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  1. I'm new to the forum and did not know about the idea website to state an idea. Instead of directing me there, I've gotten many responses that I feel aren't justified or conducive to anything but letting me know my idea is off based and not warranted.
  2. Sure. I got a deal on a used Helix and tried it out. Liked it but rack version is ultimately what I need for my use. I use the Axe Fx II in 4CM now. My title was to the point and have gotten much flak from this forum, but was only stating that for my needs, I need the ability to have 5 patches and 5 instant access switches in order to make the switch. Not mandating that things are changed for me alone, just that for my needs, I can't switch until (if/when) the ability to assign those switches for other uses could be done.
  3. I have owned a Helix. Got the floor unit. Liked it. Want the rack but the controller is same layout. Everyone gets so butt store over nothing. Seriously.
  4. Wow really? Great attitude man. A forum where opinions are kept at bay.
  5. The Helix was made for options, yet they mandate that 2 out of 10 buttons (sans the bank up and down) are for what they want you to use. I like having 5 presets and 5 instant access. I can't right now with the Helix and I'd love the option.
  6. A forum has opinions. This is mine. You can have yours and that's great too.
  7. A troll? Umm no. Just saying it's one reason I can't switch yet. Not sure why the need for accusations.
  8. Ya...not wanting to run a separate midi cable back to do something like this.....they should give global lead as an option. I hope Line 6 listens more to us than Fractal. Fractal use to be good in this regard....but now they just add a bizillion amp models...over it really.
  9. Eliminate the mandatory Tap Tempo and Mode buttons. Eats up real estate and I don't like that at all. I don't use tap tempo and the mode button should be optional as well. Hope they change this as it's silly to have so much flexibility, yet neuter the Helix so bad(IMO).
  10. Considering switching from an Axe Fx II to a Helix rack with controller. Downsides? I really love the control with scribble strips, and for live this will be ideal. Is there a global lead function on Helix yet? With Axe Fx II I can set a global lead that whenever I press on an active patch again, that's my global lead. Extremely useful. Also have reverbs been expanded on the Helix yet?
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