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  1. Reaper can do that for any plugin. Every plugin has a list of parameters that can be controlled, and Reaper will just output that as a list with sliders when the UI button is pressed, rather than the plugin's actual UI.
  2. There are some tempo markers in the project so that's a good idea to look into. The project is setup so each song has a region, and there are some interlude regions in between where some backing tracks will play and the guitarist can tune, etc. The keyboardist is using Native Instruments plugins to play through, so he has the laptop in front of him. He uses the touchpad to move to each region, or the Region Manager to go to the start. Then he starts the song. At practice we're repeating songs and such so he's frequently moving the cursor around. At a show we would hit play at the beginning and just let it run. When I've tested just running through the project things work fine. But when we practice things get screwed up on the second or third song. We play each song maybe 3 times and move on currently.
  3. It's intermittent to reproduce, so this is a fantastic idea!
  4. I've got a little MIDI problem I'm having trouble with... I have a Reaper project set up for the set list of my band. In it I have a MIDI track that is routed to my Helix Rack via a USB connection. There are MIDI items for each song. And within each I'm calling a preset via Program Change on the Helix. Then I'm using CC messages to select snapshots in different parts of the song. Most of the time things work fine, but the Helix pulls up the wrong patch in the middle of a song sometimes - like it was sent a bad message and reverts to an earlier one. Or like the MIDI item in Reaper is programmed incorrectly (but I'm 99% sure it's not...). Anyone seen similar issues? Not sure if this is a Reaper or Helix problem, or both...
  5. After much digging and a response from Line 6 I've found a way to do this in Reaper. Just updating this for posterity! 1) Set up a track in Reaper 2) Add the Helix Plugin 3) Open the plugin window 4) Click the + button (next to the No preset drop down and the Param button at the top of the window) 5) Click Link to MIDI program change and choose an option 6) Click the + button again and click Save preset 7) Make another preset 8) Add a MIDI item to the track, or another track and send the MIDI to the first track. 9) Use the Bank/Program Select option in the automation. 10 Set the Program number to the desired preset. Note that MIDI is 0 based, meaning the 128 options starts as 0 and goes up to 127. So preset 1 is 0, preset 2 is 1, etc. In testing I found that there is still a delay when switching presets (unlike snapshots). Switching between the first 2 Factory patches had audio gaps between 25-75 ms. These were also delayed. So you'll want to move the Program Changes forward a little so the delay and gap happen at the very end of the section and the beginning of the new part has the proper sound. I DID find that rendering stems, freezing, or even full project renders seem to have a bug when doing this. They don't render fully. Posted that on the Reaper forums looking for help.
  6. good morning , i want to ask if it is possible to conect relay g50 line 6 with yamaha thr 10 ii W  wireless , only with transmitter ? without receiver (wireless  as like with G10 )


    and if you know the way ?

    thank you very much 

  7. I own a couple of PowerCab 212+ speakers along with a Helix. The PC212+ supposedly has a frequency response that rolls of at around 70Hz. This makes the cabinet really not great for Bass Guitar. It's quite thin and the bass sound is disappointing for anything other than some old school like Beatles bass tone. I've already submitted an IdeaScale post for a matching PowerCab Subwoofer, which would be fantastic to make the system work for both guitar and bass. It then occurred to me that the StageSource series already HAS a sub woofer (though not matching the PC series aesthetic). So, I'm REALLY curious if anyone has ever tried them together? In particular I'm wondering if the L6 Link is compatible between the two? Can I plug into the Sub and pass it through to the PC212+ and have them auto configure the high pass properly? Does it also successfully send the control messages to change the speaker model on the PC212+ since it's supposed to be a pass through?
  8. You don't explain why you want to use these two inputs on the amp? The manual implies you need to split the signal into Path A and B, and change Path B to the Send's output instead of the Main. But why are you trying to use the two inputs?
  9. If you set the output to "Multi" it will feed the same signal to the 1/4", XLR, Digital, and USB 1/2 outputs. The signal will be stereo or mono depending on the signal chain you set up IF both sides are connected. If you only connect the Left side of the 1/4" or XLR out, it converts it to mono regardless.
  10. I only own the PC212+ cabs, but have heard that the PC112+ can feel a little under powered in a live band setting. But for a bedroom without a real drum kit, it's probably just fine. That said, the PC212+ cabs do give you stereo with a width control. You can choose different speaker models for each side. And it's loud as F if needed. Plus it looks cool. :) The cabs use neodymium speakers, so they're pretty light regardless. Two PC112+ would give you the option of having a very large stereo width. Though the PC212+ does have the width control to use phasing to make it sound wider, it can't be as effective as two speakers in different parts of the room. On top of that, if you gig, you can put each on either side of the stage so that other band members can hear you better - and control the volume for just their side.
  11. The power amp does play a part in the tone, but how much depends on the amp. A high gain amp is often mostly preamp distortion and the power amp isn't as important. Alternatively a lower gain amp will often use the power amp more. Many older amps are low gain didn't have a master volume. So you just turned everything up to get it to the "sweet spot". Newer amps often do most of the work in the preamp and have a master volume to control level. The Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier supposedly has a "cold" bias setting for the power amp. That means that the power amp is dialed in so that it is used to make the sound of the preamp louder and not really color the tone with it's own distortion. Running a "real" preamp into the PowerCab would probably sound fine, but it would be missing the little bit of influence from the power amp, mostly depending on the amp design. A high gain amp may not sound much different. A low gain amp might not be great.
  12. If you get the PC212+, the 2nd input is designed for this. You can run your speaker modeling on your guitar, but then have an FRFR signal for the mix to listen to. I don't know if the 112 models support two inputs like this or not. This is what input 2 on the PC212+ supports. You get the colored speaker sim, but also the FRFR mix. amsdenj's "colored" comment is true for the 112's which don't have the dual input setup (AFAIK). Yes and no. Obviously it won't produce below 70Hz very well (I believe that's the spec on these), but as far as I know they EQ the speaker to be flat within a few dB's tolerance. So, I don't agree that it's entirely meaningless. :)
  13. Helix has a few bass amps and cabs, but nowhere near as many as the Bass Pod. So it really depends on what tone you're looking for and what that artist's patch used.
  14. Yep. There's also a switch on the back to turn off the cab/mic modeling completely, for use with a real cab. I don't believe the Spider has any HX algorithms, but depending on what you do, that may not matter. If you cant a powered helix, get the PowerCab212+ and don't look back. If you want a decent alt rig for easy practice or to play with friends, the Spider V is a pretty decent choice IMHO.
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