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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys. Recently I sold my Helix Floor to buy a (brand new) Rack+Controller+Power Conditioner and everything arrived today. Very happy so far, love the new setup, much easier on my back lol! The power conditioner also removed all the noise I had coming from my power socket, awesome toy. Anyway, the joystick on the Rack front panel, it's very fluid for top/left/bottom clicks, but stiff on the right. You can barely feel and ear the click. I had exactly this same behavior on the Helix Floor, even on the second Joystick they installed for a repair. At this point I guess it's something common? After that, I see the joystick it's very off center, but again...looking around on google images, I see the same thing on many units. At this point I'm just trying to understand if the two factors are correlated, stiffness and off center (bad installation on the front panel?), or if it's just a common thing and I've to live with it. Any Rack user here that could confirm or give me some advice? Do I have to return it? Meh? :) Anyway, couple of pics so you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks for any input. o/
  2. The joystick on my Helix Floor no longer responds to push or rotation input. It still functions in the 4 directional push mode, but that is all. Have tried global reset without success. Anyone else experienced this and is there a fix?
  3. I very frequently find that when I'm trying to navigate around the screen with the joystick that I accidentally spin it. This causes the model currently under the cursor to change, and I may not even be aware that I changed the model until after I saved a preset. Is there any way to make it so that you have to first press the joystick or something to select it before allowing the rotation to change the model? I assume no, but wanted to check before I popped the request onto ideascale.
  4. I just received my Helix, so I am speed programming my sounds for my gig next Sunday. I'm in a coverband, so I need lots of sounds! I don't no how many times I have pressed the joystick button to try to pick a block up, move it with the joystick and press the joystick to put it down. But that doesn't work!! As you all know, pressing the joystick opens the list of effects, cabs, etc. It drives me crazy!! Is that just me?? I just can't seem to change my routine! I would very much like to be able to switch the functions of the action-button and the joystick-button. Would be great for a next update!!
  5. I was editing a sound on my Helix floor unit and all of a sudden I noticed that the joystick no longer does anything when I turn the knob. Did I somehow configure my unit to not use the joystick for scrolling or is my joystick broken? I wanted to check with users here before I submit a ticket in case I just disabled it myself. I have version 1.10 firmware in my Helix. -Max
  6. Hi all, I have an issue that im worried about that i hope everyone can help with as well as Line 6 staff/experts can shed some light on. Ive purchase a pedaltrain pro (softcase version) to mount the helix to along with extrenal expression pedals and various pedals used in the effects loops. My worry is that when the pedlaboard goes in the case with everything on it the 2 push button control knobs (preset control and the main joystick) appear to be depressed with the softcase lid pushing against the top of the helix. This isn't a massive issue other than the fact that im parranoid that this will shorten the life span of those 2 main controls. My questions are does anyone have any ideas to get around this and also for the Line 6 staff/experts what is the warranty on those controls should they become faulty? Thanks
  7. Create a selectable second operating mode for joystick: In second mode the rotation is enabled only when the display shows the list of amps and effects or the list of patches. In the normal navigation screen of a patch the rotation is disabled. If you want to change an amp of effect in the patch first you push the joystick then select a voice from the list rotating the joystick and push again for confirmation. I think this is a way to avoid accidentally changes. If you like my idea please vote for it.
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