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  1. Thanks again everyone for the advice. I'm not in a huge rush yet to get new equipment, but I'll probably be making the acquisitions in a month or two. Just like @errxn suggested, I once considered getting simply a guitar plugin for the PC and no amp / guitar specific hardware, but it seemed like you need to be more of a handyman and have some expertise in audio tech to go that route. Just like @brue58ski said, the possible latency also worried me and the guitar processors seem to make more sense to me and is less problematic. I don't mind needing to tweak and experiment with sounds to find something that I like (although I'm probably not picky, seeing as I've been playing with Roland cube 40xl for almost a decade), but I just want the hardware itself to be reliable and not too difficult to setup. And just like @Horseflesh said, Line6 hardware seems to have a lot of support (just like this forum), which is excellent. Btw, some of you talked about the price of DAWs. I know next to nothing about them, but for my experimental projects I used one called "Cakewalk", it's free and seems pretty good for. However, I'm sure you might need to pay for a DAW when you become more familiar with recording. And Btw#2, just like @PerS recommended, I've been looking into Yamaha S7. They seem to be 6", just like @silverhead suggested. I was thinking of getting a pair of those with stands (a bundle). At first I was wondering why would you get stands, but it seems to be more beneficial sound wise (affects your bass etc).
  2. Thanks a ton for the replies everyone! As said before, the full Helix is definitely an overkill for me, good thing I asked. The price of LT isn't too bad, but of course I don't mind if I can get by a little bit cheaper, as I'm no Warren Buffett. The reason I was aiming for the top of the line models first was the worry that if I don't invest enough in the gear, I will just need to replace / sell it later and will regret it. I used to have just a cheap Les Paul copy as my only guitar for like 10 years, because I wanted to buy something of lasting value (the ESP) instead of a slightly better version of what I have. The Pod Go seems actually really good though and looks like it offers everything I could ask for at my level. Honestly it didn't occur to me that you could get such good gear for around 500$ nowadays. I checked a few videos and it sounds awesome. I will need to acquaint myself with the options further, but it seems like the Pod Go with studio monitors is an excellent way to go. Seems simple too: Plug the Pod Go into your studio monitors via regular 1/4" guitar cables (no XLR connections?), plug in another 1/4" cable from the Pod Go into your guitar, connect it to your PC via USB for recording and you are good to go? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks a lot! I didn't realize that the LT is just the little brother of the full on Helix. I also thought that the Helix seems to have a huge amount of inputs that I probably wont need, so less is better for me. I will take a look at the POD Go as well, but LT definitely sounds tempting. 1000$ for everything it offers seems like awesome deal. After I figure out which one would be more suitable, I guess I need to find suitable FRFR speaker for quiet'ish home use, seeing as it would be probably waste to run LT for example through a Roland cube 40xl. But man, the (eventual) upgrade will probably be out of this world after being used to cheap SS amps.
  4. Hello everyone! I apologize for my selfish question (I didn't know where else to ask), but I would appreciate it if someone experienced with gear could give me a pointer how I should proceed. I'm a total gear noob. I have been playing guitar for a long time, but I barely have any gear. My guitar is ESP Horizon iii, which is great (got it used, quite cheap), but my amplifiers have always been kinda subpar, currently using Roland cube 40XL. However, I'm a bedroom guitarist and don't need super good amp for gigging. I always dreamed of a nice tube amp and such, but it wouldn't make sense I think due to many neighbors. With SS amp I can play somewhat quietly and get an ok-ish tone. It also offers a wide variety of tones. I mainly play heavy distortion / rock, but I like other softer genres as well. I've been waiting on the upgrade, because I want to get something great that will last rather than the opposite. I've started dreaming about upgrading my amplifier an some effects. I don't even have a wah! I've also gotten somewhat into recording stuff, but I don't have audio interface, microphone or any of that stuff. I used my phone (lol) to record some of my guitar parts and layered them on top of existing backing tracks and I kinda liked the result. Made me wonder what I could do with real audio interface and recording gear. So the thing is that I would need to get bunch of stuff. I would need a wah, more ways to tweak my tone and ways to navigate different effects and tones easier (especially for recording, I would like to do everything in one take if possible and not record parts separately). New amp, some pedals and recording gear could end up costing a lot. And my question is this: wouldn't the Line6 Helix multi fx cover for pretty much everything I need? I have almost no gear, and if I've understood correctly, the multi fx would do everything I described. It can offer all tones, effects and recording. It is very expensive, but so would be a new amp, different pedals and recording gear if I bought them all separately. Am I on the wrong track here? In a way Line6 Helix can probably seem like an overkill for a bedroom guitarist like me, but I like the thought of just having that one piece of gear can do pretty much everything. I started looking into Helix when I read that The Doo from Youtube might be using it. I really like his tone, although I'm sure his tone comes mostly from his fingers and tweaking the audio (not delusional that I would sound like him). Thank you for your time! Eric
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