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  1. FWIW.... Since getting these connections right and setting up the preset properly, I learned something important that I think was causing more of the problem than anything else....Stomp volume. I have found that when using the Stomp with other pedals, no matter where they are (in front of the Stomp or in the Stomp's loop) the Stomp master volume needs to be all the way up or very close to it. I never did this in practice because at half volume it was already loud enough. What I didn't realize is that from half way to full only makes it a little bit louder, BUT, its that second 50% that adds the magic your external pedals need. So...turn it up!
  2. So far I'm finding I like the new Cab models/IR... whatever they are...more than the PC speaker models. I am setting up my preset with just an Amp block, then a new Cabinet block into the PC set to Flat. I really hope they optimize these for the PC and send that out to us as an update to the PC. Only scratching the surface.
  3. To all who responded, You guy are amazing! I loved reading all the posts and I'd like to respond to everyone because you all brought value to this, now misguided FOMO! But this really captured it.... Ok with that said, now I have more of a Powercab question. One of the nice things about the PC, is that the Helix preset don't need a Cabinet. This saves on DSP and let's the PC do it's thing. But in this case, using the 3.5 IRs seems counter to that. Is there anyway I can move those 3.5 IRs into the PC and run them from there? How does that Helix/PC dynamic work? If I use an IR in the Helix should I set the PC to FLAT? Thank you all again!
  4. I use a Stomp XL and a Powercab 112+. I have not gotten into IRs (yet). I'm feeling a little FOMO. Should I be? Am I really missing out on something amazing? Looking at the new 3.5 version, there seems to be a fair bit of emphasis on IRs, so people must love them, right? Is it not just a "different" way to represent a speaker. And how might that implicate using the Powercab? Are IRs better on the PC or less of an impact? Thoughts??
  5. That's an amazing rig you have. Serious stuff. Good for you. You have a good plan. Let's start easy... You want the CB simply going into the V4 Input. So Guitar --> CB --> V4 Input. You will them connect the HX FX MIDI Out to the CB MIDI Input. This will allow you to use the HX FX to send commends to the CB pedal. That will be amazing. Study up on sending commands to other devises. If you need help with that create a separate thread. For now just get it working.... Now, let's complicate things. What you seem to be after is something called the 4CM or Four Cable Method. I suggest you read up on that with a Google search your have days of reading...basically this will allow you to route certain effects such as compressors and overdrives to the FRONT your Sheriff while at the same time direct effects to the Sheriff's effects loop, mostly all your time based effects like delays and reverbs. Your modulations can generally go either in front or after the "amp". That's more of a matter of preference. Anyway, you don't care about that now, you just want to know how to cable it up! Here is a thread that should help. At a minimum you need to connect the Sheriff with the HX FX using the red and green cables. The blue lines in the image are for a separate "effects loop" You may of may not want this. So if you don't, just ignore it. You will also notice this is showing a Stomp not an HX FX, but the concept is the same. In your case the extra effects loop is made even easier. Good luck! EDIT: when you look at the diagram, replace the Stomp with your XH FX and replace the combo amp with your Sheriff.
  6. What in the F is that all about!!! I've been running HX Edit with no problem, well since I installed it a long, long time ago. All of a sudden it will not open? Tried everything. Nothing worked. Then I came to the forum and see lots of people talking about this problem. I read your post about an SD Card issue....I just downloaded some files from my camera to my computer this morning. The card was still in there. Pull the card and all is well... What the heck kind of bug is that and WHO on earth figured that one out!! I am grateful for smart and observant people and even more grateful that you posted your response. I was JUST about to start getting pissed and throwing F-bombs...LOL. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  7. I think this is a good question and a lot of people face this dilemma....4CM vs Effects Loop. IMHO, if you just have 1 amp you are using with the Helix I suggest the 4CM. It's just going to let you have the most flexible setup possible. Things get more complicated if you have an amp you really like AND a Powercab. In this case, it might make more sense to simply the use of the Helix and your amp and just have it in the amps effects loop. This will allow you to switch back and forth more easily. Another factor that might drive you towards having the Helix in your Amps loop only is your collection of physical drive pedals. Say you have it all and you're happy with your compressor, overdrive, distortion, boost and wah. In this case, who needs the Helix front end, just use your amp's loop and you're good. So it's more about what you have and what you want. In your case 4CM is a sure winner! Good luck.
  8. Good memory. And yes I have had my previous setup uning the 4CM you described to me some time. So, I figured I had it wrong.... EDIT: I moved the Return R into the Return L position and it works correctly now with only one block.
  9. Can someone check my work.... I'm trying to place a TC Electronic Plethora X3 into the effects loop of the Stomp XL. I've got it working, but I'm not sure if this is "correct". Ok....so I have to use an Insert Cable (with Tip and Ring). That plugs into the Stomp SEND. The Tip side then goes into the Input on the X3. Then I have the X3 Output plugging into the Stomp's Return Right. To get this to work I need to add an FX Loop L AND an FX Loop R block. With those blocks on, the X3 works great. So my question is, do I have this set up correctly? And is that they proper way to set up my blocks? Well it has to be because it's to only way I get any sound out of it. I can say, if I replace the FX Loop L block with a SEND L block, that works too. Any help out there? Thank you.
  10. So I am currently using my HX Stomp headphones output to drive the studio monitors. It works just fine. Yes it's not as "hot" as other outputs, but given I'm only using that in my room, it's totally fine. I figured that if the PC had the output I should use it. Maybe not in my case...So now, if I just use the headphones out, I no longer need to worry about getting the PC a stereo signal even if there was a way... Now I need to find a way to set everything up to quickly and easily move back and forth from running out the the PC and over to the Vox and back again. I think it's going to be a total pain...
  11. Hi. Thank you for the response. I am looking at the 112+. I can get a used one on mostly add trade. So if I connect the HX Stomp Right Output to the PC, and my last block is a stereo block, AND my studio monitors are connected to the L/R outputs from the PC....my thinking is that the sound coming from the PC speaker itself will be mono but the stereo signal will be sent to to the monitors. Does this "sound" correct?
  12. So after it's all said and done, I think I'm going to abandon the JC-40 option and go with a Powercab. That's a whole new set of cabling issues to learn!
  13. Can anyone please help me understand the best way to hook up my HX Stomp XL to a Powecab Plus? I am currently using the 4CM with an amp and I guess that all goes out the window with the PC...so is this correct way to do it? Guitar --> compressor pedal --> Overdrive pedal --> HX Stomp INPUT. Then HX Stomp L/MONO OUTPUT --> PC Input 1 So first off is that correct? If so, let me complicate things..... I also have a TC Electronics Plethora X3, so this should simply connect into the XH Stomp's effects loop right? I'm not sure how the Blocks will work.... Assuming I have that correct, here's where things get more interesting...I want to then connect my studio monitors as well (think of them as Mains). So in this case I would simply connect the PC Output L to my left monitor and the PC Output R to the right monitor. Is that correct? Then, if that's all correct, this STILL would not be true stereo it would be two mono signals regardless of the the stereo block I might use. So if that's correct, then.... How can I get the stereo signal to the studio monitors? I imagine i will need to get the XH Stomp Right Output involvedpossibly to the PC Input 2?? Oh boy.....if you have hung in there with me this long....thanks for playing!
  14. silverhead, Yeah I think my post is confusing. You are correct. What I'm simply trying to do is feed an all stereo signal into the JC-40/120. How would that be done? Considering the L/MONO output is, well mono, doesn't that mean the signal is always mono even when connected to the amp via 4CM? Or does using the 4CM actually change that? If using the 4CM and the preset is a made from stereo blocks, it seems that all it would do is duplicate the same signal on the left and right channels.
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know how to connect the HX Stomp to a Roland JC-40 using the stereo inputs on that amp AND also be connected using the 4CM? The 4CM part is pretty straight forward and easy, but then to utilize the second input on the amp thus enabling stereo in, I'm not sure how that would work. Would you just run the Right Output of the HX Stomp to the second input of the amp? Then if your preset was built on stereo blocks, would that do it? Thanks for the help here....
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