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  1. Maybe this has been covered, please excuse me if it has been. I am a bass player. I would love to use my Helix LT for live gigs. I have only used my Helix LT for practice and to record via USB to my DAW. Ideally, I'd like to run my Helix LT through my SWR 750X head and SWR 4 X 10 Goliath III cabinet. Assuming I can use my rig as a stage monitor and run XLR to the front of the house. What is the preferred setup and settings to accomplish this? I am only using effects like a compressor, distortion, eq, and some light reverb. No amp or cab emulation. Thank you for reading
  2. I play bass guitar through a Line 6 Helix LT and use it for home recording and live gigs. My question is...Does the Helix have the possibility to get tones like the old Bass Pod Pro? I am chasing a specific tone and have read that the artist used the Line 6 Bass Pod Pro when recording and touring. Thanks for reading Kelly
  3. I have solved my issues with the PC and Helix. Thank you all for the support and advice.
  4. I use Spotify. I play in a tribute band, so I just create a playlist in Spotify that matches our setlist.
  5. I am currently not running any DAW or alike software on my PC. I do have Cubase5 and would like to use it. I have updated all the drivers for my soundcard and the Helix. I am new to the whole guitar/PC thing. I'm a basic plug and play guy. Guitar-amp-cab. I own a few effect pedals, but the set up is basic. "I JUST WANNA PLAY TO STREAMED MUSIC THROUGH THE HELIX AND MONITOR THROUGH MY HEADPHONES" I appreciate all the support and advice. I hope it is solved soon.
  6. Yes Thurston9, I believe you understand. What can I change on my PC or Helix to reduce the latency? Here is my current setup. Guitar to Helix via the 1/4 input. USB to PC. Studio Headphones to Helix via the 1/4 input Helix. I am thinking of going the Focusrite direction.
  7. I finally got through and talked to a line 6 tech. Waiting for the response from the ticket was frustrating. The issue seemed to be that I had the USB connection to the front of the PC and not the back. Okay, now I can stream audio to the Helix. But now, there is an echo, delay, or latency from the guitar. IDK what to do.
  8. Unfortunately, it didn't fix the issue. I have tried the suggestions above. I opened a ticket with support to see if they can help.
  9. So hopefully this is the problem...When I purchased the Helix from Guitar Center, I noticed the box had been opened. I didn't notice that the USB cable was missing. I used an older USB cable, likely USB 1.0 to update the firmware on the Helix. Data was fine, but audio must be an issue. I contacted GC and told them no USB was provided. They are going to give me a USB cable that should do the job. I hope this was the issue. Thanks for all the good ideas
  10. I feel like I have tried the basics. Lowering the input volume from the PC. Changing the output from the PC. I am disappointed. The stream from the PC just sounds broken up and distorted. Is there anything I need to change on the Helix? My signal chain is PC to USB into the Helix. Stereo Studio Headphones into the headphone jack on Helix. Guitar into guitar input on the Helix. The playback device on my PC is the Helix LT. Is there a driver I am missing?
  11. I have a Helix LT. I would like to jam and play to tracks from Spotify and alike. I figured that I could just play tracks from my PC through the USB cable into the Helix and then I could use headphones to hear both the audio streamed from my PC and my guitar at the same time. The guitar sounds fine, but the streamed audio from my PC sounds terrible. Any ideas on how I can practice to tracks from my PC through headphones using the Helix too without the distorted streamed audio?
  12. I was able to read the description of the IR and choose the best for me. I chose 2 Ampeg SVT 4x10 cabs. 1 with a sub and 1 pretty bright.
  13. I purchased a 3rd party IR bundle for bass (OwnHammer) Ampeg pack. It came with 335 impulse responses. The Helix only has 128 preset slots available. How can I decide which IRs to use and import? AMPG-BASS.pdf
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