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  1. Hi - thanks for helping..... I did try restarting while not connected to USB, but didn't help. Wound up doing a reset and was able to load a backup. I guess with computers there's always the risk of something like this and I prob. should have been better prepared. Normally, it's ok to power up/power down while connected to computer via USB? I'm guessing this was caused somehow by cutting power to the unit while it was connected to computer (Although Ive done that hundreds of times before)... or maybe just a weird fluke... curious to see what tech support says when they get back.
  2. PPS - when i try to load my backup, I also still get the HX edit message saying failed to initialize error -8201. may have to try full factory reset...
  3. PS HX edit shows code 8201 if that helps
  4. HI - restarted helix tonite (had used in AM with no problems) - I had it connected via usb to iMac with mojave... when i started back up, no presets in helix for my user 3,4,5, which is where all my current presets are (were)... factory ones are there and some really old ones in User 1 and 2. HX edit says failed to initialize... have already restarted once, but they didn't come back.... I can load backup I guess, but haven't backed up in a couple of weeks and had made a bunch of presets i really loved.... Never had anything like this happen before and didn't think I needed to back up that often... lesson learned, I guess If anyone has any ideas on how to revive the missing ones, please LMK! Thank you!
  5. Thank you for confirming that... I guess it's a road trip to the service center! As an expert, do you have any info/insight for deciding between getting this fixed of ponying up for a powercab? Thanks!
  6. Hi - Wondering how you would compare the DT25 to the Powercab? If you could only have one, which is better? more 'amp-like'? Thanks!
  7. This is probably coincidence, but have had 2 issues lately that seem potentially related to using helix with the DT25. First, my helix lost all output shortly after connecting to DT25 (which was sounding great BTW). Luckily have the extended warrantee on helix and that was repaired and has seemed fine for a month or so now. Have since tried the DT25 on 2 gigs and was fine. today was trying some new settings on helix (in particular playing with the DT25 Class A, class A/B and pentode/triode options, which are a great feature) ... was playing a bit after making adjsutments and then there was a volume drop and I heard a little 'static' then the amp died.. no power light, no sound. Speaker protection fuse was fine. Questions: 1. I have seen some threads indicating that tubes could cause problem... if it's just tubes, would power still not even come on? Should I just try new tubes first? 2. I'm assuming that if I take in for service, could be $300 roughly, which isn't awful, but wondering if anyone has compared the sound and feel of the DT25 with the Powercab? 3. Is there any reason to think that the powercabs might play more nicely with helix than DT25? any reason to think powercabs would be any more reliable than DT25? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi - Can I send the recorded loop ONLY to headphones for the drummer so he can hear it clearly without the live guitar throwing him off the beat? Thanks!
  9. thank you... I did try re-installing 2.8.1 update.... at first, no change... I decided to call it quits for the night and turned it off. so 'bout 1/2 hour later, turned it back on and it was working! Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes of playing it kind of sputtered a few times and tried to stay on, but then died again :( Thankfully, i purchased the add'l. coverage, so fairly confident Line 6 will sort it out quickly.
  10. FWIW, I am having very similar issue with helix I've had for a while and have also submitted a ticket... have used helix pretty much every day (very happily) for a long time and this happened once to me shortly after updating to 2.8.1 a few weeks ago, but it got better all by itself after about a 1/2 hour (approx)... now it's happening again and not coming back... have also tried full restore, but still no sound. If you figure anything out, please post! Thanks!
  11. scottwilliams

    No Sound!

    Hi - part 1. A few weeks ago, After helix updated to 2.81 for several days- use it all the time. very happy. tried with my dt25 via line 6link today for first time and sounded great about 1/2 hour into it, suddenly no sound on helix... didn't change anything, wasn't connected to computer, didn't notice any issues or anything. same guitar and cable work fine straight into an amp. Helix tuner does not register any signal either sound came back approx. 1/2 hour later... I assumed user error somehow. part 2. worked very reliably... (as usual) - I use it hours pretty much every day...... about 3 weeks later (today).... sitting and playing (not connected to anything via usb, not connected to anything via line 6 link, just guitar, 1/4 cable and xlr from helix to mixer). didn't move, didn't change a patch or anything and no sound. guitar/ cable/ xlr all work fine going to mixer without helix. tried many patches, including factory) -nothing. Tuner not registering any signal from guitar in or aux in. I ran Erase and restore/reset all factory and user presets: Hold footswitches 10 + 11. still no sound Any ideas? is there a better way to completely re-set all firmware and start from beginning? Have submitted ticket, but of course, it's the holiday and I won't be in front of helix during business hours tomorrow. Thanks!
  12. thanks for the help! had somehow missed that video. Would love to try taking that knob out of the equation for the mixer, but at the moment, the helix has decided to not recognize any input...just went silent in the middle of practice.... this happened a few weeks ago and then came back.. this time, not coming back yet... have submitted f/u to original ticket, but if anyone has any ideas.. pleas share! I have done all the standard cable troubleshooting and will try full reset/ restore next... wish me luck!
  13. I have been very happy with helix sounds, but also wonder about the volume settings. I have been doing the big knob around noon for the reasons above. Most of my amp patches have a channel volume somewhere between approx 3.5 and 7.5 depending on amp type and settings (again, sort of the same reasoning that it gives you room to adjust either way and it helps with the volume matching)... When i run to mixer with these settings, I have to turn the gain pot down on the channel pretty much all the way down to keep the meter/light from peaking too often. I don't notice a sound issue doing this really, but when I hear so many people saying they run the big know all the way up (and that's actually supposed to unity gain), does that mean that a lot of people are running their channel volumes in the 1- 4 range? Should I be trying to set levels on helix so that the mixer channel gain is set closer to unity? does it matter for helix where the mixer gain is, as long as it's not overloading the channel? I always thought you want to try to keep mixer gains at or close to unity gain for best sound (at least with mics)... does that not apply here? I think for me to get my patches working with the mackie mixer at unity, my channel volumes would all be down at like 2 or 3 to make that happen, and I'd probably stil have to knock down the output on the cabs...(at the moment, running IRs around -10....I did try them for a bit at -18... If using the stock cabs, usually keeping those right around 0... Sometimes I mix both types, and the -10 on the IR and the 0 on the stock cabs seems like a pretty even balance to me. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Is there a way to change where things show up when you go to edit mode? seems like they are sometimes in a different order in edit mode than they are in the patch...is there a way to set it up so that, for example, the amp is always on the same button, etc?
  15. Hi - i got the Celestion pack of Suhr IRs... when i put them in helix, i can't see the full name in helix or in helix edit. for example the Suhr Badger V30 112 C Hi-Gn 421+121 Celestion shows up in the list, but only as Suhr Badger V30 112 C Hi-Gn. the problem is there are 4 or 5 versions of this (different mic/room combos) and it makes it impossible to know which is which when adding to a patch. I could shorten the name before importing, but it's nice to be able to refer to the original names. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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