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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm new to Studio One, but I think of an Aux channel as essentially an audio channel. And, yes, Helix is inserted on that channel. It's possible the problem you cite was happening to me. Today, my bandmate and I finally got Native to recognize a controller for the Wah position. But Native seemed to constantly cause the whirling circle on my MacBook, so I think we've decided it will be easier and less crash-prone to use Ampire in Studio One to recreate my patches. So, Native is out of the picture now for my work in this band. Once again, thanks for your reply. Carl
  2. I am trying to use Helix Native within the Show Page of Studio One 5.2. Latest version of Native. I am able to get Native to change its internal presets as I want, but I cannot figure out how to have Native, which is set up as an Aux instrument (audio), receive MIDI controller data to, for example, control the position of a wah pedal. I've tried a number of ways. I'm using an Audiofront MIDI Expression device with an expression pedal connected to send CC 11. I can see the controller change values in the Controller window in the upper left. Dragging the hand for that controller doesn't work. Setting it up as a knob doesn't seem to work. I never see MIDI IN within Native. I've tried setting up a separate Virtual Instrument (MIDI) track with Native as its output with no joy. I've tried using MIDI Learn within Native with no luck. No MIDI seems to show up in Native. I'm pretty experienced with MIDI, and with the Helix line of products. But this has me flummoxed. Can anyone point me to how to make this work? I honestly can't believe it's this difficult for me to figure out. Thanks for any advice. Carl
  3. I did resolve it, but I'm sorry to say that I can't remember how right now. At the time, I was experimenting with the idea of using Native out live at gigs, but it didn't work smoothly on the older MacBook I had it on, so I gave up on the idea and went back to using my Helix Floor. And forgot how to get MIDI into Native, sadly. If I remember correctly, I was running Native inside MainStage, and it was a question of setting up Mainstage to send the MIDI into Native. That wasn't difficult, once I figured it out, but figuring it out, for me, was more difficult than it should have been. It would be nice if Native ran in a standalone mode. The difficulty I had was routing the MIDI through host program running the Native plugin. If I can figure it out again, I'll write back in the next few days. Got a recording session all day today. What OS and host program are you using?
  4. cchimi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Think of the E as meaning Edited, as in "this preset has been EDITED (i.e. changed) from its last saved version". Just changing from the currently saved default snapshot for that preset to another preset produces that condition, even though you might not think of yourself as having edited the preset.
  5. No, never solved it on the Stomp itself. Maybe I was doing something wrong, or maybe it's been fixed in the firmware, though. I got around it by using a MorningstarFX MC6 MKII pedal along with the Stomp. That allowed me to plug both expression pedals in to the MC6 and assign them (through MIDI) to EXPR1 and EXPR2 on the Stomp. Since the MC6 was useful in other ways, I did not begrudge the extra pedal, but it really should have been fixable directly on the Stomp with no monkey business. As an aside, unlike Line6, MorningstarFX are remarkably responsive to tech support emails. I found a problem with how the MC6 was responding to MIDI messages from my Helix Floor, and they almost immediately rewrote the firmware to address that problem and sent me a personalized copy of the firmware. Once I confirmed the problem was fixed, they did some testing and the firmware update was released to everybody a day or two later. That's customer service.
  6. Thanks, soundog. Yeah, I've tried all those tricks, including other software hosts. My MacBook has 16 gig RAM, so I'm guessing that's plenty. My working hypothesis is that the computer is just too old (2013 IIRC). Not gonna remedy that anytime soon.
  7. Thanks to all who replied. I finally figured out what soundog says above: That in MainStage you have to assign Native in an Instrument channel strip. Once I had that, Native worked as expected with MIDI. That said, it felt unusable because every time I tried to use it I got the spinning wheel. I guess it uses too many resources for my 2013 MacBook Pro. It works, but it bogs the system down. Oh well.
  8. Does anyone have experience controlling Native using MIDI commands, particularly on a Mac using Mainstage, but really with any software that allows plugins. I cannot get Native to respond in any way to MIDI. I've tried Program Changes, Control Changes. All I really want to do is change patches within Native, and for a few songs to change snapshots within the patch. I've tried Native in MainStage, Logic Pro X, Reaper (Mac and Windows), and QLab (the program I really want to use for this), but have never seen Native show any sign it is receiving MIDI. In MainStage, I can see that the MIDI is being received correctly by MainStage, but Native never responds to it, as far as I can see. The MIDI IN area in Native never shows any activity. I'm not a beginner, with over 20 years experience using MIDI, but I assume I'm doing something wrong. I've read the Native manual, I've scoured the web, but I can't see what I could be doing wrong. I keep thinking there should be someplace in Native where I can set the MIDI port and channel, but I'm not seeing it. I'm on 1.81 Helix Native. For test purposes, the MIDI commands are being sent from 2.81 Helix Floor. Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping to use Native in place of the Floor at a gig in a week or so. I know it's cutting it close, but honestly it never occurred to me that getting Native to respond to simple MIDI commands would be so hard for me to make happen.
  9. Thanks for the reply, zolko60. I have seen and read the article you link to. Unfortunately, it doesn't really address how to set up Native for MIDI in the way I want to use it. All I want to do is to send Program Change messages and CC 69 messages to Native to have it change patches and snapshots within patches. I don't really need to control parameters within Native. But I don't seem to be able to get Native to respond to ANY MIDI messages, no matter which program I plug it into. So far, I've tried MainStage, Logic, Reaper, and the program I'd actually prefer to use it in, QLab. The MIDI IN part of the Native screen never shows that any MIDI data has arrived. And I see nowhere in Native where I can set up the MIDI ports, so I'm at a loss here. I've got over 20 years experience with MIDI, know how to set up ports and channels, know how to set up MIDI controllers to send messages correctly. I'm not a beginner, but I'd never claim to be an expert. I assume other people on this forum have Native 1.81 installed and get it to respond to Program Changes and Control Changes easily and all the time. I assume I'm missing something here. But I can't see what it is. Carl
  10. I've had Helix Native for a couple of years, but really haven't used it much. I recently got the idea to use it when I play live in a duo with backing tracks. My idea is to use it as a "global" plugin to an Audio cue in QLab (the software we use to run tracks and automate patch changes, etc.) Native loads, but I cannot figure out how to make it respond to any MIDI messages at all. Ideally, I'd like to have it respond to at least program changes (to change patches in Native) and control changes (to change snapshots within some of those patches). I don't seem to know how to set the MIDI IN port or channel. I see MIDI IN at the bottom right, and assume that would show MIDI activity if there were any. But it never lights or changes, no matter what I try to send it. While I want this to work within QLab, I've also tried creating a patch in Mainstage, and plugging Native into that patch, then sending Native MIDI messages from both QLab and from an external MIDI controller. While the messages show at the top of Mainstage, no MIDI activity shows in the Native plugin. I also tried plugging Native into an audio track in Logic Pro X, and creating a MIDI track with simple program changes, but I can't see how to link the MIDI files messages to affect an audio track (even though the audio track uses a supposedly MIDI-capable audio FX plugin). Since I never see MIDI activity within Native, I start from the premise that I must be doing something wrong, or failing to understand something simple about Native. I'd normally expect to see a Preferences option in which I could set the MIDI port and maybe channel for Native to use. I don't see that anywhere in Native; am I missing it? I'm using Native 1.81. Any help or advice would be appreciated, Carl
  11. Any joy on this yet? I'm using the same setup as Macnevine. Same DOD pedals, same sort of TRS to TS Y-cable. The DOD pedals have a 3-way switch; its middle position is labeled TS and makes the pot 10k ohm. The pedals will register movements on the Stomp correctly, but they both are read as EXPR 2. If both are connected, neither will be seen as EXPR 1. I've checked continuity on the Y-cable, and it is correct. The pedals seem to meet the requirements of the Line6 expression pedal standard. But they cannot be made to act independently of each other. It's always possible I'm doing something wrong. But this sure seems like a firmware issue to me. I've tried inverting polarities, I've made sure the Tip says Expr1 and the Ring says Expr2. I've hit every expression pedal parameter I can find in the Stomp, carefully changing one variable at a time. This is immensely frustrating, and I hope Line6 either provides some clear guidance or fixes the problem in the upcoming 2.80 update.
  12. My research (conducted AFTER I had purchased the Valeton pedal) suggests you are correct. As I said, I think I could have rewired that pedal, but it works great for my duo mate, and the DOD seems to work fine with the Stomp. So, I never really explored the rewiring scenario. Hopefully, the information you share here will help others to find the right pedal out of the gate.
  13. Sorry to say I never got it to work. I ended up getting a DOD mini expression pedal, which works fine. I gave the Valeton to my duo mate, who uses it as an analog volume pedal for her guitar and looper. I suspect I could have rewired the Valeton to work with my HX Stomp, but it wasn't worth the effort. I also suspect the weirdness is peculiar to Line6 somehow, not to the general run of effects pedal products, but I can't prove that.
  14. Hey, JohnMarkPainter, that works really well! Solved my problem, especially on the HX Stomp, where I can't use a bass model my buddy created for my Variax. I work in a duo where I'm using my thumb (within the limits of my talent) to thump along on basslines, so this is especially helpful. Thanks, Carl
  15. Is there a way on the Stomp, as there is on the Helix, to turn off the mode that reacts when you simply touch a button or switch? I'm just too clumsy and keep going unexpected places. Thanks, Carl
  16. I'm trying to use a Valeton Surge EP-2 with my new Stomp. The Stomp recognizes it, and responds to it. But, weirdly, instead of climbing from, say, 0-100, it climbs from 0-100 in about half the throw of the Surge, then dives from 100-0 in the second half of the throw. I've tried three different cables: TRS to TRS TRS to TS TRS to TS and TS (Y cable, maybe better described as TRS to TS and RS?) All configurations operate the same. Using the Y cable, it makes no difference if the Surge is on the TS or RS leg. I've gone into global settings on the Stomp and inverted the ring, with no discernible difference. I hooked up a BOSS FV7 pedal, and it works OK, but I can't use it for this purpose. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Carl
  17. cchimi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    With respect, I agree with rikio in this regard: I have both the Helix Floor and the Helix LT. I have patches on them that should work on the Stomp, and I'd like to use HX Edit to do as much of the work of copying those 100 or so patches as possible. I use those patches at gigs. Certainly, the Stomp is a useable device right out of the box. One can try the stock patches and fairly easily build custom patches right on the Stomp itself. But for the brute force effort of recreating 100 patches efficiently, the promised ability of HX Edit 2.70 to allow copying blocks is indispensable. In fact, I wish one could copy entire paths; where an element of the path won't work, it could flag that for the user, or correct it if possible. For example, if the path input is a Variax, that could easily be corrected automatically to Guitar. Sends and Returns could be flagged for user decision how to handle them. Copying an entire path would surely make things pretty easy. I got my Stomp on Friday, and haven't even plugged a guitar into it, partly because I've been flat out busy, but also because I need the editor to move my gig patches project along as efficiently as possible. I'd really like to know when 2.70 will be released.
  18. I really like HX Edit. But Command Center seems to be missing two features I need, or would benefit from. 1. Have we lost the ability to right-click on a command to Copy or Paste it? Not only is that something I use all the time, but I'd also really benefit if the command's custom label could optionally Paste along with the command itself. Maybe I'm just missing how to do that in the new edit program. 2. Why is it not possible to have an Instant send a Note On MIDI command? I need to use an Instant to control a Chauvet FootC 2 lighting controller; it only accepts Note commands to change scenes (even though its manual says it accepts Program Changes for that purpose - their tech support guy literally didn't even know what a Program Change is, even though seemed very knowledgeable and helpful in other areas of lighting). I always figure it's me missing something, but I can't see how to do either of these tasks. Thanks, Carl
  19. cchimi

    Snapshot Delete

    Thanks to both of you who replied. I think you're helping me toward a better understanding of snapshots. Carl
  20. cchimi

    Snapshot Delete

    Is there a simple way to delete snapshots? I downloaded a preset that has one snapshot that works great for my purposes, and several snapshots that I can't use. I'd like to delete the ones I don't need, and then copy the stripped down preset to other presets, since it will be useable for other songs. I just don't see a simple way to delete a snapshot. Any help would be appreciated. Carl
  21. Jumpin' Joe, I just downloaded your preset. Snapshot 2 does almost exactly what I wanted! And the other snapshots also contain interesting sounds and effects. Thanks a lot. This will really help me in my duo work. Carl
  22. It's a great pedal, but I wish I had known that when you want to copy a command assignment for a button from one patch to another, the label you've given the pedal is not copied with the assignment. For example, if I assign MIDI control change 35 to a button, and label it DIM SPOTS, the control change will copy but not the label. If you have to create the same assignment over 50 or 60 patches it gets extremely tedious. Especially if each patch has multiple such assignments that are the same for each patch. I know the argument will be made about starting out with a single template patch, which is obvious. But that is no help to the player with 60 custom patches who learns he must create the same assignment in each of them. Seems like a simple feature to add, and I hope to find it in the next update. I also wish that Line 6 had not lied in its advertisements and web pages about the Helix working with the "Variax". The truth is that if you have an older Variax, some things work, other things (such as special patch-based tunings) don't. If Line 6 currently made even one model of left handed Variax that would work fully with the Helix, I'd buy it. But it's pretty clear they don't care to serve their left handed customers. But seriously, aside from the above distinct annoyances and false advertising, it's a really great pedal - the best I've ever used.
  23. That's an interesting approach, bishopbob. of course, I was hoping to do it all within the Helix, and not have to purchase, lug, and set up another pedal. But I'll look into the OC-3. Thanks, Carl
  24. I sort of thought that would be the case. But I always hope smarter brains than mine might come up with a solution. I do have a Variax 500 (left handed), but prefer not to use it for this duo. Thanks, Carl
  25. Maybe a dumb question, but I'd like to add a subtle "bass guitar" sound to a patch, but only for the lowest three strings (E, A, and D) on my archtop guitar. I play in a duo in which I mostly accompany another player, and try to keep my thumb thumping basslines. it would be cool if those strings could not only sound naturally, but also sound doubled an octave below. I tried using the Simple Pitch effect on its own routing line, with pretty much everything above 200hz EQed out. But the octave sound is too prominent on the upper strings to be useful. Maybe it can't be done, but I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Carl
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