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  1. Thank you all for the replies, I really appreciate it. :) I'll download Reaper and experiment with all the tips you've provided me.
  2. I see. Do you think I should also switch to another recording-software?
  3. Thank you, sir. I'll have a look at those videos. Please see above post for details. Thank you all for the replies, let me know if I should provide more info.
  4. I am connected via the USB cable that came with the Helix to my Windows 11 computer using Audacity for recording. It's a Realtek-chip on my MB. Sound played back from my PC (eg. when i use a backing track) sounds fine. USB return setting (is this the 1/2 Destination-setting?) on Helix is set to Multi. My piano is a Yamaha P255 connected with a L and R jack into the Helix's 1 and 2 Return channels (btw, should the R go into 2 and L into 1, or the other way around?) My mic is a AT2020+ connected to the Mic XLR on the Helix. I know this is not optimal as the cardio-nature of the AT2020 will also pick up the piano, but surely this is not why the sound is this much worse? So this is how it sounds like through my headphones when I play which is plugged into my Helix (except I don't play as good as this guy): and this is how it ends up when I've uploaded to Youtube (please excuse the poor singing and playing, I'm just an amateur :):
  5. Hi! I use the USB connection between my Helix and PC for sound-recording, but the quality is horrible. When I listen through my headphones which is hooked directly into the Helix, the sound quality is outstanding. What is the optimal way? An external sound-card? Appreciate any help you professionals can provide. :)
  6. I know, right? So why are Line6 telling us in red and bold that we have to do this, thereby making the Helix rebuilding the presets 2 times? I don't get it.
  7. Hi, according to the procedure, we need to do the following in step 6 and 7: 6. From the File pull-down menu, click "Restore from backup..." A dialog appears. Click "Restore Backup" and then "Yes." 7. Once the restore has finished, turn your Helix/HX product off and then on again. When you have updated the firmware, it rebuilds presets. Everything looks fine after that. Yet, we need to restore the backup taken before the update and turn the Helix off and on, but when it starts up it will just rebuild the presets again to 2.92 versions. So why are we doing this? Are the guy writing the procedures smoking crack, or am I missing something? (My guess is the latter. :)
  8. Thank you all for your feedback. I got a new cable with dual jacks in both ends, connected the L output on the piano to Return 2, the R on the piano to Return 1. Have a blank preset with the input-block set to Return 1/2 and output to multi. Still no sound. Done everything according to what I can read from Yamaha's manual for the piano. I'm kinda stumped, but will continue to fiddle around. Everything works fine with my guitar and MAC plugged in. I can play backing-tracks from my MAC while i play lead, everything outputs nicely through the 212 powercab. EDIT: I got it working! It seems I missed a Function-setting on the P-255. Should have read more thoroughly. Thank you all again for your contributions.
  9. Thank you, I will try what you say. I have the Powercab 212 Plus. Time to order a new cable then.
  10. Hi, I really need some assistance with getting my piano to work with my Helix. I have a Powercab connected to my Helix with a L6 Link-cable, and a Yamaha P-255 which I want to connect to my Helix and get the sound out on my Powercab. So far I've tried to connect the AUX out on the piano with a (L & R to a single LR) jack-cable into the AUX IN on the Helix. No sound. Then I tried to connect it to the Return 1 on the Helix and selected Return 1 as input on a blank preset. No sound. I have no experience with this, I've read the manuals, read some posts online, but I can't get it to work. I also have a MIDI-cable, but as far as I know that is only for controlling one device from another but no audio-signals, correct? I would appreciate any assistance.
  11. Same problem here, had it since 2.7. High-end PC, have no issues with other software whatsoever. This is on Line6. Luckily I have a MAC from work so I can use it, else I'd just return the whole thing and buy an Axe FX.
  12. Hi and thanks for your reply. Your explanation and suggestions would probably help someone who's completely IT-illiterate, however I have more than 30 years of experience with advanced computer-systems, both software and hardware, and following the procedure for updating the Helix is child's play. I have of course the latest versions of all the necessary software: - Updater 1.16 - HX Edit 2.7.1 - Firmware 2.7.1 - Driver 2 1.91 As already mentioned I tried reinstalling software and re-flashing the Helix. I have no issues with my Windows-machine, all other software runs fine, except for HX Edit. My hardware is as follows: i7 8086 (not overclocked yet) ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F 32 GB RAM MSI 980Ti
  13. Hi, I just got my Helix, updated it to 2.7.1 and installed the latest HX Edit-version. When installing the 2.7.1 firmware, it updates properly, however it does not automatically reboot as the updater says it will. So I power it off after a few minutes and when it starts up it rebuilds the presets as it should. When I try to start up the HX Edit software it finds the device (Helix Floor) and then immediately closes. I spoke once with support over the phone and they told me to reset after I re-installed the firmware, but it didnt work. Also I tried reinstalling the HX Edit software. EDIT: tried on my MAC and it works. Windows version does not. Also, did yet another firmware-update and it still does not manage to reboot the Helix automatically. I hope somone at Line6 sees this so they can improve the software, because this was rather disappointing.
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