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  1. So, if all the vids on youtube with guitarist coming over to line 6 to try the Helix all said this is the worst thing I have ever heard, would you have tried one out? Hmm, I wonder? Kind the same thing of when people say it is good, right? You get interested. Anyway, none of that matters as I do not care who thinks it is good. I tell ya, this forum thing (all forums), it always sucks. lol I am not sure which is worse, getting all the silly responses that have nothing to do with the question or seeing another long thread that makes it take hours to find answers to questions. No wonder people ask the same questions over and over. If you find your topic and start reading, you spend hours filtering through responses from people that are 3ft tall in life so they need to become 10ft tall in forums. Sorry I asked folks. Was just curious to see who were really using this thing. I sure hope I never need to ask about a glitch, you guys are brutal. Stay Happy.
  2. Thank You. I tried my best but knew it was coming. Yes, saw that about Gibb. Very cool.
  3. Cool. Great! Thank you for that random tidbit.
  4. Umm Thanks????? lol. I think you may have meant to respond to a different post. For what it's worth, whatever the question, I agree 100%. Especially that not all cleans, crunchy and overdriven tones are the same. Spot on Gump, SPOT ON!!!
  5. Greetings, Like the title asks, are any artists using the Helix? Don't get me wrong, this is a great unit. Sitting in a bedroom with all these sounds is awesome. However, I am curious of who is using it? I know that line 6 did all the invites and asked people to listen to the Helix and they have posted what they have said. I am curious if any of the "tone guys", "the players" are actually using it. Maybe the drop D guys with 1 finger chords use it (maybe, have not seen any but not really looking for those guys). Take Pete Thorn. His recent live rig does not have the Helix. He says he uses one at home, (well, "keeps" one at home - with Ownhammer IR's) but it appears at home he really uses the Kemper. Studio and live it is his amp and other pedals. I looked up Oz Noy and Josh Smith (even saw Josh Smith) and they record without the Helix and it is NOT part of their Live rig. The Vertical Horizon guy did not have it at his last gig and on and on. Are there any actual pics of the tone monsters really using it? Not getting paid to say something nice or getting a free Relay to say something nice but REALLY using it. Please don't start freaking out. For the bedroom guy, or this bedroom guy, this thing is a beast. I am NOT knocking the Helix. I am not going to knock the Helix to others and I will NEVER sell the Helix. I am just curious. I have just happened to see a couple of folks that Line 6 makes it appear that they use the Helix (after looking further they just gave a comment) do not actually use the Helix. Then I went looking for others. The closest thing I have found was one of their own.....and he used the Helix for everything but amps/cabs live ..... which is cool. But, are there any artists that find the amps/cabs/tones, are good enough to record or tour with? Again, I bet with some research the low tuned 1 finger guys might tour with one but I really just want to know if anyone knows of any great player/known for tone guy uses a Helix. Any pics or articles would be great because I am sure there are a ton of I know a guy that knows a guy that saw so and so. My apologies to anyone that feels I am trashing the Helix. As you can tell, I know someone is going to take it that way. This is innocent and simply began bouncing in my head when I saw that a few artists listed for Helix do not actually use the Helix. Thank you to anyone that can point me to someone.......
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