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  1. Tried all of that and different USB Cables. Still nothing.
  2. I cannot even get anything to show up on the Update Screen. I too have 2, then 3 blinking Red lights on the G10S and 3 green for the Transmitter (Fully Charged) License Manager shows my mac, I scan for devices and nothing. The G10S is registered to my account.
  3. I purchased the Vintage Model Pack, updated to the Latest Monkey and License Manager and the License Manager would not show the "Add on" of the Model pack. Opened a support ticket got Line6 Involved only to find out after numerous emails that There is no support for High Sierra or Mojave, the last two Operating system updates from Apple. I had to use my laptop and load in OSX Sierra, (Older Version) then use older versions of Monkey and Manager and then the License Manager saw I had the Model packs and loaded them in the PODHD500X. I was also told that the Model packs are already loaded into your device, you just need the License Manager to recognize that you did in fact purchase the Model pack. I would not be surprised if people running Windows or other Operating systems would also have issues. Harleymon
  4. Is this using a PC or using a MAC computer? Line 6 Is not the quickest to get things running properly on MAC Computers, since High Sierra was developed. FYI Harleymon
  5. I have some good news, sorta, but it took a reformat of my MacBook Air back to OS X Sierra then I loaded line six monkey but Not the latest. I went back on the downloads page and went back to pre high Sierra monkey and downloaded that as well as drivers and license manager. Then I made sure I did the same with HD edite and HD workbench Then I tried loading the “Vintage Model” pack and the monkey and license manager both see my 500x. And the vintage pack loaded. One thing to note, Apple is using a new method on your primary hard drive, that I understand came with High Sierra update, controlling your ability to load software from non authorized developers This is why I think that line 6 newer monkey and license manager Don’t See your pod 500 and 500x Hope this helps Harleymon
  6. If you are connecting to a USB Hub and not directly into your MAC, could be a possible issue. As well as close out all Running programs. Like anti virus if you have it, etc. I have a HD500X and the New Monkey update.1.78 does Not recognize my PODHD500X. Drop down Menu does not have the PDHD500X listed.. go figure Good Luck Harleymon
  7. I just downloaded the Updates for Monkey and License Manager. The Now Monkey does not recognize the 500x and does not even show it on the drop down menu when you try to connect.
  8. Yes thank you I tried that and it did not work. Ive went so far as to execute Terminal commands set out by Live 6 and still nothing Harleymon
  9. I too am having the same issue trying to install the HD 500x “ Vintage Pack” it says the “drivers are installed along with the “USB software” but when you go tthe License Manager, it doesn’t show anything and does not appear to be communicating with the Pod HD. Have an open ticket and they tell me to do things that I’ve already tried. When they say give permission, they are speaking of going to System Prefernces, Keyboard, then make sure if the “Allow all tools” is checked, and that you check “Allow Apple, and identified Developers” is checked.. not just “Apple”, did that too still no luck. Going to try once more. If it doesn’t work I’m returning the vintage pack. Hope this helps, a little. Harleymon
  10. Hello All ​ I have a Variax Standard, a HD500X as Fender Deluxe Reverb as well as a Amplifi 150. Thinking of getting the DT50 or the Lt2 (any comments on either or?) ​ I find the action a bit too high for my liking on the Variax, and am curious if changing it so it is lower ( I have a very competent Luthier friend) would diminish or change the tonal qualities when using the modelling guitars, or affect the Piezo pickup? Thanks Harleymon
  11. Hello. I had the same issue. I discovered that if you connect the HD500X to your MAC Book Pro via USB, ( I have an IMac Retina running the latest Sierra) the run Line 6 Monkey. It will ask you to sign into your Line 6 Account.. IF you don't have one set one up.. Then it will automatically look for your 500X, once you are connected, and show you which updates, software etc you can download.. Hope this helps Harleymon
  12. I have the Fender Deluxe reverb as well as Amplifi 150. I want a pedal that I can connect to both amps at the same time. Does anyone know if I can stream to the Amplifi 150 and cable to the Fender and get both amps to recognize the Tones being used? I was going to get the FBV Shortboard MK ii but it won't send any tones to the Fender. IF, this won't work does anyone know of a Line 6 Product that will be able to accomplish what I am looking for? Thanks Harleymon
  13. I have an Amplifi 150 I use with the Remote on my iPad air2. Because of limited storage capability on the iPad I want to store my Music on a iMoblie USB flash drive connected to the iPad via a Lightning cable. The iPad recognizes the iMobile. All my music is NOT DRM It is my own CD Collection. Does anyone know, a way I can get iTunes to recognize the iMobile, or a third party program that the Amplifi Remote will recognize the mobile flash drive and play the music the same way iTunes would, that is to use the Patches etc the Amplifi Remote sees when using iTunes? Thanks Harleymon Attached is a pic of the iMobile device.
  14. Thanks Gkf9 I appreciate the response
  15. harleymon

    Amplifi 150

    Who can suggest my best option for a companion foot pedal for the Amplifi 150 for switching and editing if possible or not, tones, rather than using the iPad?
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