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  1. Hey people! anybody know how to set this up? i’ve assigned the tap tempo #cc midi command on my mc6 from the list of midi commands in the helix stomp manual (tap tempo midi command is #cc 64 from memory).. Now what do i need to do on the helix itself to assign this command to control tap tempo on my tape delay block?? thanks!
  2. Your 2nd idea seems like a good option for me! I’ve set up dedicated switches up on the midi controller for both stomp mode & preset modes. This is actually a better system anyway! Once in preset mode i can scroll through banks on the helix to quickly access even more presets :)
  3. Well that kinda makes sense. It seems an obvious midi command to list if it were possible. Guess it isn’t
  4. Thanks for the replies! It would seem that this is just an impractical way to run the mc6...if the helix can’t communicate back block changes back to mc6.. i just re-programmed the mc6 to trigger snapshots instead and now use the stomp for 3 blocks. If i need more blocks i could throw my fs7 back on the board! very flexible unit, i love it
  5. Hey guys, Anybody know the midi commands for scrolling up + down through presets? I can’t seem to find that info in the Helix stomp manual? thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I’ve just programmed the Morningstar MC6 to turn on blocks + a dedicated Tuner. I’m saving the footswitches on the Helix itself for 3 snapshots for instant preset tones with certain blocks turned on. My problem is when i turn a snapshot on using the Helix itself, the on/off status of the blocks doesn’t change on the MC6... Anyway to solve this? I am wondering whether a 2nd midi cable out of the Helix and into MC6 will allow the Helix to tell the MC6 of any block on/off status changes so the midi messages run both ways.. Hope this isn’t a confusing question :/ Thanks!
  7. Hi all. So every once in a while my Helix Stomp screen & footswitch led’s sort of freeze and i can no longer see what is turned on or off in play mode. Good news is everything continues to work however blindly in a way as i can’t tell what effects are on/off or see the tap tempo speed...i can still edit presets though..Kind of frustrating but i’m hoping a future firmware update might fix this issue?? The good news is after a quick reboot it works perfectly again. (is anyone else having this issue?) My question is actually this though, when i turn off the unit and reboot while connected to front of house and my power amp (via) fx send, will that cause any nasty popping sounds by turning it off on on like that mid performance?? I know turning keyboards off in this manner can be a very bad idea as i’ve often heard when our keyboard player has turned off after that gig before the desk channel has been muted & BANG!
  8. Anybody know this... if when only using mono blocks when building a preset will the stereo outputs function in dual mono? i want to use the hx stomp to send a signal to the desk & another to my power amp (with the exact same sound inc. cab sims). at the moment i’m using an fx send block at the end of my signal path to do this same thing. Problem is it leaves me only 5 blocks to work with..not a big problem but if can avoid needing to use a block for an fx send i will. thanks!
  9. Hi Helix ppl. New to the forums. Former Fractal user now using a Helix Stomp. I did my first gig direct with it last night. Sounded fantastic and very easy to edit on the fly unlike my old ax8 :( Only concern is that about 2 hours into my show the screen and footswitches started playing up. Basically the footswitch lights stopped telling me if an assigned block was on or bypassed (FS1 remained stuck on, FS2 & FS3 not working at all). Also, the stomp mode screen was not showing whether an assigned block was on or bypassed. The upside was everything was still working and changing sounds/tuning/tap tempo’ing as it should (just without any indication of what blocks were on or off on the footswitches or stomp screen. After show i turned the unit off & on and it was working 100% again. Changing to another preset and back did not fix the issue.. Slightly frustrating for live performance though! I hope it’s just a bug that a future firmware update might fix? Otherwise, what a powerful little tool. Line 6 any ideas? thanks
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