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  1. vxjoe

    Helix wont power my Variax

    Sorry, just re read that the inputs were set correctly.
  2. vxjoe

    Helix wont power my Variax

    Is the patch input set to variax as the input source? Just a thought, I have not tried my variax with the Helix yet. It seems all the no audio issues I've encountered are due to the input being improperly selected. Either using an OEM patch or a download from the forum. Just my thoughts.
  3. vxjoe

    Question about Split A/B and Merge block levels

    A splitter in real life does have a 3db loss, while a switch a/b does not. Summing two identical signals also has a 3db gain. One cannot get any more real than that.
  4. vxjoe

    Patch with a lot of Sustain

    You ate welcome. If you need more sustain you can add a compressor.
  5. vxjoe

    Patch with a lot of Sustain

    Here ya go, hope you like Santana. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1912471/
  6. vxjoe

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    A trainwreck model would be nice.
  7. vxjoe

    Helix editor?! When?! Now

    Still waiting, not so patiently anymore. Is beta available?
  8. vxjoe

    Rotary joystick knob new operation mode

    Anothet arguement for a PC based editor.
  9. vxjoe

    The manual just isn't cutting it.

    If L6 is using the terms as they are used in electronics, then a search for a term as it relates to power supply ripple will definitely cause weird bias related sound. Poor supply filtering causes hum, which older tube amps have a null control to minimize hum. Alternately the tube amplifier terms can also be searched; bias, biasing, classes of amps, etc. Although I have no idea what bias X is. Not really a term I've come across in my electronics work. I hope this helps. Lots of the reading may be too in depth and the terms that L6 is using may or may not apply.
  10. vxjoe

    Use expression pedal to pan between 2 amp models

    So you want one input and two outputs, mono in stereo out?
  11. vxjoe

    Bad installer file not digital signed???

    I have Win 8.1, got the same error. I moused and got the option to install anyway. Itworked without issue. Line6 does need to get this fixed, it freaked me out too.
  12. vxjoe

    Use expression pedal to pan between 2 amp models

    http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1759978/ I used the template to build this Jimmy Herring patch. Enjoy!
  13. vxjoe

    Updater Software update to 1.07 goes terribly wrong

    A couple of things to check. Did you download a Windows version or Apple version. Did you download it twice, once for each computer. This would eliminate a bad download. Those are the two items that come to mind. I did get an error several times after downloading three times. The third time i ignored the error, scanned the download for a virus and selected to continue. It loaded without any trouble. Good luck.
  14. vxjoe

    FX controller request

    It would be beneficial for the FX "controller" section in the 500X to add a footswitch parameter to allow the control of the speed function when using the rotary drum and horn (Leslie). So far the programming allows Exp 1, Exp 2, Variax volume, Variax tone or off. I have gotten the pedal to control speed from parameter zero to 100, (using exp 1 or 2 reserved for the pedal) allowing a varying speed for the Leslie effect. To be clear, I am requesting the addition of selecting a footswitch (in addition to the exp 1 and 2, Variax tone or volume or off) to select the drum/horn speed from slow to fast. I have also heard that plugging in an external Expression pedal may do this. As would an on off switch plugged in to the external expression switch on the rear. I do not wish to add another external item, or I would use outboard volume and a Cry Baby pedal to free up the internal exp 1 and 2. Thank you