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  1. Hi all, I have an issue that im worried about that i hope everyone can help with as well as Line 6 staff/experts can shed some light on. Ive purchase a pedaltrain pro (softcase version) to mount the helix to along with extrenal expression pedals and various pedals used in the effects loops. My worry is that when the pedlaboard goes in the case with everything on it the 2 push button control knobs (preset control and the main joystick) appear to be depressed with the softcase lid pushing against the top of the helix. This isn't a massive issue other than the fact that im parranoid that this will shorten the life span of those 2 main controls. My questions are does anyone have any ideas to get around this and also for the Line 6 staff/experts what is the warranty on those controls should they become faulty? Thanks
  2. Can i please address the answer to the topic by the Line 6 Staff member, can you please tell me then what is different about the Line 6 EX-1 to the Roland EV-5??? Is the wiring different or is it to do with a Mono or TRS cable?? Thanks
  3. Roland EV-5 does the same. Im told to get a non 'Mission' pedal for this thing you have to get the Line 6 EX-1
  4. FYI Roland EV-5 as an external expression pedal is a no go. I 'think' because it has a TRS cable it means that trying to control any parameter with it e.g pitch wham, wah, vol not only is it not very clean sweep it goes from say 3% to 97% but its also inverted so pedal up is vol down and then you rock the pedal back and it turns it up?? Anyone got a fix for this?? Thanks
  5. Hi all, help please!!!! I want to setup helix on a pedalboard for easy of use obviously with the added expression pedals now setup and the extra pedals coming in from the effects loops. I had planned on getting 1 of the larger pedaltrains but im now worring about the issue of helix obviously being angled as per any other multi effects pedal chassis layout but the pedaltrain will be on an angle as well, so is there any other good options or has anyone already set this up on a pedaltrain and found that its not an issue??? Thanks
  6. Can anyone reccomend a definitive 'best option' for extra expression pedals for the helix? I have the helix pedal version not the rack and have ordered a roland ev-5 for an extra expression pedal but am now worried that theres no toe switch on the ev-5 so wont be able to use switching on it? I also wondered if anyone could shed any light on the possibility of being able to use the Helix Control floorboard for the rack, but with the pedal version?? I use quite a lot of switches for signal paths stuff, like between multiple amps and IR's/cabs so doesn't leave much room for actual effects switching?? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply!! As it currently runs, if you compare it to an 'analog' rig as it were, where does your -MOD/DELAY/REV etc come into the signal chain?
  8. Hi all, this is my first post but i have a got a lot of information from all these topics so i thought id put this out there. I have been using my helix mainly with headphones as im not able to make too much noise but when i do amplifiy the beast i run it into the POWER AMP IN on my fender which sounds fantastic. My question is when using it with my amp i use the preamp versions of the amp models and no cab/IR but when using it with headphones and using what you could call a standard arrangement of effects e.g. - VOL-EQ-DISTORTION----AMP/CAB----MOD-DELAY-REV etc But in my standard rig i would normally run the VOL-EQ-DISTORTION- etc into the front end of the amp and the MOD-DELAY-REV etc in the effects loop but in the helix setup it comes after the amp and cab altogether?? Hope this makes sense??
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