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  1. Check the settings in control panel for the USB ports. Disable any power saving feature. Make sure that you aren't using a hub. Also, try different USB ports on the computer. Using the ones directly on the motherboard (typically the ones in the rear) are going to be the best option. The front facing ports can be tied together before going to the motherboard (a hub). Out of curiosity, do you know version of USB ports you are using? For example, 1.1, 2.0, or 3.0. 3.0 ports, when built into a motherboard, are blue. Case mounted can be any color due to application. I have seen issues with 2.0 USB devices not liking to work on 3.0 ports. The specs that you provided indicate a solid machine for what you want to do. Is this a home built machine or an off the shelf Dell?
  2. I'm not a Mac user but I tried the same things as you did, different OS and app versions, to see if there was a work around. It wasn't until I contacted support that they corrected the issue. Nothing to do with my computers or app versions......it was something on their end. I find it odd that while L6 doesn't support the latest OS versions from Apple, that the L6 app wouldn't work correctly. I don't know what Apple would have changed.
  3. cage771

    Case for HD500X

    Finally took the time to mount the HD500X to the board this morning. It turned out very nicely as the slats on the board line up with the two raised areas on the bottom of the POD. The provided velcro is good and holds securely. Given that my main goal with this was to protect the power connection, I put the leading edge of the POD closest to the leading edge of the pedal board. I used zip ties and some velcro straps to mount the power supply under the pedal pedal board. I grabbed an 18" inch extension cord out of my parts bin to get a proper lead out from under the pedal board. It turned out nicely and I see no issue with the arrangement. It fits nicely into the bag. My only remaining concern is the quality of the bag and how long it will stand up to transportation and actual use. Time will tell of course. All in all, this seem to be a good way to protect the POD, protect the power supply and other connections, and make transportation easy.
  4. Line 6 has corrected the issue with authorizing devices. If you were experiencing the same issues, try it again. I tested and verified that it is working.
  5. All - Try the process again. I have spoken via email with tech support several times today and they have resolved the issue. I tested and verified it for/with them.
  6. Thanks! I have verified that I have the latest firmware (2.62) and software. It seems that the software and the server have two ideas of what my POD ESN should be. Although that doesn't make much sense given that I can't authorize my computer(s) either. Im going to give the XP VM setup a chance when I get the time tonight.
  7. Interesting. I have heard of this but when I go to the last page, all it says is "Standard:Model Set" under Model Packs. So far I've tried License Manager on Win 10 and Win 7 with no luck. I'm going to try XP (I have a VM running it) and see what happens. I also have a ticket in with tech support.
  8. I am having the exact same issue. The model packs are not being authorized despite registering my HD500X and jumping through the hoops. Everything (software and firmware) is the latest and greatest. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Still.....no new packs as being authorized. Out of curiosity, what OS are you running?
  9. cage771

    Case for HD500X

    I bought this Floorboard and bag from Amazon. It just arrived this morning so I haven't had time to mount the HD500X to it yet. Upon inspection, the bag and board are of solid construction. The board is just the right width and due to the depth, connections won't be hanging off the back and exposed to feet. It came with everything advertised including the power supply brackets. I will have to drill and tap the screw holes for the brackets, but that's easy enough. The bag has an internal and an external pocket, and with the HD500X and the board in the case, there is plenty of room for cables. Oh, along with the normal carry handle, the bag has decently padded backpack straps. At this price point and for what I need it for, I have no complaints yet.
  10. cage771

    Case for HD500X

    Thanks for the suggestions. I went with a decently priced pedal board with bag off of Amazon. It's a bit bigger in all dimensions than the HD500X so it should work perfectly. My biggest concern was protecting the unit during transport and when in use, protecting the power supply and rear connectors from stray feet. As of now, and on paper, what I ordered should fit the bill nicely.
  11. Today I registered my HD500X and Line 6 gave me the HD Fully Loaded Bundle for free. Sweet...... Here's the thing, as I'm going through the process to authorize my computer and POD, the authorization process never "sticks". License manger gives me the pop up, but it never appears on the website, nor do the amp bundles appear in License manager. All software is up to date as well as firmware and drivers. If I close license manager and re-open it, my computer and POD are no longer authorized. I'm hoping that someone has seen this issue before and might provide some pointers as to what is going on. Thanks!
  12. cage771

    Case for HD500X

    All - I am on the hunt for, at a minimum, a case for an HD500X. I'd actually prefer a pedal board (with case) so that the power supply can be mounted underneath. Thanks!
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