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  1. Thanks again HO I did all that you suggested and it worked. Turns out I was using Helix ap 1.02. Also: http://line6.com/cus...e/tone/1759978/ I used the template to build this Jimmy Herring patch. Enjoy! Since I got this to work I love it. Great job VXJOE. I learned a lot from this and I think it's real creative. The studio comp is essential to balance the levels of the two amp models. Nice!
  2. http://line6.com/cus...e/tone/1759978/ I used the template to build this Jimmy Herring patch. Enjoy! I downloaded this patch and my Helix won't recognize it. I use a windows 8 computer and I tried to drag and drop the saved file into my pc Helix interface. It wouldn't import. Did I do something wrong or could this be a pc/mac thing??
  3. Not sure this could be done stereo out, as I remember this was done with a stereo pan, one amp (expression pedal) toe up 100% and the other amp tow down 100%. The expression pedal blends the two amp models based on the pedal position. Like using the expression pedal to increase or decrease gain but with two different amp flavors. I will try Tagmuse's suggestion and try the merge-block. Thanks all...
  4. I tried this, did I do something wrong? I want the expression pedal to blend between two amp models not use a footswitch. As I remember, pan one amp 100% right and the other 100% left and use the expression pedal to pan between the two amp models. Just can't figure it out.
  5. aarrgh... Looks like I wasted 30 bucks on a cable. I'll post on Ideascale and hopefully line 6 will work to fix this.
  6. Can you use the expression pedal to blend from one amp model to another? Relatively clean to a higher gain. It's been a while but I did it with my hd500.
  7. Thanks Edstar, On the advice of a friend of mine I ordered the line 6 vdi cable. He said it sounded much closer to the guitar cable and I trust his ears. Time will tell for me as the cable has shipped.
  8. Thanks Uber, seems like it would be worth fixing. At this point I don't want to use the Variax cable.
  9. Actually I think that the models and the mag pickups both sound better with a 1/4 inch guitar cable. The Variax cable adds some undesirable brightness to my ears. I'm new to this forum so has this come up before or has anyone else experienced this? Might just be my cable. It's a "mystarsound" ethernet cable that locks into the Helix and the Variax.
  10. I have a JTV 69 made in Korea and when I use a Variax cable with Helix or HD 500 it changes the sound of the magnetic pickups. Sounds to me like a bit of piezo quack. When I use a guitar cable the pickups sound natural. I'd like to be able to use the variax cable but I'd also like to be able to use the magnetic pickups. Has anyone else run into this?
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