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  1. Thanks, cvmiller39. I'm convinced it's the POD GO WIRELESS, not the UHost. The UHost works to send MIDI to every other device I've tried it with. Admittedly, that list is not exhaustive, but it's enough to make me think there is something in the POD GO WIRELESS that doesn't like MIDI signals coming from the UHost.
  2. Thanks. I suspect the problem is with the Pod Go Wireless, though.
  3. I'm confused. What is it about the Pod Go Wireless that the manual says it can accept MIDI commands for setlist changes, patch changes, and some other changes by Control Changes, but I can only get it to work using OnSong on my iPad Air? I'd rather use a pedal, such as the MorningstarFX MC3, MC6MKII, or MC8. I'd rather have the control at my feet, not at my fingers. I've got an MC3 hooked up to the Pod Go Wireless right now. It's going through a CME WIDI UHost to mate the USB ports on the two pedals together. This same setup works great for other devices I have for changing patches, etc. Why not the Pod Go Wireless? I can see that data are being send from the UHost to the Pod Go, but the Pod Go makes no response at all. Yet it works using OnSong through a USB C to USB B cable. What is going on? It's clearly something about the Pod Go, something not mentioned anywhere in the manual that I can find. I've read the other thread here that is roughly on this topic, but it doesn't answer the question I have. What is it specifically about the Pod Go Wireless that means it doesn't respond to MIDI messages from an MC3 (or similar pedal) and Uhost (or similar device)? And,,why is it not mentioned in the manual or advertising so you can know in advance it won't work? Or - does it work, and I'm just doing something wrong? Thanks for any input on this, Carl
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know how to help. Have you tried just searching for a rechargeable lithium ion CR2 battery with 3.7 volts (not 3.0 volts as a lot of the CR2 batteries are)? Carl
  5. Hah. Right after I wrote the above, I discovered the Reselect Toggle option under Preferences. Does exactly what I want.
  6. HeinzWallach. Sorry, I'm not sure what "akku" means. If it means "battery", then the one I link to above should work. Good luck.
  7. I never use more than two snapshots per preset on my STOMP XL. I'd like to use one switch to go back and forth between them. It seems that should be possible. I've tried setting up a switch as a CC Toggle, CC# 69, Values 0 and 1, and feeding the MIDI OUT directly into the MIDI IN. It will switch the first time I press the switch, but not again. There has to be an easier way. What am I missing? Also, why doesn't the method I outlined work? Thanks, Carl
  8. And I'm responding to it, not to you personally. It's all cool.
  9. My G10 had just passed its warranty when the battery went dead. In fact, I had two other G10s that also died just after the warranty period. As I said, this one sat dead for about three years before I found a battery that works. I did the battery replacement safely, and can now use the transmitter again. Having a battery that is not "user-serviceable" and that, in fact, can't even be purchased in the US, left me with the option of tossing the G10 (which I did with the other two), or finding a way to save some of my investment in the third one. I did the replacement safely, and it works. And you'll notice my last sentence in the original post, where I urge caution and being safe if the replacement is attempted. I appreciate your comments, but there are lots of us out there with dead, expensive units that CAN be salvaged. Had there been a way to get the battery or unit replaced through Line6 (I tried), I would have availed myself of it. Regards, Carl Owner of many Line6 products since about 1996, or whenever that first Pod came out
  10. I just got this, and the battery fits the G10 perfectly. And has the same specs as the ICR17280, except it's only 400maH instead of 600maH. Amazon.com: EBL CR2 Rechargeable Batteries, 3.7V Lithium Photo Batteries 8 Pack with Rechargeable Battery Charger(Not Arlo Batteries) : Health & Household Soldered it in place today and was happy to find that it charges and syncs with my Spider V60 amp. It also allowed me to update the G10 transmitter and receiver to their respective latest firmware updates. Given that this wireless setup has been utterly useless to me for several years, I'm pretty happy about this. I hope this helps someone else with a dead battery in a G10. Be very careful taking it apart and especially while soldering the battery. Get help if you need it. Carl
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm new to Studio One, but I think of an Aux channel as essentially an audio channel. And, yes, Helix is inserted on that channel. It's possible the problem you cite was happening to me. Today, my bandmate and I finally got Native to recognize a controller for the Wah position. But Native seemed to constantly cause the whirling circle on my MacBook, so I think we've decided it will be easier and less crash-prone to use Ampire in Studio One to recreate my patches. So, Native is out of the picture now for my work in this band. Once again, thanks for your reply. Carl
  12. I am trying to use Helix Native within the Show Page of Studio One 5.2. Latest version of Native. I am able to get Native to change its internal presets as I want, but I cannot figure out how to have Native, which is set up as an Aux instrument (audio), receive MIDI controller data to, for example, control the position of a wah pedal. I've tried a number of ways. I'm using an Audiofront MIDI Expression device with an expression pedal connected to send CC 11. I can see the controller change values in the Controller window in the upper left. Dragging the hand for that controller doesn't work. Setting it up as a knob doesn't seem to work. I never see MIDI IN within Native. I've tried setting up a separate Virtual Instrument (MIDI) track with Native as its output with no joy. I've tried using MIDI Learn within Native with no luck. No MIDI seems to show up in Native. I'm pretty experienced with MIDI, and with the Helix line of products. But this has me flummoxed. Can anyone point me to how to make this work? I honestly can't believe it's this difficult for me to figure out. Thanks for any advice. Carl
  13. I did resolve it, but I'm sorry to say that I can't remember how right now. At the time, I was experimenting with the idea of using Native out live at gigs, but it didn't work smoothly on the older MacBook I had it on, so I gave up on the idea and went back to using my Helix Floor. And forgot how to get MIDI into Native, sadly. If I remember correctly, I was running Native inside MainStage, and it was a question of setting up Mainstage to send the MIDI into Native. That wasn't difficult, once I figured it out, but figuring it out, for me, was more difficult than it should have been. It would be nice if Native ran in a standalone mode. The difficulty I had was routing the MIDI through host program running the Native plugin. If I can figure it out again, I'll write back in the next few days. Got a recording session all day today. What OS and host program are you using?
  14. Think of the E as meaning Edited, as in "this preset has been EDITED (i.e. changed) from its last saved version". Just changing from the currently saved default snapshot for that preset to another preset produces that condition, even though you might not think of yourself as having edited the preset.
  15. No, never solved it on the Stomp itself. Maybe I was doing something wrong, or maybe it's been fixed in the firmware, though. I got around it by using a MorningstarFX MC6 MKII pedal along with the Stomp. That allowed me to plug both expression pedals in to the MC6 and assign them (through MIDI) to EXPR1 and EXPR2 on the Stomp. Since the MC6 was useful in other ways, I did not begrudge the extra pedal, but it really should have been fixable directly on the Stomp with no monkey business. As an aside, unlike Line6, MorningstarFX are remarkably responsive to tech support emails. I found a problem with how the MC6 was responding to MIDI messages from my Helix Floor, and they almost immediately rewrote the firmware to address that problem and sent me a personalized copy of the firmware. Once I confirmed the problem was fixed, they did some testing and the firmware update was released to everybody a day or two later. That's customer service.
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