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  1. I was trying to see the status of program changes for changing presets, and see that it has not been addressed, but you cant blame Line 6 as you are trying to make their VST DAW Plugin into a live rig, which was never their intention considering they have a whole line of hardware modelers for live use. I use a Helix Floor unit live but am running Native as a secondary practice rig and trying to set up a little midi controller, but I can live with snapshots, turning blocks on and off, volume pedal, and Tap tempo via midi. Many times I can get through a set using one patch and just the snapshots and stomp changes. I am not confident they will add preset changes in fear of cannabalizing their hardware units, but I can understand their reasoning.
  2. I was able to get it all working by using the plug-in ReaLearn, that allows me to reassigning note values to CC codes.
  3. Still stuck. I am not sure what the issue is but sure its my lack of understanding Midi. Reaper is seeing all my keypresses on my Midi Controller (Alesis Q25 keyboard) - verified by running ReaControlMidi and logging of keypresses. For example I press the lowest key on the keyboard and it reports back note 48, etc. But when in Native the status bar (lower right "Midi In" light) will not see these presses ,except for when I move the Modulation wheel(CC1) or Pitch Wheel - nothing else responds. I was able to assign a block on and off to that CC1 that I know Native is seeing so Im close. Just cant figure out why none of the keys are being seen. I thought maybe it was because of Hardware Control mode being on and reserved CCs but that's not it as I tried ones not reserved with no luck and also tried turning off HC but still no joy. I could be wrong but since Reaper is seeing all my Midi keypresses, shouldnt it be as easy as setting a Bypass on the same note value as the keyboard is sending. Are note values the same as CC, or is there something I am missing. I also tried reassigning CCs via JS MIDI Mapper but that led nowhere. Just stuck and the issue is the Line6 support on MIDI is very sparse and this appears to be something on that side, and not Reaper, so not sure who can help.
  4. I am trying to set up a small practice rig with Native (I own a Floor for Live performances). Using Native with Reaper, and works fine, and am now trying to set up a small midi keyboard (Alesis Q25) to allow me easily to change snapshots , Bypass blocks etc. If I can get this working I might consider Midi Floor controller. So I have read the official L6 info on it(which is very limited) quite few posts on the Net about setting up, as well as the Helix Native Pilots guide, and am stuck at the point of getting the Native VST to see any Midi input (The lower right status bar "Midi In" not seeing anything). From the Native Pilots guide on page 47 I am stuck on this part: Additionally, it is often necessary to configure your DAW host track routing to so that the external MIDI Controller data is fed directly to your current Helix Native plug-in instance. This often requires the use of a MIDI or Instrument track to receive the MIDI input and then route it to the audio track on which the Helix Native plug-in inserted. Please see your application's documentation for details. TIP: On the plug-in’s Status Bar, at the lower right of the main window, you’ll see a handy MIDI In indicator light. When Helix Native receives MIDI input, you’ll see this light up green—which can be a big help I have a separate track setup for the Midi keyboard and then its routed to my Native track. Problem is Native does not appear to see my Midi commands being sent, as the NAtive VST is not showing any response on that "Midi In" icon in Native. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  5. I just got going on Helix Native(had a license I never used) and had the same question, but ended up getting it set up with SAVIhost - really simple
  6. Check out this video -https://youtu.be/hBltf-snJ8Q?t=737 It is my understanding that the midi capability is really dependant on your DAW capabilties. I am running Native in Reaper DAWand I was now looking at getting a foot controller to send midi commands like snapshots, bypass etc. I have a Helix floor for live but trying to set up a Native practice rig at my office. Curious about getting Native control via a NI Rig Control 3, came here looking for midi info.
  7. What about presets that utilize the newer reverbs from 2.50. As you probably know, on 2.60 the newer reverbs got considerably wetter so most are having to dial back the mix as much as 50%, and lower decay too. Im not sure what presets would be affected by this, but will there be any updaying needed as a result of this?
  8. I am a bit late in responding to your post but we have a pretty large FB group for Helix worship use. You will find all your looking for there. Some of those mentioned in this thread are regulars, and we have a files section and a bead on all the best patches for Worship: https://www.facebook.com/groups/helixworshipteamusers/
  9. Totally. We just need some better Reverbs, and more Strymon like delays. I use a Boss RV-6 in the loop, as well as a Digitech JAmMan Solo XT looper in a loop that allows my to play Root key pads along with it.
  10. And most importantly, they have roadies to move, setup and tear down all that analog gear. This is enough of a reason for me to have an all in one modeler.
  11. Have you been over to the Facebook Helix Worship Users group? We got tons of great presets being posted - Even better than the stuff WT is posting and selling, and some of the players are at some pretty large churches.
  12. I am having this same issue with the Solo XT and the Helix. Same clipping/static sound on playback of the loop. Mine was placed as well at the end, after the cabs which I thought would be the logical place. Before the cab and it is fine, so that is where I have it now, set to an 50% mix but send and return flat at 0. I did try to adjust the cab level higher than -18db which is where most of my patches are but that introduced more crackly sound overall. I have run a few pedals in the loops of the helix and overall they seem to be very sensitive in that you need to find just the right balance of settings to get them to sound right. I think it definitely has to do with overall patch volume leveling since there are multiple places where leveling can be set, but I also noticed that the Jamman does do some post processing on the signal running through it too, as I put a drum machine in a Helix loop and moved it around while playing and it sounds different before the looper. Bummer because I want to runn the drum machine before the looper to record it but it doesn't sound as good. Update: I was able to fix this issue with a bit more research and can now run the looper after the cab with no static.clipping sounds. I had to set the send level on the FX loop to -6db, and then I also am setting mix setting to 80%. Return is still set to 0db. It tells me that the JamMan is very sensitive to the input signal level so YMMV based upon what your Helix preset is set at signalwise. What lead me to figuring this out was the JamMan manual mentions input signal spec as +4db for unity gain with loop level set to 12 o'clock on the pedal, so I started messing with the settings on the Helix with this in mind.
  13. Love the interface - I use it over the editor for editing my patches. I only use the software editor for management, backup, rename, as I find the onboard UI much faster One thing however I would really like to see is some undo or cancel options on the UI as I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally changed an effect or parameter by accident, only to have to completely leave the preset and re-enter it to recover, losing all my other changes. One other thing I have had an issue with is accidentally touching a footswitch when making other changes, and invoking an unrelated edit by accident I have gotten very good at saving after every little change, but would like to see some better controls on this.
  14. The Effects loops seem to be a bit cheesy in its parameter adjustments so hopefully Line6 will address. Having the same issue on another pedal - Digitech Jamman Solo XT Looper pedal. Seems their specs for 3rd party effects use are really limited. The best solution I found was to assign it to a footswitch that also bumps the output block db when engaged. Since the Output block is where Line^ recommends patch leveling be done too you really need to make sure the patch leveling is all done before you start assigning the controller, or you will be continually tweaking.
  15. Anybody running a Zoom MS-70cdr in a FX loop of the Helix for some added Reverbs and Delays? I am trying to set mine up but having some issues. Getting a lot of crackling so I dialed the send db way back to -15db but then to get the volume back up I have the return db set to the max which is 6db. Still not enough to get unity gain compared to bypassed. I then added a volume block tied to the same footswitch and having to boost it another 7db to get it close, but the sound is not clear with all the gain and affects more than that one block. I have tried a few pedals in loops and it seems there is alot of tweaking that needs to be done, but still not enough parameters to get it right. I have tried line and instrument on that FX loop and instrument seems to work best, but still not totally happy with it. I. tried the other loops as well and the yare all the same/ anybody else using the MS-70CDR? What else can I try?
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