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  1. scottwilliams

    IR Names Shortened in Helix?

    Hi - i got the Celestion pack of Suhr IRs... when i put them in helix, i can't see the full name in helix or in helix edit. for example the Suhr Badger V30 112 C Hi-Gn 421+121 Celestion shows up in the list, but only as Suhr Badger V30 112 C Hi-Gn. the problem is there are 4 or 5 versions of this (different mic/room combos) and it makes it impossible to know which is which when adding to a patch. I could shorten the name before importing, but it's nice to be able to refer to the original names. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. scottwilliams

    Helix - Volume adjustments

    Hi I have some questions about volume levels also. I have recently purchased a Mackie 1608 digital mixer. I notice I have to keep the channel volume on helix very low in order to keep the mixer from clipping. This is true with just a simple amp patch- no FX- For example the placater dirty amp patch with the gain around 2 master volume around 6 and channel volume around 3or4- Then I have to keep the main volume knob on the unit at about 11 o'clock. Does this sound normal? I always ran it higher and did the xlr out with no volume knob as suggested, which usually sounded ok at home, but often had issues at gigs. Does the lower volume setting above seem correct? I feel like I need a reality check, but (at home....with fairly high volume in pa), this seems to be a major improvement.
  3. HI - I use my helix mostly on my imac with hx edit, but even with new drivers installed, it just won't keep connected to hx edit. Thought I would see if it worked any better on my windows machine (I've had same problem on 2 imacs). is that safe for helix to go between operating systems? if yes, when I download hx edit on my windows 10 machine and try to install, I keep getting asked what app I want to use to open it? is that because i have to load the helix drivers on the windows 10 machine first? Thanks!
  4. scottwilliams

    USB Hub for Imac

    hi - I have a USB 3.0 hub that doesn't work great. (I notice that external drives some times don't show up/ disconnect, etc...also when I've had issues with Helix and or HX Edit, support has said it's best to run right into the imac USB ports. However, not a ton of ports and if I good find a hub that worked well with helix (and my external drives, etc), that would be awesome. Any recommendations for a hub? It's an older imac, so maybe better to stick with a 2.0 hub? Thanks in advance!
  5. scottwilliams

    Helix Live - XLR for onstage and FoH?

    Hi - I think this is related enough for this thread: I have noticed that my helix seems to sound much better to PA if I use the 1/4" output. I go directly to the line input of the mixing board channel (we have a simple PA and I haven't seen any need for a DI when using the 1/4". I have found that it can be very tricky to set the xlr input levels on the mixer so that the sound is optimal.(I also usually have to keep the 'trim' basically at 0 to keep the helix from giving the mixer too hot of a signal, even with the main helix volume knob set around 11 or 12 oclock....maybe I need to re-set my patch output levels lower?).. With 1/4" to board, it seems much more consistent and the sound doesn't change character as much with different level settings on the mixer. It also seems that the xlr signal is brighter (not always in a good way) than using the 1/4" (which sort of makes sense, but I thought both outputs were supposed to be basically sound identical?) Would the xlr issues be due to the fact that I'm using a fairly inexpensive mackie portable mixer? when I use the helix xlr out directly to a powered speaker for my stage monitor, that seems to work nicely. I will try using the xlr output to the mixer tonite with the large volume knob out of the loop and see if that helps. (does anyone know if the xlr signal in that set up would be similar to the volume knob up full? 1/2 way? is there a way to set that xlr level globally while keeping it separate from the main volume knob? Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. scottwilliams

    Need to troubleshoot digital crackle with Helix

    Thanks for posting this..... I had the same problem and thought i had toasted the tweeters in my powered speaker until I noticed that it only happened when running the vintage delay, which I think I had set for a fairly long delay (approx. 450ms) and that the noise only happened on the delayed notes. switched to adriatic delay and issue is gone... phew! I really wanted to use the vintage delay because it's called 'vintage' and that should be better, right? I guess just better for shorter delays!