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  1. I bought the ML Audio 70s Giants IR pack a couple days ago, but haven't had a chance to try it out. From the demo the cabs had an older vintag-y sound that I was wanting to experiment with. Again, I haven't had a chance to try it yet though. https://ml-sound-lab.com/collections/frontpage/products/70s-giants-cab-pack edit: Also, I'll add that York Audio has a Hiwatt Fane cab that might be of interest for sounds of that era also. https://www.yorkaudio.co/product-page/hwat-412-fn50-lite
  2. Hi, this video may help highlighting differences. The video is a bit old and some things might be out of date a bit (hx stomp can do up to 8 fx depending on dsp limit with most recent update for example). But yes, they are mostly similar in sounds with different dsp and routing capability. I think there may be a few differences in some models or fx available (can't recall which, but I think I remember somebody mention there were a couple differences), but more similar than different excluding dsp, routing, and layout.
  3. My single coils are noisier than my double coils, and if I move around to different places in the room (or face different directions) I sometimes get different amounts of noise. I'm around alot of electrical stuff here around my computer though. Turning down the guitar volume, as others have mentioned, should help isolate. In the amp parameters there are noise-like parameters like hum/ripple you can manipulate too to see effects.
  4. I don't know if I have a favorite, but the Cali IV (Mesa Mark IV) has so many different sounds I like. I think one of the Rhythm channels is what I tend to use. I can get much of what I like with that one amp.
  5. Hey all, If you were waiting for a discount to purchase Helix Native to go with your device, I just wanted to post that there's a 30% sale on software right now in the line6 store. Screenshot attached. For me as new HX Stomp owner it lowers price of Helix Native from $99.99 to $69.99+tax. https://shop.line6.com/
  6. Kovie

    Helix IR Issue

    If you bought in the Line6 marketplace they probably have DRM attached (if it's an *.hir file) , and there should send an email with information on registering, logging in the HX edit, and importing. (I did this mistake once by mistake - I should have bought directly from vendor instead of using the marketplace so wouldn't have to worry about drm). IF you bought directly from Ownhammer the file types will just be *.wav and there shouldn't be issue when importing, but given your situation I'm guessing the file types are *.hir and require extra action to register. Hope this helps.
  7. OP, I was in pretty much same boat as you. I picked up HX Stomp recently am happy. I have neighbors on all sides (above, below, left,right) so it's pretty much full headphone for me and the stomp worked. I also considered Pod Go and/or LT. I leave my Stomp plugged into the computer so can record into DAW on a whim. So much easier than micing cabs which I can't use anyway. One consideration is you might think about is about how to use interface using the interface to record vocals. I think the LT and full Helix are better built for that, but I think it may be able to be rigged to work on the stomp also with the right adapter. Not sure about the Pod Go, but maybe? Others might can fill in details on that if possible.
  8. Kovie

    Move IRs?

    Mine seems to only copy/duplicate rather than move. Always have to go back to original and delete after the copy to new slot. idk?
  9. Kovie

    Move IRs?

    Hi, I think the answer to this is "no", but just in case: is there a way to "move" IRs around in my HX Stomp IR Library other than copy-paste the IR from one location into a new location and then go back and delete the original instance of the IR? (I'm using HX edit for all my editing and I don't see option). It's cool that the preset itself knows which IR to look for regardless of the IR slot location, but if I can move the IRs rather than (copy/paste/delete) it'd be nice for organizing IRs as I add/remove different ones.
  10. Wanted to followup after spending much of the day auditioning to most everything in the distortion folder on the Helix. I ran each pedal at front of chain in front of the Hiwatt model faor;u clean with the gain at around 5. Rest of chain was the first York Audio Hiwatt IR and then into a light 63 spring reverb to give a bit of sense of space. Surely use case and style of song/playing makes a big difference - and I'm sure my ears were pretty roasted after doing this all day, but here's some of my initial conclusions: Fuzzes: I think the Legacy "Facial Fuzz" based on the Arbiter Fuzz Face might be my favorite Fuzz - better than the newer model imho. Two others I really liked were the "Bighorn Fuzz" based on the Electro Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff Pi, and another Legacy pedal "Line6 Drive" based on Colorsound Tone Bender Fuzz. Several other fuzz's were nice and had some interesting use cases, but the above 3 were probably my favorites. In the fuzz territory there were clearly some pedals that I was struggling with but then would play something that led me to see a way to make use of them. Kindof helps me understand why some of the 60s-70s music sounds like it does - because the fuzz pedals were often pretty limiting in what they could do (ringing chords often turn to mush) - but when they found the tricks on how to play them and get interesting sounds out - a certain style of song and playing would emerge. Distortions: Broad range of sounds here. Not sure if much of it is more usable than just appropriate amp distortion in presets/snapshots, but some pedals that I liked were: "Deranged Master" based on Dallas Rangemaster Treble Boost - just had a pleasant distortion character. Liked "Legendary Drive" based on Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive high gain channel. This sounded like 80s arena rock to me. "Heir Apparent" based on the Analogman Prince of Tone also sounded natural to me. There were several other overdrives/distortions that I liked, but those 3 were standouts. Thought some of the pedal options were pretty terrible here also. Thought the Boss DS-1 based pedals ("Deez One") were pretty bad. The Boss HM-2 "Sweedish Chain" pedal seemed pretty bad also. Some other pedals seemed barely marginal in comparison to the better stuff in the folder and I'd be challenged to find a use for some of them. Mild Boosts/Lower Gains: Most of the boosts seemed usable to me - but I'll have to experiment to really find my favorite. I might lean to the Timmy (has nice overdrive distortion also) and the Klon, but there were several others that I could see myself using for similar boosting/gainy purpose (like Xotic. Boss SD-1, 808 Screamer, maybe KWB could work here too?). I do like the subtle bitey edge that these boosts can give, but the blended nature of gain seems like it can be pleasant also. I'm sure there's tons of use cases I haven't understood, but those at least are my first impressions after running through everything today.
  11. Hi all, I'm new to HX stomp. I've been spending quite a bit of time working with Amp > Cab/IR > Reverb as the most basic signal chain (with a tilt eq every now and then for brightness) and learning to get some nice tones that way. I've never been much of pedal user, so the fairly basic sound of Amp > Cab/IR > Reverb generally sounds pretty good to me for clean up through rock tones - but I'm wanting to spend some time learning the boost/distortion pedals - but there are so many. I've heard of the Timmy, Tube Screamer, and Klon and have experimented some with those as boosts, but there are so many others and I was wondering if there are any standout boost/distortion pedals you like that I should mess around with for clean, overdriven and up through rock tones (though I'm not much into metal). Are there certain amp models you like best with pedals? Is "clean" amp preferred starting point if using distortion pedal, or do you tend to mix amp distortion and pedal distortion? I'm assuming you normally put these pedals near front of chain, prior to amp block? Or are there other uses? Do you stack multiple boosts? Is a boost an "always on" thing for you? For more overt distortion, do you like the pedals better than amp distortion? I guess - all sorts of questions in that regard. Please suggest a particular pedal if there is a standout as I'm totally unfamiliar with most of those listed and/or how to best use them. TLDR: I'm learning new features of the HX stomp - and want to learn some boost/distortion that people like and how they use them. Suggestions appreciated. thanks!
  12. Yeah, It frustrates me even knew about the proprietary *.hir format for IR files on the line6 site that only work with line6 stuff, but doofus me forgot. I was looking for an Eminence Legend IR and websearch turned up a link to a Choptones essentials IR on both the choptones site and the line6 site. It was a tad cheaper on Line6 site (6.79 vs. 7.99 on choptones site) and for some reason I just shrugged and said, well it's a bit cheaper, and I won't have to create a new account at choptones. I totally forgot that there was a difference in IR formats on the line6 site vs. normal IR wav files. Upset with myself and kicking myself, but lesson learned.
  13. HI all, I'm trying to determine the right amount of gain reduction if I split an amp's signal and send that signal to 2 different cabs (in parallel), and then rejoin that signal. Is there a mathematically correct amount of db reduction to reduce both cabs so the resulting signal when combined again would be the same as if I was just using one cab? It seems like the gain reduction amount of each speaker in parallel vs. one speaker is maybe about -5.7dB on each cab's level vs similar output level as single speaker, but I'm thinking maybe there's a "right" amount based on math? Attached a picture of what I'm doing. Thanks in advance.
  14. I've seen a video on youtube by Rhett Shull demoing the ability of Quad Cortex to emulate the sound of your existing rig (amp+cab) - seems like it'd be helpful for players who have nice amp and cab collection that they'd like to take with them to the gig without having to haul the amps/cabs. At least I thought it was pretty cool for players who already had their sound and wanted to put that sound in the box with little trouble. Seems like this component is a different approach than the modeling approach of the Helix, if that's what might appeal.
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