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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm a brand new HX Stomp owner as of today and am learning my way. I haven't played in a long time (5yr) and all the new tech is pretty incredible but my ears are also pretty stale. One thing I was wondering about is one of my favorite old cabs to play through was an open back 2x12 with Eminence Legend speakers. It wasn't even a "real" cab, but just some plywood in a compact box on rollers that looked maybe homemade with some fuzz covering the outside. Anyway, the cab had a chimey character about it that I liked and I was wondering if some folks might point me toward some of the Helix cabinets (I assume they're IRs?) that might be expected to most closely mimic that kind of sound if you're familiar? (If it matters, probably my favorite head to play through it at home was a small Blackstar). I also used to have a 4x10 Marshall cab - closed back - that I really liked but I note the Stomp doesn't seem to have 4x10 guitar cabs except the fender tweed. I think the speakers in the Marshall cab were maybe called Celestion Golds if that makes sense. If you're familiar, I also appreciate any suggestions for what available HX Stomp cabs might sound most similar to that 4x10 or celestion gold speakers? Appreciate any thoughts on cab matches for Eminence Legend 2x12 open backs (or just Eminence Legends), and the 4x10 closed back Marshall w/ Celestion Golds (I think?) Thanks in advance - appreciated.
  2. So I've been a Helix user for awhile now, and I've honestly never done a forum before, but I have had some pipe dreams for the helix since I've owned it, and thought maybe I'd just ask to see if it could happen. Amp Suggestions: -Milkman (I've always wanted to own a Milkman amp, some sort of old school, bluesy, creamy type tone. I know you can just edit a Fender Deluxe to get a similar style, but there really is something special about these Milkman amps, and if it could be recreated in the helix, it would be like amp heaven for me) More practical suggestions: -Graphical Display for Eq (I've seen this suggested a lot, so I really think it should be considered in an update. I work as a sound engineer, so I am aware that you need to use your ears, but sometimes having a visual representation just adds to the experience of setting up a rig. It's nice to "see" what I'm doing as I'm hearing it) -Amp and effects Display (Literally, the only thing that is missing on the helix to make it feel more like a luxury item is just an update for the graphical interface. I'm not talking much, just some sort of pop up that displays a picture of the pedal or amp you're using. You can already kinda see them in the HX edit program. So it's not like it would involve making any new art, I would just like to see a picture of what I'm using. It creates vibe, and sometimes it helps me remember the name of what I'm using, since these are all "made up" amps. It would really make the difference with the helix being a luxury item). Buggs or Problems with Programming -Having an option to turn off the auto-increase feature (Sometimes when I'm trying to set something on the helix, like a certain gain level on a pedal, I turn the knob really fast, and it automatically jumps to way past where I wanted it to go. It gets annoying as I either have to turn the knob really carefully and slowly, or just keep going back and forth pass the value that I actually want. It's super frustrating. It be nice to turn off that feature, so it wouldn't matter how fast I turned the knob, the values would never automatically jump like 50 units.) -Saving Effects/amps: Values/names (Lastly, something that so many people have asked for, and it really wouldn't be difficult to do or take up much more space on the device. Being able to save presets for effects. Like if I always dial in a certain set up for an amp, but I want to use it on a different rig, I could save a preset of that particular amp/effect and name it whatever I wanted. It could also help, if I set up an amp to try to replicated a different amp that's not modeled on the helix, I could save "my own amp" without having to bug you guys about adding a new effect or amp. I could make one of the fuzzes sound like a russian version of the big muff pi and call it "big muff pi-r" and always be able to find it in my effects..
  3. Hi, let's start suggesting some updates for the HX Stomp firmware. Here's mine: I would love if the HX Stomp had firmware update that allows you to use a Digitech fs3x type switch to controll stomp 4, 5 and 6. The digitech fs3x use ring, tip and ring+tip, which gives you a three switch option in stead of only two on a stereo cable. I actually built one like this with two switches and an expression out on the tip+ring. That would give great possibilities on the HX Stomp.
  4. I think it would be cool if there were a global setting that allowed for six snapshots. With this setting enabled, the mode button would be used as a three way toggle between preset, pedal board, and snapshot modes. Update 2.80?
  5. harleymon

    Amplifi 150

    Who can suggest my best option for a companion foot pedal for the Amplifi 150 for switching and editing if possible or not, tones, rather than using the iPad?
  6. I'm not in very deep, But I have read the manuals and have tinkered some. Is there a way to create a kind of "crossover" in the pre-A/B block? Perhaps a LPF on the lower wire and an HPF on the upper wire. Any thoughts? Anyone try this? Wondering about bi-amping potential this way. It would be cool if Line6 added a dedicated splitter/crossover in the Pre-A/B position-- in a similar spirit to the included the mixer in the Post-A/B position. It could have two modes: if the prior block is stereo, it would provide settings to route L & R from a stereo block to the A or B path. If the prior block is mono, it could provide a crossover option to send highs to one path and lows to the other. Being able to control the both the A/B pan, and cross-over frequency in realtime. That would be awesome. I would have liked to see more a few more realtime control sources for parameters. For example, have 4 assignable MIDI CC's, 2 LFO generators, and two dynamic envelopes based on any input source (even for side-chaining). This would allow realtime control and automation in a DAW, In the UI, the list of available controls would expand to include: EXP1, EXP2, LFO1, LFO2, ENV1, ENV2, A-MIDI CC, B-MIDI CC B, C-MIDI CC, D-MIDI CC. Then use system settings to configure each of the new controls. In the signal flow screen, there could be some change to show double-wires for stereo fx-- and split to show when L goes to A and R goes to B. It would also be cool if there was some little underline to show how much CPU is being used by which blocks. Sometimes the designers were faithful to the originals avoiding adding controls that were lacking in the originals, and sometimes they added them. I think it would be good if they added a 2nd page to some FX models to add in "modern" alterations where appropriate. I'd also like to see a modern compressor with: threshold, ratio, knee, attack & release times, and make-up gain. Don't interpret this as whining. I'm pretty happy with the HD500 (now that I've repaired the buttons and broken encoder on this used unit).
  7. It would be beneficial for the FX "controller" section in the 500X to add a footswitch parameter to allow the control of the speed function when using the rotary drum and horn (Leslie). So far the programming allows Exp 1, Exp 2, Variax volume, Variax tone or off. I have gotten the pedal to control speed from parameter zero to 100, (using exp 1 or 2 reserved for the pedal) allowing a varying speed for the Leslie effect. To be clear, I am requesting the addition of selecting a footswitch (in addition to the exp 1 and 2, Variax tone or volume or off) to select the drum/horn speed from slow to fast. I have also heard that plugging in an external Expression pedal may do this. As would an on off switch plugged in to the external expression switch on the rear. I do not wish to add another external item, or I would use outboard volume and a Cry Baby pedal to free up the internal exp 1 and 2. Thank you
  8. I would like to gather suggestions for the GUI of the editor. I like the surface to be cleaned up and not to keep it semi-realistic. Very disturbing are f.e. the dark and rich colors of the input fields. You can see the values ​​partially barely because a black typo is not first choice on every background, especially on high-res devices where fonts are very small. So why not get back to a much clearer grayscale GUI (like the attached hd 300 edit). Somehow there should be more focus and clarity to what you're doing. Less seems to be much more on a working-GUI. Also I would like to see original values ​​would be marked to retrieve them (and shortcuts for retrieve and zero/neutral values). Best would be a before / after comparison of settings for tone experiments (if there is not already the (I'm new here)). Please excuse my miserable English.
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