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  1. I wish Helix Native had it's own Standalone version. But, since it doesn't... Curious about what host you're using for Helix Native if you're using it for live use. GigPerformer for Mac or PC Ableton Live for Mac or PC
  2. Thanks for the responses. As suggested, there are hosts that can map midi to exposed parameters in HxN. I've done this with GigPerformer and Ableton. So the host is sending current parameter statuses to my MIDI remote device. Task complete! :o)
  3. When using other MIDI controllers besides an actual Helix, is it possible for Helix Native to send bypass MIDI info out? Example: I have a Nektar Pacer MIDI Controller. It can receive MIDI information to illuminate LEDs (on/off). Desire: When Helix Native loads a patch, the configured MIDI mapped bypasses (on/off) are displayed properly on my floor pedal.
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