able to set it to factory standard though. Anybody know where I can find this information for the JTV69 and the Standard?
  9. Thanks - wound up picking up some Zexcoils, and they had recently been in touch with Line 6, who he said told him the spec was for 6.4kOhms
  10. DannyMcO

    Customtone creators: PLEASE ADD NOTES

    I really appreciate the care that a lot of you put into your custom tones, and have been pretty impressed with some of your work. And even when I wasn't exactly impressed - which says more about me than it does about you - I still valued the time and thought that you put into posting your custom tone creations. But we don't all have the same musical knowledge you have, so we don't all know what you're aiming for when you post a custom preset that has no notes in it beyond the title. And we all want to know what you were aiming for/what sound you intended to achieve with your custom presets. So please, don't worry about spelling or grammar, just pretend the person who's reading it doesn't understand what you mean by your preset title and needs some explanation, which only you can provide by way of entering a description of the tone in the "Comments" field when you upload it. I guarantee you it increases your downloads, and who knows? Maybe one day you build enough visibility that you can sell them for some dough to fund your next Line 6 purchase. Thanks -
  11. Is that 6-8 per individual pickup or total/aggregate?
  12. Anybody know the volume and tone pot values on the Variax Standard Limited Edition guitars? Was looking to upgrade the pickups.
  13. Very Seinfeld-ian - "It's like decaffeinated coffee...they charge you more, for less!"
  14. Where can one buy replacement necks for a JTV69? I checked with Warmoth and their deal with Line 6 ended long ago; Full Compass doesn't have them. Looking for a lefty maple neck made to fit without my having to question the fit of or take any measurements to have built or what have you. Doesn't have to say Variax on it, just has to be straight 6 lefty maple that I can also put an Earvana on. Anybody know?